Discover one of nature’s truly powerful antibiotics – Manuka Honey

Sunday 19th May 2013 

Believe it or not I have a friend who is a GP.

Now this may surprise a few of you who regularly read my letters, and think I come down a bit hard on the poor old family doc.

But, in the main he actually agrees with me on much of what I say.

Anyway, last week he was on the phone to me saying he was dreading going into his surgery because of ‘this damned fool nonsense about bad backs’.

It appears he saw the headlines about antibiotics being able to cure bad backs and foresaw a waiting room full of people all demanding a prescription for their aches and pains.

I laughed (not very charitably) I admit, but mostly because, as I pointed out it wouldn’t make a difference to the amount of drugs he doles out anyway – just changes the mix!

But he did have a couple of very serious points to make.

Firstly, the number of people who meet the criteria where antibiotic preparations would help only account for the merest fraction of those with back ache.

So, giving them the drug just won’t make a difference it would just increase the number of people taking antibiotics unnecessarily.

Secondly, and more importantly we are at a crossroads of crisis with bacterial infections and how they are no longer responding to traditional antibiotics.

There is very real evidence that some of the commonly treatable conditions are now beginning to rise in incidence as the bacteria responsible are developing resistance to the drug.

This means we are at risk from some of the basic conditions once again such as septicaemia, unrelenting stomach upsets and wound infections – which had become very rare.

Naturally this is not good news for the medical profession – and they are worried that there is no focus on generating a new form of control because the drugs companies haven’t invested in antibiotic programmes...

...but I want to know why they aren’t making the most of what we have known for at least a thousand years – or at least some of us have!

Discover one of nature’s truly powerful antibiotics – Manuka Honey

Curry & Honey Destroy Bugs & Beasties

After my dear friend had calmed a little I pinged him a link to a fantastic bit of new research that I found which shows how effective a combination of honey & turmeric was in killing common bacteria like E.Coli(1) – the monster responsible for most stomach upsets and the fastest growing cause of hospital acquired infections.

We already know that good quality, raw and pure honey has many PROVEN health benefits such as;

- The treatment of burns, ulcers and wounds(2)

- Resolution of gut upsets and bacterial imbalance(3)

- Helping reduce the incidence of, and the symptoms from asthma and rhinitis(4)

The observant among you will have noticed that I have referenced each and every one of those claims, and all from research conducted in 2013 – so it is bang up to date.

This is because the evidence base for the validity of honey as a boost to well being, healing and general good health is growing at a rapid rate.

Honey really is the BEST thing you can put into your body – and that is a fact.

But this paper goes on to say that combining turmeric (curcuma starch) and honey in your diet acts as a highly potent natural antibiotic.

How happy could I be!

Science has proven that a combination of curry and honey is the way to stay healthy – just like I’ve always said!

Fantastic Triple Offer

So, it gives me great pleasure to provide THREE great offers to get the very best honey, the inside knowledge of every curry spice available and a combination of both – all for the absolute best possible price.

• OFFER 1– Buy three jars of fantastic Manuka Honey and get a copy of my book – The Spice Healer, which details the delights and health benefits we can all derive from classic curry spices and more. The normal price for this pack would be £45.81, but whilst stocks last you can save over £10 and buy for just £35 with FREE delivery.

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• OFFER 3 – We have introduced a regular saver offer on the shop site which allows you to save 10% one each and every jar, plus you don’t need to worry about re-ordering because we will send you a new jar every month, 3 months, six months or year – however you tend to use it.

You choose the interval and still get the huge saving – plus we will never increase the price without telling you first.

You know I love my honey – it has always been the real joy of running the Good Life Letter that I am able to get the very best in raw, pure honey and offer it to you.

Now with these great offers I can make sure that you get more than just a health benefit – there will also be a boost to your purse as well.

So, there you have it...

...three great offers and an answer to antibiotic resistance. What more could we ever need?


Yours, as always


(1) Ahmed, M., Djebli, N., Aissat, S., Zerrouki, K., & Bourabeh, A. (2013). In Vitro Synergistic Antibacterial Activity of Natural Honey Combined with Curcuma Starch and their Correlation with Diastase Number, Flavonoid and Polyphenol Content. Journal of Plant Pathology & Microbiology.
(2) Molan, Peter C. "The use of manuka honey to promote wound healing." (2013).
(3) M Alvarez-Suarez, J., Giampieri, F., & Battino, M. (2013). Honey as a Source of Dietary Antioxidants: Structures, Bioavailability and Evidence of Protective Effects Against Human Chronic Diseases. Current medicinal chemistry, 20(5), 621-638.
(4) No, I. (2013). A spoonful of honey helps a coughing child sleep. The journal of Family Practice, 62(3).







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