Why it is time to let grandma enjoy her sprouts in peace

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17th December 2017

One of the traditions in our household has always been to make fun of Grandma and her predilection for Brussel sprouts.

“Oh dear! Time to batten down the hatches folks, Nan’s on the sprouts again.”

“Keep her away from the fire, there’s always a chance that we’ll get an explosion.”

“The poor old whalebones in her corset will be rattling like wind chimes tonight!”

A few of the printable gems that tend to be muttered sotto voce around the dinner table. The poor lady really doesn’t deserve it and would be mortified if she knew what we were saying.

But do you know what, as I begin to think about it there are certain foods that send my stomach into a gas producing frenzy too.

There are only two points of exit for this build up and neither are particularly welcomed in polite company, so dear old Nan has my sympathies.

Commonly, the things that cause a build up of stomach gases are associated with drinking alcohol especially with fizzy mixers, eating green vegetables and indulging in rich sweet puddings...basically Christmas then!

There are several other factors too including: swallowing air (usually from chewing gum,
smoking or eating too quickly) and certain foods such as cruciferous vegetables, pulses and fruit (cabbage, broccoli, beans, lentils, raisins and prunes).

These foods contain fibres or sugars which are hard to digest and are broken down by harmless bacteria in the bowel, causing gas in the system.

Also, the conditions gastroenteritis, IBS, lactose intolerance and coeliac disease can cause flatulence.
This is far from a laughing matter despite what we put Grandma through.

Often bloating is accompanied by significant pain and discomfort as well as the embarrassment and distress caused by its release.

Try this ancient fireside remedy to control painful bloating

Let wind go free...

I’m sure many of you can complete the verse from above which is rumoured to adorn a gravestone somewhere, but at its conclusion it proposes that unless you can release trapped wind it could prove fatal.

Well, I’ve read an awful lot of literature, documents and research papers this week on the topic and very few folk have succumbed due to the effects of a Brussel sprout, but nevertheless this is a problem we all need to think about.

Especially as the festive season approaches and we are surrounded by family and friends and tend to indulge more in the foods that could be at fault.

But I can assure you that help is at hand, and stems from a very ancient remedy indeed.

Way before we had toothpaste or dental floss our ancient forebears used the cold ashes from a fire to clean and sterilise their teeth, and also found it helped settle stomach aches and bloating discomfort.

This became one of the earliest of medicines and is still used widely by tribespeople across the globe.

Of course, there has also been a down side as in modern times we recently saw a procession of Hollywood ‘A-listers’ trot out the benefits of a charcoal detox diet, claiming that a smoothie blended with activated charcoal would clear the system of toxins and lead to a flattened stomach...

...really? All it takes is a bit of black ash in my quinoa and avocado smoothie and I can look like Gwyneth Paltrow?
I think enough said about that load of old pony!

In reality, the specially activated charcoal found in capsulated product is there because it will ease tension in the gut and absorb the gas that is being produced by the millions of microbes inside us.

Nothing more and certainly nothing less – a simple, natural and very effective remedy.

So good is it that even the NHS recommends it for flatulence, and there aren’t many products we feature that get the support of the notoriously anti-natural remedy brigade in the NHS*.

Now is the time to take control of your windy days – click here

The horrible truth

My apologies if the tone of today’s letter was too jokey about something that for many people is a very serious condition and one which does cause extreme pain. However, whilst I wanted to get this message over I also needed to do so in a way that everyone could understand, and would read.

Suffering the problems caused by flatulence is no laughing matter though and anyone who finds themselves living a solitary life because they can’t face being around others or indeed being too far away from an accessible toilet has both my sympathy and also my support.

Telling all that something so simple, cheap and effective was available has been my only purpose for today.

The formulation of activated charcoal which I have sourced for Good Life Letter readers is called WindAway which might not sound as though it is a serious product, however after extensive research I know it to be the best as:

  • WindAway is a uniquely steam activated charcoal, no chemicals are involved in the process as with other activated charcoal products.

  • These are high strength capsules with each capsule typically providing 334mg of  Activated Charcoal.

  • WindAway capsules use a unique vegetarian shell casing which makes them suitable for use by vegans.

  • Available in an incredibly value for money offer pack containing 90 capsules that will see you through Christmas and the New Year.

So, if you know someone who would benefit, or indeed if using this entirely natural remedy would improve your festive season please do not hesitate to give WindAway a try.

Click here for your Christmas salvation – a real value for money offer

Yours, as always


* The NHS website does go on to say that you need to check with your GP before taking them as they can lead to an interaction with other medications where the charcoal absorbs them before they can do their work – however, the only reference I can find to this in the literature was for high dose aspirin treatments. But always good to check



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