When you should NEVER use this type of shampoo

Hair Loss - The Good Life Letter

18th September 2009

  •  Natural ways to reverse hair loss
  • 6 hidden causes of premature baldness
  • Are you making this mistake with your hair? When you should never use this type of shampoo...

At first sight of today's subject line, you might be thinking...

"WOA THERE, RAY! You're entering dangerous territory here!"

After all, many people will tell you that hair loss is inevitable... that it's just down to age... and that anyone who suggests otherwise is trying to con you out of you money.

And yes, that advert where the bloke goes from almost-bald to a full head of hair "IN JUST 2 WEEKS!" is a scam. As are many of these "miracle instant grow" formulas.

However, many people are losing their hair unnecessarily. Why? Because they:

a) Haven't correctly diagnosed the real cause of their hair-loss
b) Aren't taking some simple natural steps to remedy the problem.

In today's letter I'll help you sort this issue out once and for good. And I'll also warn you of the biggest mistake you can make with your hair.

This goes especially if you believe you have dandruff. As you'll discover, this  may not be the case at all....

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What causes hair loss?

Okay, first up the bad news. Some people are destined to lose their hair. It's a genetic thing. Pattern baldness isn't reversible.

However it is possible to slow the rate of the process... and help make your hair look and feel more abundant, using the tips in today's letter.

For the rest of the population, hair loss could be down to a host of other factors - primarily illness, poor diet, bad circulation and stress,

My advice is to read today's letter, and if you think your hair loss could be related to one of these problems, go and speak to a doctor. I'll also provide some pointers you can think about.

1. Illness  

If you've had an illness affecting your stomach, if could cause hair loss. It could be that your stomach isn't properly absorbing important stuff like protein, zinc and other vitamins.  

Same goes with anaemia. This can be caused by a deficiency in iron. You need iron to carry oxygen in your blood cells, and your scalp needs this oxygen-rich blood to stay healthy. A simple blood test will spot this problem.

You'll need to eat more liver, dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, and raisins

Finally, you should check if you have an over-active or under-active Thyroid, a symptom of which is hair loss.  
Once diagnosed make sure you eat foods packed with vitamin A including turnips, cabbage, mustard, soy
beans, peanuts, pine nuts, carrots and spinach. You also need iodine (try seafood and kelp).

2. Diet

The knock-on effect of illness is poor diet. If you don't get the right nutrients, your hair will suffer. To keep a good
head of hair you need lots of vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C and biotin.

Another danger is crash dieting. If you lose weight too quickly, your hair follicles stop growing. When you hair
naturally fall outs (as it does for everyone) your body doesn't replace them.

This can happen especially quickly for anorexics, or people unable to eat because of depression or illness.

3. Poor circulation or stress

First up, if you think you have poor circulation, you'll need to get that checked out by a medical professional
so you can discover the underlying problem. If there's not enough oxygen-rich blood going to your scalp your hair will fall out.

For many people, it simply comes down to stress. A few weeks ago I talked about my friend Lewis Geary's book
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As I explained, tackling the source of money stress and financial worry can be an important step on the road to good health. Lewis's amazing book helps people cancel debt problems, and gather up money they didn't know
they had - or could save - really quickly.

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If severe financial strain is a problem, that's a possible solution. Or for emotional stress, I'd advise you make a
real effort to get help, for the sake of your health at least.

A good way to ease stress and also boost the circulation to your head is to get a professional head massage on a
regular basis.
OR... a cheaper solution... do it yourself!

Every time you wash your hair, take time to massage your head, it stimulates the hair follicles and improves blood circulation, which means your hair gets its necessary nutrients. Massage also fills your body with endorphins that relieve stress.

I know a professional hair-dresser who advises this technique:

  • Massage your temples and hair line with the soft fleshy parts of your finger tips (no nails!) then move backwards to the base of your skull with small circular motions.
  • When you reach the base of your skull, start again with bigger circles and more pressure

Finally today...

Are you making this mistake with your hair?

Many people mistake dandruff with dry flaky scalp. By doing so, they use the wrong techniques to reverse the problem... and end up causing more damage.

Dandruff is caused by a reaction to a naturally-occurring yeast on your head called 'Pityrosporum ovale'.  However, this disease occurs in the oily parts of your head and hair follicles.

When your scalp gets dry and flaky, it's a different issue. It means your head is being irritated and therefore shedding too much skin.

In which case

  • DON'T use harsh chemical shampoos with lots of salt in them. Yes, they lather nicely, but they also irritate your skin.
  • DON'T use anti-dandruff shampoos. They remove the scalp flakes and exposes sensitive new skin that gets irritated by the harsh chemicals in the shampoo. It will only make things worse.
  • DON'T continue your current washing habits until you check the water supply to your home - it could be the water type or something in the old pipes that's sparking the problem.

I hope you enjoyed this especially hairy issue of The Good Life Letter. None of the above is meant to say that people losing their hair should feel bad about it. I certainly don't dwell it too much...

(At this point my wife will guffaw loudly.)

It's most important to be happy with yourself when it's the hand that life has dealt you. But for many people, the problem can be solved, and it tackling it could uncover some underlying ailments you didn't know you had.

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