Manuka honey health benefits and why every home needs this raw cure...  

The Good Life Letter 
17th September 2010

  • Discover a powerful natural remedy for
    joint pain, stomach-ache, colds, flu,
    inflammation, ulcers and cuts
  • Manuka honey health benefits for all
  • How to guarantee you get the rawest
    Manuka honey ever tasted on these shores

If you're a fan of really, really raw Manuka honey, 
then this is a BIG heads up....

I've just pleaded and begged with Green Bay Harvest to
let me have the last barrel of this season's Manuka honey. 
Yes, the very last barrel.  After that we all have to wait
until next February for the new season honey to arrive
from New Zealand. And after that, your chance to reap Manuka honey health benefits when Manuka honey is at its most delicious and most powerful starts to dwindle away...

I know that many people were disappointed the first time
I offered this... the honey sold out in days... and many 
people complained that some people were bulk buying 
ten jars or more at a time and elbowing out others....
So I've done a special deal to get allocated a batch for 
Good Life Letter readers.... and I can guarantee that 
people who want a few jars WILL get some this time.

.... But ONLY if you put your name down today.

If you'd like to be the FIRST to get told when the honey
has been jarred and is ready to ship - and you'd like to 
GUARANTEE you can get at least 2 jars, no matter how 
many people decide to rush in and order - then click 
here now:

Yes please put me on the Raw Honey Priority list!

It's totally free to go on this list. It won't cost you 
anything. There's no obligation. And you'll be the first 
to get offered the rawest, most delicious honey you 
could EVER try.

What's more, you're guaranteed at least two jars.
If you haven't tried raw Manuka honey before, then let 
me tell you why it's the best food remedy you could 
ever keep in your cupboard this winter....

A remedy for joint pain, stomach-ache, 
constipation, colds and flu, inflammation, ulcers 
and cuts

As you know, I've got a close relationship with Green 
Bay Harvest, a supplier of raw Manuka honey who 
ships the best stuff fresh from New Zealand. It only 
comes on sale once a year year, and the supply is 
strictly limited.

They don't blend this raw version of Manuka honey. 
They don't overheat it. They don't pasteurise it. This 
means all the enzymes and phytobutrients are alive 
and kicking.

This gives you a powerful home remedy that you 
simply can't buy in the shops...

Really raw Manuka honey is a natural antiseptic, skin 
healer, digestive aid and antibiotic. It's packed full of 
antioxidants that fight inflammation and free radicals 
which can cause cancer. And its zinc and B vitamins 
support your nerve function and speed up recovery 
from infections.

It's so good it's even used in hospitals, on battlefields 
and as a vital medicine in war torn regions of the world.

Best of all, this raw honey is filtered through a coarse 
strainer. This means that the honey retains two vital 

* Propolis is used by bees to sterilise the hive. It 
protects them from the spread of bacteria, viruses and 
fungi. Propolis appears to help stimulate the 
human immune system too. During both world wars 
propolis was used to prevent infection and speed up 
recovery from wounds.

* Bee pollen contains B vitamins for energy, vitamin 
C for immune support and a wide range of minerals. 
Research from the Ukraine suggests that pollen can 
help ease the digestive disorders experienced by 
people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Joint pain, stomach-aches, constipation, colds and flu, 
ulcers and cuts.... you name it, this really raw Manuka 
honey can help.

Why every home should have this raw food 

You simply can't get this kind of raw honey in the 
shops. It's too problematic to mass produce. You can't 
easily or quickly pump unheated honey through tubes 
when processing it in factories.

The supermarkets are too afraid people may complain 
about the odd bee leg in rare cases. And anyway most 
people shy away from unpasteurised products.

These days most folk like their food cleaned up, 
sanitised and modified! No wonder there's so much 
disease and infection about.

But if you're a natural foodie like me, you will only 
accept the sort of honey that looks like it has been 
scraped out of the hive that morning.

This is why I urge you to go on the priority list. It 
means you won't miss out on this rare opportunity to 
get this medicinal strength honey.

You aren't obliged to buy anything. It just means 
you'll get first refusal on the most powerful, raw, version 
of Manuka honey ever made available to people in the 

Yes, please put me on the Raw Honey Priority list:

How to guarantee you get only fantastic, 
powerful healthy honey

We should get about 1000 jars from this precious last
barrel. The honey is being put into jars was we speak, an
excruciatingly slow process as you can imagine.  It will
hopefully be ready for dispatch some time next week.

But this time I want only the most serious honey fans 
to get a look-in.... so I will only offer this to my 
Priority list members. What's more, I've done a deal 
with Green Bay to guarantee that ALL people on my 
Priority List are GUARANTEED at least 2 jars of raw 
Manuka honey. If that takes me over my allocation, 
they'll divert some extra honey for me.

So to avoid any disappointment, please click here and 
put your name down:

Yes, please put me on the Raw Honey Priority list:

If you're on the list I will alert you as soon as the 
honey is ready to dispatch.

As always, I'm really excited by this. It has to be my 
ultimate favourite home remedy! And it tastes darned 
good too.




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