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Sunday 17 Aug, 2014 

“In a minute!”

“I’ll be right on it just as soon as I can!”

“I’ve put it at the top of my ‘to do’ list..!”

Any of these statements ring true with you? We all have our preferred way to put something off.

Often it’s not that we don’t want to be helpful, or that we won’t actually enjoy the task awaiting us, just that it’s not what we are concentrating on right now.

I can blame a busy life full of distractions, like filing my extensive collection of 1970’s and 80’s rock and punk albums, or sorting my paperclips out into size order... you know really important stuff!

But I have finally got round to something I should have done years ago.

Let me take you back to the 27th February 2009, here’s what I wrote then when I was talking about back pain...

But here's something else you might want to try as well. It's a recommendation from a reader who emailed me about a severe back pain problem.

She'd tried everything... natural remedies, exercises, walking...

Then she discovered magnesium oil.

She writes:
'I ordered a small spray bottle of the oil. At bedtime, I spray about a dozen times across my chest and stomach area and massage it in. As the oil is absorbed through the skin and carried round the body by the bloodstream there is no need particularly to spray the site of the pain.

Personally, I find it easier to massage my front than my back! '

She had initially rated her pain as a 10/10. But after a few nights of this treatment...

'I rated my pain as 8 ... one day later down to 6 ... a few days later down to 4 and now it is a 2 ... I still get a twinge when getting up from a chair ... but certainly not pain ... and I am optimistic that I will soon be at zero!'

So why did my reader find relief from magnesium?

Well, magnesium is an important mineral. It helps your bones absorb calcium. It protects your brain from toxic chemicals and keeps your muscles healthy and relaxed.

In short, our bodies need this stuff, but most of us don't get enough these days.

That's because the act of cooking and processing foods depletes most of the original magnesium.

However, if you eat plenty of whole grains, greens, nuts and seeds you can easily boost your intake.

And if you have a specific problem, then you can always try the magnesium oil spray.

I'll look into this for the future and see if I can find a quality supplier I can recommend.

I honestly meant to get right onto that one, but somehow failed to do so.

How can any man miss out on the value of such a powerful natural remedy – when the evidence is all around him?

Sometimes I feel that despite having infested this world for nigh on fifty years I am nothing more than a klutz of the first order.

Now you can discover a whole lot more about magnesium – and a fantastic 60 day feel miles better challenge without risking a penny piece – click here

Magnesium – A real powerhouse of health

This unassuming mineral is all around us.

In sea water, rocks, soil and even in the food we eat; magnesium is a relatively abundant commodity.

It is vital for our health and well being, needed to make over 300 vital biochemical reactions in our bodies to happen.

We need between 300 and 400 milligrams a day and can obtain it from green vegetables, nuts and grains.

But it appears that one in three people have a significant deficiency due to how we prepare and cook our food and an over reliance on poor quality manufactured meals.

Even if you do eat plenty of good wholesome fruit and veg, managing to get your five-a-day in, all may not be well.

Modern production methods rob the crop of nutrients, long delays in storage and providing foods out of season all deplete the nutritional value of our food – meaning minerals are lost as well as essential vitamins.
So, most of us won’t be getting what we need every day.

Common symptoms of deficiency include:

- Muscle cramps, restless legs and aching, especially at night

- Fatigue, irritability and insomnia.

- Heart flutters, high blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels.

- Poor memory, confusion and hallucinations.

- Numbness, pins and needles and tingling sensations.

Bet you have been putting these down to age, or the heat or just a bit of a senior moment haven’t you?

It’s easily done and certainly nothing that your GP is going to identify as being a nutrient deficiency – but I want you to try a magnesium boost right now.

To make up for my lapse in finding out more about magnesium I have got my suppliers to support a fantastic offer – one that I have called the 60 day Feel Miles Better Challenge...

Click here to find out more about how you can feel better within 60 days or not have to pay a penny for it

The Magnesium Challenge

From my research I now know how many problems can be fixed by balancing your magnesium levels.

But here’s just one example.

A good friend of mine suffers terribly with restless legs at night, and she has tried everything to stop it.

It makes her life a misery and means that at least three times a week she is out of bed in the wee small hours rubbing her tingling legs with ice packs to try to calm them down and let her get some sleep.
With two small children to look after this is having a disastrous effect on her life, and she had been getting more irritable and listless every day.

So, I gave her a bottle of magnesium oil spray and this is what she said:

“Having tried everything else I didn’t hold out much hope, but I thought I’d give it a go just to keep Ray quiet if nothing else! On that first night I sprayed the oil on and found that my legs began to tingle, not unpleasantly but in a warming kind of way and it lasted for about twenty minutes... it definitely felt like something was going to happen.

I went to bed and... slept all the way through. I never woke once and I felt fantastic the following day. I repeated the spray every night for the rest of the week and didn’t get one single night where I had a problem. I am truly amazed!”

Leaving aside her comment about keeping me quiet (she’ll pay for that later when she gets to look after the dog whilst we are away!) you can’t ignore the impact that a simple magnesium spray had on her quality of life.

But it’s not just about a spray.

There are three basic ways to boost your magnesium levels and my ‘Feel Miles Better Challenge’ covers all of them.

So whether you want to soak away the pain of the day in a warm bath with magnesium flakes in it, boost your daily intake with a natural supplement from the waters of the Mediterranean or do like my (ex-)friend did and try the spray oil there is no excuse not to try it out.

Take the 60 day Feel Miles Better Challenge now – click here

Then let me know how you get on. I really think that we might be on to something here for a whole range of health problems.

So, whilst I might have been late on parade with this one, I hope you’ll forgive me when you get a good night's sleep and feel miles better!

Yours, as always




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