Grapefruit benefits or a lethal cocktail?

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19th September 2010

  • Lose weight, lower your
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  • Why your medication and the same fruit
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Eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.  It's a
nice, simple way to be healthy and avoid becoming a
burden to the NHS. No argument from me on that one.

BUT not all fruit is created equal.

Take the grapefruit.  It's a lovely tangy breakfast treat we
all know and love, and also one with a fabulous track
record for improving health, backed by data from many
trials. But are grapefruit benefits outweighing its consequences? Let's find out...

One of the most recent was research conducted by the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Massachusetts
General Hospital.  They discovered compounds within the
fruit that actively encourage the liver to break down fats
and carbohydrates.

This basically means that the body gets all the benefits of
a low carb diet......... without actually having to diet.

The super yellow fruit has long been associated with a
range of health benefits which include:

* High levels of vitamin C - just half a grapefruit
contains 80% of your daily needs.

* Weight loss - Low in sodium and high in fat burning
enzymes, the grapefruit will not only burn fat, but
also help flush out excess water.

* Lowers cholesterol - studies have shown that
cholesterol can be reduced by around 15% by
including a portion of grapefruit in your daily diet.

* Helps fight cancer - especially prostate and lung
cancer. A flavenoid present in the juice called
naringenin helps cell DNA to repair, and has been
found to be particularly effective in some patients.

* Prevents kidney stones. The high acidity of the
juice maintains urinary pH levels so that stones are
broken down before they can form.

* Puts a spring in your step - Grapefruit is excellent
at jump starting your metabolism, particularly
when eaten within 2 hours of waking up. A high
water content combined with the acids and
enzymes in the juice causes an increase in
metabolic activity.

So far so good. But what our friends at Hebrew U. and
Mass General didn't highlight, is that grapefruit is not a
good thing in everyone.  In fact, it could be FATAL.

How could eating grapefruit be fatal?

Hang on! Before you rush out to bin your breakfast, let
me explain:

Basically, it's the return of one of my pet hates. Statins.
These drugs seem to be given out by GP's like Smarties -
with the aim of lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.
There is a growing body of evidence that statins do more
HARM than good, which I've commented on many times

Statins are broken down in our bodies by enzymes;
unfortunately grapefruit juice blocks this activity and
allows statin levels to rise, to the point of danger.

When a constituent of the juice, bergamottin, interacts
with the enzymes in our bodies it stops them working -
leading to kidney and liver failure as the drugs build up in
the body.

"What's the problem?" argue the manufacturers "It isn't
the drugs, it's the people on them eating grapefruit".

By being unaware of this potentially lethal cocktail,
patients could be triggering some of the serious side
effects being reported. This is the kind of flawed logic that
makes me see red. The problem is with the toxicity of the
drug, not the fact that someone chooses to drink a glass
of juice.

How can we allow ourselves to blame a wholesome,
honest product of nature rather than a synthetic
compound?  We need to get our priorities right, and not
allow the pharmaceutical industry to set the agenda.

It is easy to begin to set your own agenda for health
though, let me tell you how.

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