Don’t let cold hands turn you into a Diva

Friday 18th January 2013 

  • The snow may be deep and even, but are you suffering from cold hands and freezing fingers?
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There is true joy in play.

Deep within each of us lurks the small child we used to be, and every now and then it wants out.

So, it was in the recent snow dump.

Snowmen needed to be built, hills begged to be sledged and snowballs had to be launched.

I may not have been the most nimble among the assembled kids and Dads, but I did have a secret weapon up my sleeve.

Or more importantly on my hands.

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My secret was a pair of Sherpa gloves, having managed to get a supply of these exquisite items I thought it was an ideal opportunity to test drive them.

And they weren’t found wanting.

I began the day clearing the snow from the paths and drive around the house – a task I loathe.

Under normal circumstances my poor fingers turn quickly to icicles and it takes an hour of warming to get them back to life again.

The cold drives the blood from my hands very quickly, even if I wear standard gloves.

In most circumstances I can take the chill, but it is the agony of suffering from hot aches as my hands warm that I detest.

If you are similarly afflicted you will know of the pain of which I speak.

As blood begins to refill the tortured capillaries in the hands and fingers it feels like slivers of broken glass are being forced into your flesh.

So, you see why being out in the cold isn’t high on my list of things to do.

But suitably attired in my splendid gloves I felt as warm as toast, and able to take on anything – so when the kids suggested the sledging runs I was all for it.

And a grand hour or two was enjoyed by all, even if my pride took a knock or two as my prowess and skill on the downhill isn’t what it used to be... and my old body less able to cope with trying to regain the vertical following a white out!

At least it gave those watching a laugh.

Thanks to my Sherpa gloves though I returned home with warm pinkies, and the feeling of being truly alive and in contact with my inner child.

Time to invest in the proven way to keep your hands warm this winter

So, what makes these gloves so special? Let me explain.

The secret of toasty warm hands

These gloves were designed to withstand brutal Himalayan sub-zero temperatures, and were worn by the team on the 2010 North Pole Expedition.

Each glove has a clever system of two layers of different materials.

The one closest to the hand is the specialised Sherpa fleece which locks in the heat even in the most extreme cold.

The outer layer is made of fine wool which adds further thermal protection, but allows your skin to breathe – preventing sweat condensation which can become chilled.

This unique layer combination makes for warm and happy hands despite the harshest of frosty mornings.

The materials are also elastic, which makes them stretchy and ensures a snug fit whether you have dainty hands or ones that resemble a snow shovel.

There are men’s and women’s versions available, but due to the sober design and accommodating fit I’m getting a little worried.

I have already seen Lara eying my gloves enviously so I’m thinking I may have to invest in a couple more pairs to make sure that I’m not the one left out in the cold.

Avoid having your tiny hand frozen

Cold extremities afflicts most of us at times, however there are reasons to be aware of being constantly cold.

Chief among these is a condition called Reynaud’s Disease (or Syndrome), where a dysfunction of the nerves causes the blood vessels in the hands and feet to constrict.

This stops the free flow of blood and the flesh turns white and eventually blue and the blood drains away.

It can be incredibly painful and sufferers are advised to wrap up warm and avoid the cold – not always possible unless you have a trusty pair of warming gloves.

Other conditions which can affect the hands include other circulatory problems such as peripheral arterial disease (PAD), thyroid problems or nerve dysfunction, and if the symptoms are new to you it is worth getting your GP to check you over.

Famously the Puccini opera, La Boheme, has Rudolfo (a poet) discovering the hand of Mimi (a seamstress and tuberculosis sufferer) in the dark and exclaiming – ‘Your tiny hand is frozen’.

This all ends in tragedy as Mimi succumbs to the disease and leaves Rudolfo in distress, as only an opera character can show...

...the motto being, make sure you don’t dismiss cold hands too easily!

Anyway, enough of the morbid stuff.

The kids are hankering for round two of the great snowball fight, and with my new found fortitude who am I to let them down?

So, it’s on with the Sherpa gloves... and may the best Ray win!

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Yours, as always






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