Magnetic therapy can help you relieve pain and relieve arthritis all by wearing a stylish bracelet!

Sunday 19th February  2012

  • Magnetic therapy a breakthrough in lasting pain relief 
  • Feel the flow of good health pulsing through your body
  • Discover how easy it is to relieve rheumatism, arthritis, varicose veins, stress and anxiety with magnetic therapy



I can’t watch anyone struggle, so when I saw my elderly neighbour trying to unload her shopping from the back of the car yesterday I rushed out to help.

Being a widow and a woman with immense pride in herself she wasn’t keen to back away from the car – she even said I might hurt MYSELF getting the heavy bags out – and she’s in her seventies!

After I had won the ensuing arm wrestle (not really dear reader, but she wasn’t going to give in easily) I carried the bags in for her and noticed she was rubbing her hands and especially her knuckles.

There was no way though that she was going to admit she had a problem – that fierce pride once again.

Anyway after a full five minutes of intense interrogation, she cracked.

The problem was rheumatism.

She admitted that she had suffered from this for years but until now her rheumatism has been pretty much centred round her wrists.

But now it's moved down to her hips. And it's making the simple act of getting out of a chair difficult and even walking poses a problem.

Most people put this sort of stuff down to just getting old... almost as if it is inevitable – but you know me better than that by now.

I’ve discovered a little marvel has the ability to deal with conditions like this - and many more.

Let me explain...

How adding magnetic therapy to your jewellery box could free you from your ailments

As you're probably aware, it's not just the things in our bodies that affect us; the things outside them can also affect our health.

One of the major forces is the magnetic field pulsing through our atmosphere, our planet and - as a consequence - our bodies.

Now, ionotherapy works with the theory that when our bodies are healthy, this magnetic energy flows smoothly through them and helps maintain good health – ironing out all sorts of problems before they even get a grip.

But if you take a knock or have an accident, or feel stress building up in you, then your body's channels can become blocked, causing these magnetic pulses to 'warp'.

In some cases, this means the pulses just won't reach parts of your body. In others, it means they'll build up behind the blockage and cause damage.

When you get these blockages, it's not something you're going to notice. It's only the disturbances these blockages cause - like insomnia, headaches, tension, rheumatism – that you notice.

But here’s the good news – you can unblock the passages, and your ailments will disappear.

And the best thing is that you can do all this just by wearing a piece of [elegant ionotherapy jewellery]

Now, this theory is all well and good. But like most people, I want a lot more than theory before I buy into something.

Which is why I was so impressed with this...

Can all these people be wrong?

A while back, a doctor and a physiotherapist finally managed to work out how to break these blockages and let nature's energy flow properly through your body and help heal it.

Using a combination of different metals is a precise way, they produced the Ionic Bracelet, which allows you to harness this invisible power and beat a whole range of ailments...

And the results have been impressive.

Just take a look at this, and meet some of the people who've used this. See what they have to say, then ask yourself 'could this help me or someone I know?'

I've already made my mind up (I'm posting one of these to my parents today. In fact I'm posting two - one each)

See what you think:


But there's something important about these little bracelets that I need to point out to my mum and dad, and it's something you should know as well...

The right way and the wrong way to beat these ailments...

From what I've seen, this ionic bracelet has helped a lot of people tackle a lot of ailments...

But it only works if you wear the bracelet in the right way.

Don't worry - it won't harm you if you wear it incorrectly, but there are two ways to wear it, and each way tackles a different set of ailments.

Everything's explained in the attached, so just give it 5 minutes. It tackles so many problems, and has helped so many people, it really seems worth giving a go.

All right, I admit it; I'm using my mum and dad as guinea pigs. But only because I think this could help them solve different problems, by using ONE simple bracelet.

Anyway, I'll leave it up to you. Give it a think.


Right, that's it for today. It's going to take me the rest of the day to wrap these things up, something I'm hopeless at. I'll be lucky if I only cut two fingers off, and end up wrapping the cat by accident.

Yours, as always


PS: What a marvellous range they have available, they really have every style covered – there is even a special collar for your dog!






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