The natural way to stop hay fever with a pinch of salt

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19th March 2017

Summoning my inner ‘Mystic Meg’ I feel a prediction coming on...

...there will be a tall dark stranger entering your life who will present you with a large sum of money, or alternatively...

...this week lots of you started wheezing, sneezing and generally feeling a bit rubbish.

Should any of you get visited by said stranger please remember who told you first and send me a share of your good fortune! But for those who recognise their plight from the second group can I welcome you to this year’s Hay Fever Season!

Around one in three of us will be dreading those words appearing as we ‘look forward’ to streaming eyes, hacking coughs and lung-bursting sneezes that terrorise the household.

To be honest it is a season I wish we didn’t have to suffer.

However, being the little ‘Ray of Sunshine ™’ that I am, I want to warn any of you who have had a sniffle, tickle or dribbly nose in the past that this year might just be your worst yet, unless you act fast.

On Friday I began to explore the deteriorating quality of the air that we breathe and the fact that this winter is on record as the worst for smog in the UK since the days when our lives were powered by coal.

Levels of pollution from cars, factories and heavy lorries have contributed to an environment that delivers air of the consistency of soup and that is playing havoc with the lungs of anyone who is even mildly susceptible to it.

Now when Mother Nature starts to encourage the grasses, trees and pretty flowers to start pumping their pollen into the air, that soup begins to have sharp prickly little croutons in it and the sneezing plague begins.

I am sorry to be the harbinger of doom like this but I’m afraid this is one prediction that I know will come true.

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Why this is THE year to act

I can well imagine that many of you will be reading this and thinking that the odd summer sneeze and sniffle you get is merely due to a light summer cold.

In fact, until I began writing this newsletter I was convinced that I was the unluckiest man in the world as I only ever got a cold when the sun was shining, but I now know that those early warning signs were meant to be heeded.

As I entered later life I soon realised that my body needed a bit of extra help to cope with the annual pollen release.
This is something you all need to recognise too.

This year’s mild winter has seen grasses and trees begin to shoot very early and full season will be very soon upon us – and that is why I implore you to get a SaltPipe.

Discover the natural way to a clearer airway

Respect due to the health power in an old friend

The refillable SaltPipe was one of the very first products that I helped bring to the attention of the Good Life Letter readers over ten years ago, and has been something that I have often referred to when answering questions in your e-mails.

You see, it is safe, (virtually everyone can use it, even children) has proven benefits for several major conditions and, because it can be refilled with fresh salt packs, will last forever.

Made out of hard-wearing porcelain it can be put in the dishwasher to clean after use – even if you have suffered the heaviest of colds.

These features make our SaltPipe the best on the market, and now also one of the cheapest following a recent price drop from our suppliers.

Here’s a quick summary of the type of problems that using the SaltPipe daily can help with:

  • Coughs and colds, including the persistent dry cough that you are often left with.
The salt acts as a major anti-inflammatory agent, thus reducing the impact that cold-causing bacteria and viruses have on the small tubes in the respiratory tract. This allows the air to flow more freely as well as promoting the body’s natural ability to clear the airways of mucus.

It works for all ages too.

The reason why it is effective is simple – as you breathe in through the system it directly kills off any pathogens in the atmosphere. Basically they can’t stand being salted!

  • Asthma and other breathing difficulties which are often worse in association with poor air quality and high pollen levels.

Once again the combined effect of chronically reduced airflow that occurs in conditions like asthma, along with localised inflammation, can mean misery for so many people.

Often the fear of initiating an asthma attack can be severely limiting to social interactions and the types of things that the rest of us take for granted, like a trip to the shops.

A series of research findings in the UK and USA have shown the benefits of saline infused atmospheres for helping control asthma attacks.

  • Cystic Fibrosis sufferers can also get major benefits from using a SaltPipe.

This is a very debilitating genetic condition caused by the failure of an enzyme in the body that allows the build up of thick mucus in the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems.

Daily physiotherapy is needed to drive the mucus from the lungs to ensure that the airways stay clear.

By using the SaltPipe though, several studies have shown that the build up of mucus is reduced and can be less viscous and therefore easier to mobilise with the physio treatment.

  • In addition to the above, there are benefits for those suffering from allergies, sinus problems, hay fever, chest infections, bronchitis, sore throat, wheeziness, COPD, emphysema, breathing difficulties and respiratory problems caused by smoking.
Like I say, there is so much that I had tended to overlook in the way this little marvel can help – especially at this time of year.

If you would like to read about other people's experience of using the refillable SaltPipe then please click here

Don’t leave your SaltPipe in the drawer

Having told so many people about the benefits of SaltPipes I am sure that many of you will have one already.

But remember, one of the real key benefits of this type of SaltPipe is that it is refillable, and for just a few pounds you can get three new bags of salt to get your pipe back to its full potential – just click here for details

Please don’t disregard the huge health benefits that you can get from using the SaltPipe daily – it really does make a difference.

I could make a joke about ignoring something that you see every day and forgetting about how useful it is... but Lara isn’t listening.

Besides, I think she has already formed her own opinion about how useful I am!

Yours, as always



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