Now’s the time to shore up your foundations for better health

Sunday 17 November 2013 


 Let me ask you a question what’s the connection between arch support insoles and big structural towers?

Would you feel safer at the top of Blackpool Tower or The Eiffel Tower if there was a strong wind blowing?

Fundamentally the question would be about safety and how the structures stood upto the loads being placed on them, an in particular most concerns would be about the foundations.

You might imagine that the foundations of both would be huge concrete affairs that would ensure they didn’t move an inch, and that’s true for the Parisian one, but Blackpool tower is built upon bales of cotton which allow it to flex in high winds and remain stable – how clever is that!

This has a dramatic effect on the way the two are built.

You see the fact that the Eiffel Tower’s feet are fixed in the ground means that the steel frame above has to be so much stronger to withstand the forces placed upon it, whereas the Blackpool version doesn’t have to be over engineered as the flexibility is achieved from the ground up.

In a way these two structures lead me to today’s subject – foundations.
Don’t worry Madam I’m not about to discuss unmentionables and foundation garments, although it might be fun to do so at some point in the future!

No, I want to consider the foundations of our bodies and how they determine so much of what happens above them.

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How to prevent a Pisa type lean

Our entire body weight presses down on our feet, and it is through them that we sense the nature of the ground beneath us.

Believe it or not our posture is led by what we feel through the soles of each foot, forcing the body to accommodate by bending forwards, backwards or to the sides the maintain balance.

This means we may be placing increased load on sensitive structures like our backs, knees and hips as we twist and bend.

Remember the engineering problems that the fixed base of the Eiffel Tower caused, well exactly the same problem occurs in our bodies if we don’t have the ability to flex through our bodies – and the weakest link always suffers.

So, if we have a problem with our feet this can lead to even more loading in these areas and then our health begins to suffer dramatically.

Conditions like diabetes, plantar fasciitis and bunions can all cause really big issues with posture and exacerbate other musculoskeletal problems as a result.

The answer then has to be to re-engineer our foundations rather than just remedy the problems further up.

But rather than dig out tonnes of soil like they have in Italy, maybe we need to add in a bit of flexibility like they did in the rain lashed North West coast – and importantly for our feet plenty of softening and comfort.

This means that problems such as back ache, hip pain, knee dysfunctions, bunions and painful feet can all be addressed with an appropriate support system in your shoes – in this case one which is inexpensive, and if you act quickly you can get an extra set of insoles absolutely free so that you don’t need to swap them from one pair of shoes to another.

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The correct way to stop foot problems causing you pain

A good pair of orthotic supports needs to take account of your shoe size and your weight, ensuring that the correct amount of support is provided and to ensure comfort even after a long day on your feet.
These Foot Cradles are available in three types to make sure you get the exact match for your needs;

Original. Millions of pairs of this popular Foot Cradle have been sold worldwide, with the unique supportive design being found to help in a wide range of conditions.

Full Length. A new and improved Foot Cradle which features a triple layer design that helps cushion painful feet especially for conditions like plantar fasciitis, bunions and corns.

DiabetoPed. A strange name but one which gives a clue as to their use. These insoles have been specifically engineered to help those who suffer from diabetes, enabling them to improve blood flow and circulation in feet and legs. Using the same triple layer technology as the full length option above they also provide supreme support and comfort from the aching that many diabetics suffer in their feet.  

Several users have offered an insight about how these products have helped them;

“After my hip operation last year I found it difficult to walk, especially up and down stairs. Since using Foot Pain Rescue Orthotics I can walk for hours pain-free.” Mrs L. Bury

“For years I tried all kinds of insoles, but they didn’t make much difference. The Foot Cradle Orthotics sturdy design has altered the way I walk. They have been truly amazing!” Mr Allsopp. Swindon

So, back to the question I posed at the beginning.

What’s it to be for you – the Eiffel Tower with its solid unyielding masonry, or the good honest Northern English Tower with its own cushioning system and superbly engineered foundations.

Take my advice pack a case and get your kiss me quick hat on, we’re off to Blackpool for some rock, a trip on a tram and to see the sights from the top of the flexible tower!

Consider the role your foundations make to your overall health and choose an appropriate level of support to slip into your shoes – plus get a free pair with every set that you buy.

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Yours, as always

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