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Sunday 19 January, 2014 


Every gym I pass seems to be crammed to the rafters with those driven by their New Year resolutions, powering their way through workouts designed to burn fat and build muscle bulk.

Strengthening muscles usually involves a lot of hard work, and takes a considerable amount of time to achieve – but it needn’t be the case for all muscles in the body.

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of improving the tone in a very specific group of muscles – ones that might just save your relationship, and maybe your life.

Discover the proven way to a better nights sleep – for everyone in the house

The common health problems at this time of the year are chest infections, coughs and colds, and these invariably lead to poor quality sleep for the sufferer... and those they live with.

You might imagine that this disruption to household harmony is all to do with the constant coughing and sneezing, which is bad enough, but the real problem is much worse and much noisier.

Closed off airways, tight chests and bunged sinuses make the passage of air through the upper airways roar and bellow like a
charging bull elephant – or is that just me?

But there is a way to reduce the effects of compromised airways, and that is to build up the strength of the muscles in your soft palate.

Let me explain how it works.

Why a more powerful throat cuts down on noise pollution

Generally we don’t think of the muscles in our throats as being terribly important do we? At best we see them as aiding swallowing and very little else – but they do have another key function.

By their action they maintain an open upper airway and facilitate breathing, the problem is that when they relax they partially close the throat and restrict airflow, a problem made worse by the effects of a cold.

In serious cases this restriction causes complete closure of the airway and breathing stops, which commonly occurs at rest and is known as apnoea.

In less serious cases the issue becomes one of vibration of the throat in its relaxed state – and that is the volumous snoring that we all find so irritating.

Make your home peaceful once again by discovering the unique breathing trainer

Training the muscles to be stronger and therefore able to maintain function even when we sleep sounds like an odd thing to do – but it is so simple that we should all do it.

It’s all to do with developing a change in your breathing style which will activate these muscles by a process called circular breathing, which is something that many brass and woodwind instrument players do – even if they are not aware of it.

The absolute masters of this particular technique though are didgeridoo players, where the skill in maintaining a note means a continuous flow of air.

It may surprise you to know that the science behind this was proven in a paper published in 2005 by a team of researchers from the University of Zurich.

They discovered that the breathing techniques used by didgeridoo players helped improve the tone of the pharyngeal muscles to such an extent that significant improvements were measured in breathing efficiency and a reduction in breathing restrictions at night.

It’s amazing to think that I have spent this entire letter just telling you about something we all do every day of our lives – breathing...

...but the real difference is in training yourself to do it better, for everyone’s benefit including your own.

The real cost of a snore wracked night

You might consider that a night of rattling away like a broken bulldozer is someone else’s problem, but in fact it leads to major problems for the snorer themselves.

Because you never enter the really deep, relaxing levels of sleep you will suffer from;

- Poor healing or recovery from ill health, for instance the cold that is causing you to snore in the first place.

- A significant lack of energy and vitality.

- Poor memory performance and an increase in headaches and neck pain.

- An increase in inflammatory conditions of the sinuses, throat and tonsils.

- Generally aching joints and muscles, including those of the gut leading to poor digestion.

Research from China has recently shown an even bigger reason to be concerned about snoring...

...It has proven that heavy snorers are twice as likely to suffer a fatal stroke! In addition snorers had an 80% greater chance of having heart disease – which is really bad news for the UK’s three million snorers.

This simple breathing training system can dramatically cut these risks as a result of snoring it really is worth spending those ten minutes a day training your breathing to improve a whole range of functions, but let’s not forget the big benefit is for your health and wellbeing within the family home.

Believe me a regular snorer tends to spend a lot of time in the spare room...

...or even the shed!

Save yourself and those around you with this anti-snore training pack

Even if you have read this letter and concluded that you don’t need to worry about snoring as you sleep soundly every night without making a whimper, just consider the benefits you will get from improving your breathing function anyway – after all that is what this kit is designed to do.

By maximising the efficiency of how you breathe you will;

- Achieve IMPROVED health and well-being

- Tap into GREATER HAPPINESS and enhanced moods

- Release tension and become more CHILLED OUT

- Instantly IMPROVE FOCUS and mental clarity

- Enjoy SLEEPING BETTER every night

- VASTLY improve your memory

- Boost your CREATIVITY in minutes

- Enjoy huge bounds of ENERGY and dynamism

... and a whole lot more.

It’s really worth considering finding about how easy it is to train your functional breathing – it won’t take more than a few minutes a day to feel the benefits – and like everything you buy from the Good Life Shop there is a full money back offer always available.

So, try it and if you don’t feel a benefit within the first 30 days send the trainer back for a full refund – no questions asked.

Click here for your 30 day trial of the breathing trainer and anti-snore pack


Yours, as always


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