Prostate problems affect men all over the world yet 2 in 3 British men can’t identify the walnut-sized gland threatening their health…

Sunday 18th March 2012

It’s time to talk about prostate problems... don’t be shy chaps

At least to 50% of the population are facing prostate problems. But it turns out that worryingly, 2 in 3 of us British blokes don’t know what our prostate is, where it is, what it does or what obstacles it can throw up.

A few weeks ago I told you that March was all about Ovarian Cancer awareness, well it turns out it is also Prostate Cancer awareness month as well.

The fact that most of the month has slipped by without me being aware of prostate cancer has some kind of resonance with how we as men view this condition.

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In fact anything that falls into the 'down there' category is quite often swept under the carpet. Men still tend to suffer in silence.

Or they do if there isn’t a squeaky hinge on the toilet door – that was what gave my mate Chris away.

You see, his wife noticed that he was going to the loo much more frequently because the creaking door gave him away in the night.

It was the first sign that he needed to be checked out.

When he finally agreed to see his GP he was diagnosed with something called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia... a very common condition as we chaps age.

Basically this means his prostate gland had increased in size. This diagnosis didn’t help him understand what was happening and he asked me for help so I explained…

The common prostate problem which CAN be managed

Enlargement of the prostate is something most men of a certain age suffer from to some degree. But it's not something that's easily talked about.

But it's something that NEEDS to be talked about - and dealt with - because the need to urinate more frequently is one of the signs of BPH.

Like I said, nearly all men of a certain age will suffer from this, because after years of sitting still the prostate suddenly bursts into life when men hit 40 and starts growing again.

More worryingly, it can also be a sign of prostate cancer. So it's something you need to get checked.

The problem is that when Chris sought my advice about what his diagnosis meant I really struggled to make sense out of the information that I found – it was just so full of jargon I had to work hard to make it understandable.

Be aware, take care
No more rumours - get all the facts right here

So, I made it my priority to sort out the rumours from the facts and make an easy-to-understand prostate fact sheet that we can all refer to when we’re concerned.

I have actually produced it as a [FREE download report that you can get here]

This is a no-nonsense, plain speaking review of all of the available evidence and statistics I could get hold of, and it just made sense to simplify it down to a few pages that every man should read.

The next job was to begin to look for ways that we chaps can keep our wayward glands in check, and luckily I think I’ve found the key to a natural way to help keep the prostate healthy.

It turns out that this troublesome organ needs the same treatment as that rusty door hinge – a good dose of oil.

Now before you rush out to the garage to find that old can of three-in-one it’s not the exact same oil!

What our prostate needs is the correct levels of helpful oils available to it, and a truly natural product is available here to provide them.


It's always difficult to say something is 'the best' when there are hundreds and hundreds of natural remedies out there...

But this one does seem to have it all.

Basically, if something can help protect your prostate and ease the symptoms NATURALLY, you'll find it in this remedy.

Androlistica is rich in not one, but FOUR essential oils that help maintain the necessary balance to keep the prostate healthy.

  • Cold pressed marrow seed oil; Used from the times of the ancient Egyptians to promote health and prevent the effects of aging in men, this oil contains sterols which are close in structure to natural sex hormones
  • Non-hydrogenated palm nut oil; traditionally used to protect cellular membranes
  • Omega 3 rich saltwater fish oil; new studies have shown how effective these oils are at preventing damage to the prostate, as well as improving blood circulation generally
  • Borage oil; Being rich in gamma linoleic acid means that this oil stops the production of damaging prostaglandins that result from consuming animal fat

As well as all this healthy oil the formulation also includes a host of other natural compounds aimed at halting the effects of time on the body.

What's more, you can try this to see if it works for you without committing a penny: So if you, or someone in your family, sufferers from symptoms of prostate problems, give this a go.

And those squeaky night visits to the loo could be a thing of the past.

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Yours, as always

PS for the fairer sex there are also helpful ways to manage the challenges of time, do your bit to [stave off the menopause here]





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