A doctor breaks his silence on the medical establishment 

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19th March 2010

Today I'd like to introduce you to Dr Bruce Caine...

That's CAINE, not WAYNE.

This chap isn't Batman.

But if you want some help fighting illness and disease, then this
is one of the heroic guys fighting on YOUR side. He's a thorn in
the side of the big pharmaceuticals, the mainstream media and
the medical Old Guard.

In his People's Doctor email alert he reveals truth about what
the medical establishment is really up to. He has an insider's
perspective on what works and what doesn't.

But now that he's retired from practice, he doesn't have to toe
the NHS line. 

So if you want a completely different slant on your health than
anything you can find anywhere else (it's written by a doctor
after all!) then take a look at this:


If you join up (it doesn't cost anything) Dr Caine will tell you
about the latest medical breakthroughs as they happen - in
plain English - and also reveal powerful natural remedies that
are available to you.

Best of all, you can get his tips and advice free of charge.

Well worth a look. If you visit his website you'll see a full list of
ailments, illnesses, diseases and remedies that he covers.

Click here to see what he's got to say about the health
problems affecting you:


Onto other matters...

You may or may not have seen this in the papers...

But a couple of weeks ago there was the most almighty uproar
about a certain fast food chain, and a certain weight loss

Oh heck, who cares, I'll just name them...

McDonald's and Weight Watchers.

The story is quite bizarre...

Lose weight with Chicken McNuggets

Down in New Zealand, McDonalds have secured an
endorsement from Weight Watchers.
As reported in The Guardian on March 3rd this year, the
following dishes are now approved healthy options:

* Filet O Fish
* Chicken McNuggets
* Sweet Chilli Seared Chicken

Oh, my McWord! The world has gone McMad.

The director of Weight Watchers business in Australia and New
Zealand, said that the partnership between the companies
reflected "part of our philosophy that you can enjoy life ... while
still achieving your weight loss goals"

Now I've no problem with philosophy. In fact that pretty much
sums up The Good Life Letter ethos.

It's not just about foods that make you fat or thin. Just because
a product at a restaurant lie McDonalds uses less saturated fat,
it doesn't mean it's 'healthier'.

You have to look at the wider (excuse the pun!) picture...

First off, many people are lured in by the healthy option, then
they buy milkshakes, fries and other products. These can
contain high levels of high fructose corn syrup.

This is really bad stuff in my view...

In 2009 Researchers from the University of California
experimented with High Fructose Corn Syrup on test subjects.
Those who had high levels in their diet produced dangerous
fatty cells around their heart, liver and digestive organs.

The reason?

Fructose bypasses the digestive process that breaks down
other forms of sugar. This means it arrives in the liver in a form
that is damaging to the body.

As reported in The Times on 13th December 2009 Kimber
Stanhope, who led the California study said:

"This is the first evidence we have that fructose increases
diabetes and heart disease independently from causing simple
weight gain," said. "We didn't see any of these changes in the
people eating glucose."

A simplistic argument about 'low fat vs. high fat' ignores the
effects of this hidden sweetener.

A second point I'd like to make about the Weight Watchers story
is this: you have to think of foods in terms of their knock-on

Food that makes you crave MORE food

The salty, high-carb sugar rush of a fast food meal is well-
known to be addictive. It gives you mental high, fills you up
quickly... then leaves you suddenly empty, hungry, craving
more and more.

I know this to be true, because in my twenties I was a victim to
this problem. My addiction to fast, high carb, sugary food made
me seriously overweight. If you've read my Honey Garlic and
Vinegar Miracle you'll know my sorry tale.

So it's often not how fat a particular meal makes you that's the
problem.... it's how it affects your hunger and food cravings for
the rest of the day and week.

And finally...

In defence of real food

When it comes to the food served in chains like McDonald's,
ask yourself:

"Where did the meat come from? How was the animal treated?
What's been added to the meat? How many healthy nutrients
are still remaining after all the processing? How much salt or
sugar is in this?"

These questions are just as important as: "How fat will this
particular dish make me?"

In my view, if you're going to treat yourself, you should indulge
in something a little more... food-like.

A proper homemade burger with all the trimmings... a
homemade fish finger or whole chicken smothered in butter and
herbs and roasted... those are what I reach for when I want to
be naughty.

This isn't to lecture you, it's just that I want to defend real food.

Why it's better to indulge yourself in real food

You can eat a lot more of the stuff that's supposedly "bad for
you" (chocolate, salt, cream, red meat) if you go for the
unprocessed version.

By making your own treats - or going to a decent, trusted
restaurant - you can indulge without becoming victim to hidden
salts, sugars, trans-fats, additives, chemicals and pollutants.

There's a book called In Defence of Food, by Michael Pollan,
which looks at this subject in depth. His conclusion is that we
are falsely led to believe that our diet problems are linked to
one cause only.

For example...

* We lower the fat content of something and proclaim that
  it's now 'healthy', even though it's deep-fried chicken

* We remove sugar from something and proclaim it's
  'sugar free'' even though it's STILL a large portion of ice
  cream packed with artificial sweeteners.

* We proclaim something is 'low carb' and therefore now
  healthy... even though it's STILL a bag of crisps.

These sorts of claims are no more than advertising tools,
designed to make you buy products. Same goes for Weight
Watchers chicken nuggets.

Pollan says it's better to eat a wide range of real and natural
foods in moderation than to resort to processed foods with
health claims stamped on them. This way you can eat without
worrying so much about 'villains' like carbs, fats or sugars.

That's my rant over for today...

By the way, if you don't hear from me again, it means that I've
been slapped with an injunction by the lawyers of a certain
global fast food chain!

And if you want to get a doctor on YOUR side, fighting your
nutritional corner, check out Dr Bruce Caine's brilliant advice




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