Now you can grow this medicine in your own home

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18th April 2010

  • How to get an endless supply of one of the best all-round remedies in the world
  • Why you can grow this medicine in your own home
  • Announcing a special offer for Good Life Letter readers

I don't know if you've been watching the latest series of
Grow Your Own Medicine on the BBC....

James Wong is a scientist on a mission to show
everyone the benefits of natural home remedies. Most of
the stuff he finds is freely available in our parks,
woodlands and gardens.

I'm of the same opinion as Mr Wong. For minor
complaints and niggles, nature's medicine chest should
be your first stop. Not just for treating ailments, but for
preventing them in the first place.

In Friday's letter I mentioned dandelion as a great liver
cleanser and detox remedy.

Today I want to show you another one.

This is one of the most popular remedies I've talked
about. So popular in fact, it became the subject of my first
ever book, and my editor ended up being interviewed by
Chris Evans about it on Radio 2 last year!

I'm talking about lemons.

And while they're not an indigenous British fruit you can
collect from the hedgerows like blackberries, it IS now
possible to grow your own supply...even WITHOUT A

How? Well take a look at this:

The benefits of growing your own lemon tree

I think the health-boosting properties of the humble lemon
are amongst the most powerful you can find.

I start each and every day with a mug of hot water mixed
with fresh lemon juice, I include it in tons of recipes - it's
even a vital ingredient in one of today's remedies later on
in this letter.

If you've read my Lemon Book, or you're a regular Good
Life reader, you'll know that lemons can help lower your
blood pressure, ease inflammation, beat colds, boost
your immune system, stifle nausea...

As an all-round tonic it's indispensable, so much so that I
think every household should have a lemon ready to use.

Well, not just one actually, but a constant supply of them.

And now, I've found a way for you to enjoy the freshest,
healthiest organic lemons whenever you want.

Find out what I'm talking about right here:

These are without question, the best kind of lemon tree
you can get. Much, much better than anything you can
find in gardening centres in my opinion.

In fact, this is an EXCLUSIVE offer for Good Life readers,
which means you can't find these particular lemon trees
anywhere else (unless you want to fly to Valencia and try
and track down this orchard yourself!)

So why are these trees so special?

...And why will they produce the best quality organic
lemons, packed with untainted healing properties,
time and time again?

Well they're just much tougher than your usual lemon
tree. Because they're grown outdoors in Valencia, they
can take a bit of cold and rain, which means they can
grow very, very easily in your home.

You can even leave these trees outside in the milder
months and they'll still flourish - unlike most common
types of lemon tree on offer.

Which means you'll reap the benefits of powerful,
organic, super-fresh lemons day in, day out!

Seriously, I've already got one of these in my kitchen, and
it looks great. It's easy to look after (if Ray 'Plant Killer'
Collins can manage it, you definitely can), it smells
wonderful and - most importantly of all - it provides you
with a constant supply of one of the most powerful natural
medicines in the world in my book.

Lemons can ease join pain, protect your heart, ease your
digestive system, strengthen your arteries... the list goes
on and on.

And this one little tree could provide all that protection for
you. Really, this is a brilliant way of doing something
active to protect your health and improve your well being,
and I think you're really going to enjoy it.

If you fancy it, I've wangled a great offer for you as a
Good Life reader...

This offer is exclusively for you - so don't miss it! The
chap who first found this amazing crop of lemon trees -
Paul Robinson - is as passionate about this idea as I am.

He ensures every tree he sends out is the best quality
you can find ANYWHERE, so that the fruit it produces will
be packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are
second to none.

And as a Good Life reader, Paul is happy to offer you a
20% discount on every tree you buy!

This is ONLY for Good Life readers

So have a look at Paul's letter, and get going:

I really think this is a great way for you to enjoy one of the
most powerful all-round remedies whenever you want.
I hope you get one and start enjoying it as much as I do.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I'll be back again
next week.






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