Is your thyroid gland letting you down?

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18th October 2015

Will there ever be another TV programme like 'House'?

The abrasive, bombastic and antisocial diagnostic physician played by Hugh Laurie remains one of my favourite characters ever.

Some might say that I share many of his characteristics, but who listens to their teenage daughters!

This week I’ve been watching some of the episodes on DVD and have thoroughly enjoyed the fact that, medically, what looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and even quacks like a duck, isn’t a duck...or even a goose... or a swan...

...nope Dr House confidently predicts it is a zebra in a duck suit and he turns out to be right in the end.

Whilst I realise that Dr House isn’t a real GP and that the shows are scripted it does throw some light onto a modern dilemma.

It makes you marvel at how varied the responses are to common problems, and how easy it is for a misdiagnosis to occur.

In medical matters there is usually a defined set of symptoms to show that something has gone wrong.

This allows doctors and their like to work out what may be at fault and offer the necessary treatment.

However, when one organ in the body goes wrong it throws up a mass of contradictory problems.

You might be slow and sluggish or hyperactive and wired... you may be permanently cold or roasting hot... or your body might be growing hair all over or having it all fall out.

The astute among you might think that I am leading up to a discussion about the female menopause, but this issue affects men and women similarly, albeit more women suffer than men.

Today I want to introduce you to your thyroid gland and the impact it can have on your body and function – you might be surprised.

Discover the key to a happy, healthy thyroid – the all natural support formula

The surprise a bow-tie shaped gland had for a major pop star

Forgive an old(er) man and his teenage reminiscences but does anyone else have fond memories of eighties pop band T’Pau?

They shot to fame with hits like ‘China In Your Hand’ and ‘Heart & Soul’ and whilst I admired the musical talent I was captivated by the tiny lead singer – Carol Decker.

She was famed to have a size eight figure and bounced around the stage like she was on springs.

Well, I came across a story about her in The Daily Mail from earlier this year which highlighted a problem she underwent as she hit 53 years old – she suddenly ballooned by two stone in a year and began to feel tired and very low in herself.

Suspecting that she was under the effects of the menopause or perhaps anaemia, she started to try to shift the weight by dropping her carbohydrate intake and spending longer hours in the gym, but nothing worked.

At the time she said 'I was two years into my menopause, so I thought: "This is it - you hit your 50s, you kiss goodbye to your waistline and turn into a sphere." '

But the increasing levels of fatigue began to worry her as she had always been a bundle of energy and now after a concert all she wanted to do was sleep.

So she submitted herself to blood tests and found that the culprit was the bow-tie shaped gland in her throat that she had never heard of before – her thyroid.

Her diagnostic tests showed that her thyroid gland was underperforming, a condition known as hypothyroidism and one which is thought to affect one in fifty women and one in a thousand men.

But a leading charity, Thyroid UK, reckons the incidence is much higher but is poorly diagnosed with symptoms often being put down to the effects of ageing, anaemia or poor diet.

Remember the duck diagnosis from earlier? Well this is the zebra in the duck suit!

It may be that you have begun to experience some of these common symptoms yourself:

  • Fatigue & general weakness
  • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight (despite reduced food intake)
  • Coarse, dry hair and dry skin
  • Hair loss
  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Muscle cramps and aches
  • Constipation

This could be an early indication that your thyroid gland has started to slow down and needs a boost – maybe a suitable supplement is all that you need.

The idea of using nutrition to support the thyroid is not a new one. Actually the Chinese have been using kelp (a high iodine-containing food) as a specific treatment for hypothyroidism for thousands of years.

Latterly the role played by an amino acid, tyrosine (in conjunction with iodine) has been found to be key in helping maintain thyroid function.

Here is a properly formulated supplement that will help regulate thyroid function.

Contradiction – a Garfield moment

The Garfield cartoonist Jim Davis once said ‘Good morning is a contradiction in terms’ which highlights one of the major problems of hypothyroidism – your get up and go has got up and gone!

But like all good contradictions the thyroid can also suffer from being overactive (hyperthyroidism) which gives the exact opposite symptoms to those of hypothyroidism:

  • Nervousness and anxiety
  • Hyperactivity – where a person can’t stay still and is full of nervous energy
  • Unexplained or unplanned weight loss 
  • Swelling of the thyroid gland, which causes a noticeable lump, known as a goitre, to form in the throat

In this case the gland is producing too much hormone and the body can’t cope.

Once again though the role that nutritional support can play has been shown to be critical, with folic acid and selenium instrumental in lowering the rate at which the thyroid works.

So, unlike the cantankerous, opinionated and grumpy Dr House the key to good thyroid health is all about balance – and that is where this special nutritional formula comes to the fore.

Take the right approach to maintaining a fully functioning thyroid gland – click here

Yours, as always


NB: Thyroid problems can be serious, if you are at all concerned please visit your GP for a full investigation – your health is important, don’t gamble.

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