You must read this before you ever consider buying honey again – It is a real honey fraud

Sunday 18 January, 2015    


How good are you at mathematics?

Remember those days of reciting the times tables, or scratching your heads at long division.

Long before calculators were invented maths problems involved a lot of brain power and an absolute insistence that we showed our workings.

Well I would like to set you a challenge reminiscent of the ’10 a day’ text books that we had in our school.

Here you go.

If you had sold 1,800 tonnes of fine Manuka honey but were only able to make 1,700 tonnes how much honey would you be short by?

The answer is, of course, 1,000 tonnes... which is a fair bit of honey not to have.

But interestingly this isn’t just a bit of fictitious fun for all the family, it is the reality of Manuka honey production – and it is even worse than this little calculation suggests.

The records show that worldwide in 2013 around 10,000 tonnes were sold, 1,800 of which were in the UK...

...but the annual production from New Zealand (where virtually the entire world stock comes from) was only 1,700 tonnes... how can this be?

The answer I am afraid is a massive and growing FRAUD that is being perpetrated on a world scale.

The New Zealand producers association (oddly called UMFHA!) surveyed store samples from the UK, Europe and the Far East and found that nearly 60% of them had no active Manuka component and 25% had been mixed with sugar syrup to bulk them out.

Evidence exists that jars labelled as pure Manuka honey are nothing more than blends of various honeys, designed to fool unwary buyers into paying well over the odds for a cheap and ineffective substitute.

Accept no imitations, buy real, proven, certified and pure Manuka honey; the absolute best quality product available

Once again the supermarkets have been caught out

The Grocer magazine has been stalking rogue traders for a few years and recently carried an article specifically about fake Manuka honey where it quoted one industry insider as saying:

“There is significant mislabelling and disingenuous claims across the UK, from high street shops to online retailers, counterfeit Manuka honey is on sale across the UK and the UK consumer is being misled.”

The problem is that these frauds are so lucrative for the perpetrators, who are marking up jars (that would normally sell for £1.75) as Manuka honey which can sell for as much as £35 a time.

Such rewards are tempting to the criminal underclass and ‘Jack-the-lad’ types who are looking for a quick bob, and supermarkets are happy to go along with it.

Very few of our retailers look for any authentication other than a simple statement of origin (which can easily be forged) and none of them conduct their own tests to check for the validity of the honey they sell.

Here at the Good Life Letter I have always been insistent that we have to be able to demonstrate that our honey is the real deal, and that is why I work with J Friend & Co rather than anyone else out there.

Our relationship has been strong and loyal for over five years and there is no doubting the authenticity of the jars of supreme quality Manuka honey that we obtain from them – I have even met some of the beekeepers who produce it.

You also have the insurance of checking where your jar came from by using the code on the pack to trace it via their website back to the individual apiarist – something very few other suppliers are able to do.

So, if you have read such troubling stories of ‘hooky honey’ then rest easy with the stock we have available for you – it is the absolute real deal.

If you want the proper, new season, high quality, raw and pure Manuka honey – click here

Don’t miss out on a guaranteed product... and save a few pounds too

The clever ones out in Good Life Letter-land have discovered a useful way to ensure that they are never short of healthy honey, and save themselves a considerable amount of money in the process.

They use the Regular Saver offer on our Manuka honey which allows you to select to receive an authentic jar every month, every 3 months or every six months and get a discount of 10% off every jar.

It is really simple to set up, and you can cancel it at any time without penalty.

So, just as the first batches of REAL new season honey starts to arrive into our warehouse I urge you to grab yourself some really heartening and healthy honey, which is absolutely pure Manuka.

This honey has so many reasons why you should invest in it, but in case you need a reminder of why this is the best in the business, it:

- Is 100% Organic & 100% Manuka

- Can be traced, by you, back to the individual beekeeper
who provided it

- Is packed full of anti-oxidant, anti-viral and anti- inflammatory properties

- Is never going to turn to crystals in the cupboard

- Is the FIRST honey in the world to be certified as carbon neutral

- Is completely unblended so that each jar is from the same year, the same farm and the same hive

Fraud is being committed right now up and down the land, from some of the most unlikeliest outlets – make sure that you are not paying out good money for a bad product.

It is time you insisted on getting your money's worth, make sure that what you are getting is the real Manuka and more importantly take an option which will leave a few pounds in your pocket.

Order your new season Manuka honey from a supplier who guarantees its provenance and effectiveness

Yours, as always







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