A very natural way to deal with Asthma & Hay Fever

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19th April 2015

“God you look dreadful”

Not the first words you want to hear on any day of the week.

But my son has no tact ladies and gentlemen, and this is how he greeted one of his friends from Uni who visited us.

It turns out the poor lad suffers violently from Hay Fever and his mum had recommended that he should visit someone who lives near the sea... hence his arrival with us for a few days.

The logic is that the slightly more humid coastal air prevents the pollen staying airborne and so it doesn’t irritate the airways and eyes so badly.

 In addition if the breeze is blowing in from the sea then there is no pollen for it to carry...

...and for some people this really works.

But for many others the effect is very temporary.

Fortunately I was able to show him something that made a huge difference to his symptoms and completely stopped his coughing, sneezing and watering & itchy eyes.

I’ll share the secret with you in a moment or two.
Let me explain another reason why I think a breath of the briny is good for you.

For me the reason why sea air is so healthy is for entirely different reasons to the ones mentioned above.

I think it is all to do with salt, or more accurately aerosols containing microscopic salt particles.

Taking in the coastal airs is a very mild form of salt therapy, and we know that this is highly effective for a range of chronic and acute respiratory problems.

Don’t we?

Discover the successful way to regain your freedom outdoors this year.

The undoubted power of salt

Salt is a strange compound to consider when it comes to health.

In our diets we tend to eat too much, especially when unscrupulous food companies pack their ready meals full of it.

The flip side of this is that a shortage of salt can also be disastrous, and a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine last August even went so far as to say there was no correlation between salt in diet and raised blood pressure.

So, it’s clear salt is important and potentially consequential to improved health.

Back in the mid eighteen hundreds a Polish doctor identified that salt miners were not suffering respiratory disease which were otherwise prevalent in his other patients.

He concluded that the salt was acting to protect them, but he didn’t know why.

In World War II, salt mines in Germany were used as bomb shelters. During bombings, people often had to remain in the mines for extended periods of time, breathing in the salt dust. Upon leaving, many asthmatics were able to breathe much easier.

Treating patients inside salt caves has long been a common practice in Europe where many medical centres were established between the two world wars.

Latterly a number of specialist clinics have been established promoting salt therapy or Halotherapy, and charging handsomely for the experience.

I could go on... but I think you get the gist by now – salt therapy is certainly both proven and effective.  But why should I be mentioning it right now?

Well, just like my sons friend I know thousands of people are being plagued by hay fever, asthma and snoring... sometimes all three at once; and I want to introduce you to a  medical device that is designed to help with them all.

I want you all to consider the benefits of a Salt Pipe, and I’m not alone in realising the benefits.

The popular press has woken up to the power of salt therapy too.
For instance, OK Magazine carried an article in their health section which said;

‘The Salt Pipe offers a breath of fresh air without having to set foot on the beach. It contains salt crystals whose natural properties have a calming and cleansing effect on the respiratory system.’

Have you discovered how easy a Salt Pipe solution is?

The ultimate, original and refillable Saltpipe

Way back in 2008 I launched the original version of the Salt Pipe into the UK, something I am very proud of.

But like so many things in a world dominated by Amazon and the like, cheap and poor quality imitators have come into the market and led to people having a very unsatisfactory experience.

Many substandard products don’t provide health benefits and they use really poor quality salt, rather than the untreated halite minerals that you need.

Every day I use my own Salt Pipe to help keep my chest and nose clear, and I’m convinced that this keeps colds and 'flu at bay too.

But you need to be wary when you are looking around at these products.

I read a sales piece the other day extolling the virtues of another salt breathing device which seemed to suggest that using a refillable type was fiddly and that it was better to buy a disposable pipe... that would only last a short while then you’d need to buy another one!

How can that make sense to anyone?

This version of salt therapy is a refillable system that means you always get the best effects from using it.

It also means that you can take the salt pack out and put the pipe in the dish washer to clean it... now that really does make sense.

The way it works is so SIMPLE, but so logical.

The Salt Pipe is an all-natural remedy for asthma, hay fever, snoring, chronic coughs and a host of breathing problems.

It's a small porcelain pipe that you breathe through for 15 minutes each day.

Inside the pipe are 'halite salt crystals' from the Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine in Romania. This is a region that's long been known for its healing salt therapy.

It must work......... did you ever see Transylvania’s Prince of Darkness, Dracula, sneeze in any of his films!

This is more than just a superstition though.

Just as holidays by the sea have long been hailed in the UK as a way to ease

respiratory problems, so these salt mines have helped many thousands of people overcome breathing difficulties.

So something's definitely working.

As you inhale through the Salt Pipe, the air absorbs tiny salt particles. This helps clean your air passages and clear out the impurities.

The microscopic salt crystals that you inhale act in the lungs to control inflammation, neutralise potential pathogenic bacteria & viruses and also bolster the body’s natural immune response.

Salt Pipes are proven, safe and so easy to use as a daily treatment for asthma, hay fever, chronic respiratory problems and even help prevent snoring.

If you don’t already have one to hand you really must make the investment in one of the best natural remedies available.

Right now the best and original refillable salt pipe is available with three refill packs for a saving over the normal offer price too – don’t delay.

Do the right thing and get your own personal and effective salt therapy now – click here

You’ll discover what so many people already know.

Salt therapy is highly effective and easy to use... and saves a trip down to the coast to get the benefits of the sea air.

One sneezy, wheezy teenager can testify just how powerful this ancient remedy can be, after just a few sessions on the Salt Pipe he was in a much better way... and looked it too!

Click now to get your personal Salt Pipe – avoid costly imitations, whatever they might claim

Yours, as always




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