Can we really afford to keep doing this?

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18th November 2018

What are we doing to our beautiful planet?

Just this week I heard about the damage being done throughout our waterways and sewerage systems by Wet Wipes.

All sorts of horrors caused because some of us like to use a damp cloth to wipe our bottoms and then flush them down the pan.

Rivers polluted, ecosystems irreparably damaged and species sent to extinction just so that our bums feel nice and clean...

...put like that it makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Of course, the makers of the majority of the offending materials claim that the environmentalists and other scientists have got it wrong and their products don’t cause these problems as they are designed to degrade...

My question is why do we need them in the first place?

Our three children were raised without me flushing wipes down the loo, my bottom is well served by recycled toilet rolls and to my certain knowledge no-one else in my immediate family has done anything different.

So why are others using these products? Can they be so easily swayed by glossy ads in magazines and on TV?

The answer is, yes they can!

Our lives are now controlled by images of ‘the perfect home’ or ‘the perfect family’ in ways that are designed just to sell us stuff we don’t need... and never will.

The obscene drive for corporate profit is now idolised rather than vilified, and no-one seems to care who or what the victims are.

A few years ago I came across a Cree Indian proverb which said:

Only when the last tree has died
and the last river been poisoned
and the last fish been caught
will we realise we cannot eat money

Nature and the natural world are not commodities but will provide everything that we need if we allow it... and protect it in the process.

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The modern world lies... as if we didn’t know

Look around your home now and see how much stuff is there simply because ‘every home has to have one!’

Most homes will have an automatic washing machine these days, it’s a fact of modern life.

Sitting in the corner of the kitchen they tirelessly wash our clothes, clicking through their programmes like good automatons should.

I can remember wash day being something entirely different for my mum and her twin tub.

Saturday mornings she would be wrestling armfuls of wet clothes with big wooden tongs from the washing side of the machine into the spinner.

Washing piles would be strictly arranged so that the cotton whites got the hottest and cleanest water and the dark work denims and socks got the coolest and last dip.

Over the course of the morning she used one, maybe two, tubs of water to wash the entire week's washing.
That was the 1960s and she was a fan of ‘Dreft’ and ‘Daz’ powders long before they became ‘new’ or ‘improved’ or even, ironically, ‘original’.

By the 1970s washing powders were more scientific and had become biological with enzymes to help remove stubborn stains; and very quickly twin tubs, coppers and mangles became collector’s items as new machines took over.

Now each batch of washing received two, three or even as many as five changes of water as it washed – pumping the waste out into the sewers and into the watercourses.

Rather than simple natural soaps, our rivers and seas began to fill with harsh chemicals and started to become imbalanced with nutrients which dramatically changed the micro flora, ultimately leading to blooms of bacteria, fungi and micro plants which robbed the seas of oxygen and killed the fish...

...the beginning of the last rivers being poisoned you might say.

No-one can say that standing over a copper or a twin tub was much fun, and I am not advocating that we should eschew the benefits of the automatic machine, but maybe we should think more carefully about what we use in it.

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Still buying chemically enhanced washing liquids? You’re nuts not to try this!

Next time you venture near a shop, just have a look at how much space is given over to washing powders, detergent liquids and stain removers – great pyramids of the stuff in even the smallest of corner shops.

The profit available from this product can only be guessed at, but TV commercials don’t come cheap and barely a daytime slot goes by without some new, bright, shiny thing extolling the virtues of their product.

But what is the cost of all this? The truth is that we can only guess, but with the rise in usage you can bet it won’t make for good reading.

Messed up ecosystems might seem a difficult concept for many people, but chances are that you and your family have your own issues to contend with.

Not least of these is the rise in allergic responses, rashes and even full-blown eczema – all of which are directly caused by the type of washing detergent you choose.

Contact dermatitis is when the skin reacts to a stimulant by breaking out in sores and becoming itchy – behind the scenes the immune system is going into overdrive.

All this can lead to a life of misery and an increased susceptibility of developing further allergic responses and more serious forms of eczema.

That is probably the best reason why most people have begun to switch to more natural wash day routines – that and the chance to save quite significant amounts of money.

By using the 100% natural soap nut liquid concentrate you could be saving every time you wash, around 14p a time... over the course of a month that could add up to a serious contribution to your household budget.

The soap nut, or soap berry, is widely used in the Asian subcontinent and harvested in the foothills of the Himalayas, where it grows in abundance.

So a very different ‘Indian’ origin from the thought I had at the start of the letter today, but a product which fits into the sentiment behind that proverb I’m sure you’ll agree.

I’ll leave you with another piece of Native American prose:

Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease a herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence.

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Yours, as always




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