El Gordo Spanish lottery could make you a millionnaire!

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Sunday 18th December 20

Well, Iíll be blown. A few days ago the old winter gales were blowing at speeds of 165mph Ė thatís fast enough to be classed as a hurricane!

Itís certainly a battle of the elements out there so Iím glad Iíve got all my Christmas shopping done and dusted and can kick back safe in the knowledge that I donít have to brave the cold, bustling high street.

I might sound smug but thereís no real secret to my organised haul. In fact, you can get it all done in one too by visiting the [Good Life Shop]  and gathering up the perfect Christmas health gifts.

Itís not just me though. An estimated 15% of the entire population have gone back into hiding after coming out and braving the crowds to fill the stockings of their nearest and dearest.

Year on year the growth in internet purchases has far outweighed any other route, and you can really understand why this year with the increasing pressures on the economy and things just being so disgustingly expensive!

Three weeks ago when I set out on this task I would traditionally head out to the nearest shopping centre and elbow my way through crowds of shoppers to get my hands on the remains of well-thumbed tat on offer.

I would have suffered the indignity of an industrial coffee and a synthetic mince pie, before sitting for an hour or two getting out of the car park... sound familiar?

Well this year was so different. Picture the scene...

I had a fire crackling in the grate, and my old dog curled up at my feet.

A crystal glass of single malt whisky close to hand, I opened up the laptop at the kitchen table and began to amass the perfect range of gifts for my nearest and dearest.

Lara is always a challenge, I mean what do you get for the woman who has everything? After all she is married to me!

I do usually spoil the woman I know, but I figure itís only reasonable to help offset a year of misdemeanours, and neglect Ė you know how busy Iíve been with that cookbook!

Talking of the cookbook, Laraís been keen to see the polished article but Iíve told her she has to wait until Christmas like everyone else.

So I went onto the shop and added one to my basket to ensure I got it in time (I thought being the author Iíd get at least a few copies but with stock being so limited, I simply have to order like everyone else and keep my fingers crossed!)

Make sure you donít miss out and get yours in time for Christmas [here.]

Like every woman, she loves fancy smelling bathroom things so Iíll throw in a Pommade Devine gift set for her too and finally a soothing Eye Massager to help her deal with the stresses and strains of family life.

I managed to shop for the rest of my family and friends with ease and within 40 minutes I had completed my task and sat back to delight in my festive feelings.

Today though I had a sudden thought.

This year our eldest son will be sixteen, and therefore becomes eligible for all sorts of earthly delights.

One of them is the chance to partake in national lotteries.

So, for a laugh I have bought him an enhanced chance to win big on the Spanish Lottery Ė El Gordo.

This year the festive payout is estimated to be in excess of £2.2 BILLION. Whatís more, there are 180 first prizes of £3 million to be won too.

My logic in this is simple, if he goes on to get a car, a university education and adds in a gap year he could well bankrupt me.

So giving him a chance of riches might just safe me from the poor house.

I have done a bit of research and wanted to make sure that I got plenty of bangs for my buck Ė and increase the chances of winning as far as possible.

The system I have invested in is based on a syndicate approach which actually increases the number of lines you get for the money you spend.

In fact the way it works is to improve your chances of winning by 3600% over what you would have by buying a ticket over the counter.

But like they say, you have to be in it to win it so for the chance of a lifetime click [here]

Now I really know itís Christmas Ė Iíve just polished off the last of the mince pies and the whiskyís just a memory in the glass...

This week I have the annual church carol service to look forward to, and a few bracing walks with the dog in the teeth of another storm or two Ė but at least Iím spared the agony of the shopping centre.

Enjoy your week, and pop a few suid on the Spanish Lottery in the hope that you share in those multi millions. If you do remember who told you about it, right!

Yours, as always






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