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13th Frebruary  2011

  • Hair loss is no laughing matter
  • Discover the big four causes of hair loss
  • Can this natural hair loss remedy vitamin complex give you your confidence back?

Very few other conditions in the human body are regularly made the focus of jokes, sketches and routines like the ones about hair loss.

"Oi slaphead" shouts your friend at the bar, "move out from under the light, the reflections blinding me!"

Oh chortle, chortle.

From the tender age of 21 I began to lose my hair which meant by the time I was 35 my forehead was in direct communication with back of my head. Not always an attractive look.

And like every other sufferer of male pattern baldness I have become a figure of fun - even my kids think my head is a fleas skating rink!

But, many people will tell you that hair loss is inevitable... that it's just down to age... and that anyone who suggests otherwise is trying to con you out of your money.

The bad news is that some of us are destined to lose our hair. It's a genetic thing, we inherit this characteristic along with our eye colour and the ability to roll our tongues (bet you just tried to do that didn't you?)

For everyone else hair loss could be due to a whole range of factors, which can include diet, illness, poor circulation or the adverse effects of medicines.

But even for those of us whose parents condemned them to a bald head help is at hand. Pattern baldness is not reversible, but its effects can be slowed, and the hair that remains kept healthier, and thicker for longer.

The big four causes of hair loss

So, today's letter will reveal the common causes of hair loss, and a way to protect what you have got, plus I reveal a hair supplement that stops hair loss naturally.

Below are the four common causes of hair loss. If you think your hair loss could be related to one of these problems, go and speak to a doctor. I'll also provide some pointers you can think about.

Diet - If you don't get the right nutrients, your hair will suffer. To keep a good head of hair you need lots of vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C and biotin.

Biotin is another of the B vitamin complexes, but one which is effective at stimulating the development of keratin, a vital constituent of hair and nails.

Research has shown that a deficiency in, or an inability to synthesise biotin results in alopecia - or clinical hair loss.

However, you can find out how to increase your biotin levels here:Julian Jay Profol Bio-T

Illness - If you've had a gastric illness affecting your stomach, it could cause hair loss. Your stomach may not be absorbing important stuff like protein, zinc and other vitamins, especially those in the B complexes.

Same goes with anaemia. This can be caused by a deficiency in iron. You need iron to carry oxygen in your blood cells, and your scalp needs this oxygen-rich blood to stay healthy. A simple blood test will spot this problem. You'll need to eat more liver, dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, and raisins

Finally, you should check if you have an over-active or under-active Thyroid, a symptom of which is hair loss. Once diagnosed make sure you eat foods packed with vitamin A including turnips, cabbage, mustard, soy beans, peanuts, pine nuts, carrots and spinach. You also need iodine (try seafood and kelp).

Poor circulation - First up, if you think you have poor circulation, you'll need to get that checked out by a medical professional so you can discover the underlying problem. If there's not enough oxygen-rich blood going to your scalp your hair will fall out.

Stress - For many people, it simply comes down to stress. You will no doubt have been 'pulling your hair out' in response to something that has infuriated, upset or confused you, well, physiologically an increase in stress raises male hormone levels which directly lead to hair loss.

These hormones are present in both men and women, so controlling their effect is equally important for both sexes.

The rate of hair loss is directly proportional to the levels of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone which slows blood supply to the scalp, however the effects of this can be minimised by daily use of a lotion that increases the amount of blood getting to the hair follicles - you can find out more here.

So losing your hair may be due to a whole range of health issues, however, even if you are in the peak of health you might find that deep down in the hair follicles you have a problem with B vitamins, especially Biotin - in fact you could even say that a lack of Biotin is the root of your problems... sorry even I can't resist the odd pun!

Help is at hand... or at least on the head with this natural hair loss remedy

Other conditions likely to cause problems as we age include the dry, itchy, flaky scalps. You know the feeling where you desperately want to have a scratch but realise that doing so sitting on the bus makes it look like you've an infestation of nits.  And this can affect women as much as men.

Well again, help is available - it's an amazing treatment which can be used daily instead of your normal shampoo which doesn't strip out the scalps natural moisturising oils and can even help if you suffer from psoriasis and eczema. Take a look at the Profol Advanced Formula Hi-Potency range which includes a shampoo that works in tandem with a lotion spray to offer fast and effective relief.
What have you got to lose, not your hair that's for certain... plus there's a special offer for Good Life readers - Enter code GLL1 to get your discount at checkout.

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