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19 November 2010

  • Cold sore remedy which could STOP them returning
  • How a shining light might be the answer to mouth pain
  • Discvoer the easiest way to cold sore remed plus how to cure gum infections here:

There are many enduring images of childhood that we can all relate to I'm sure. The scuffed knees from climbing trees and walls, the yard long toffee strips for a penny and television that only started at 3:30 when we got in from school are some of them.

There are other ones though, and they tend to be less cherished. In my case it was the regular appearance of cold sores around my mouth and even up my nose.

When they got so bad, my Mum took me to see the doctor who usually dolled out some ointment and a promise that I would grow out of them.

Back in the day the doctor was second only to Gordon Honeycombe on the BBC News for revering in all his (and it was always a he!) wisdom and knowledge.

Well, the truth was a WHOLE lot different Dr. Atkins.

The virus which causes cold sores is known as Herpes Simplex, and it turns out that once you catch it you have a friend for life.

This virulent virus actually sits IN the nerves around you mouth and nose just waiting for the chance to spark into life again. It's like carrying around your own little time bomb.

Studies suggest that 60% of people who are infected will suffer between 2 and 20 attacks per year, with no seasonal variation. Typically treatment involves a cream which is rubbed over the sore and left to do its work.

These are relatively effective, however, they CANNOT be used in the mouth itself, and that's where the really aggressive lesions are - right where you can't get at them.

But there is a really simple and effective cure, and it involves nothing more dangerous than light... although a very special kind of light.

Let me explain.

Risk free... harmless, but effective light treatment - why isn't it used more?

Just think about this for a moment.

What I am talking about is the application of something as simple as light into the mouth. No drugs, no active ingredients and definitely no foreign substances. Just plain and simple therapeutic light.

There can be no SAFER treatment for use on the body.

There are NO known side effects from low level photo-therapy, which means it's safe for pregnant women, children and retired folk.

It can be used if you are taking any other drug, or have any other medical condition... what's the catch?

That's just it - there isn't one!

This high quality, therapeutic light has been developed by scientists in Israel specifically to treat a wide range of conditions such as:

  • Herpes Simplex cold sores
  • Gingivitis gum infections
  • Bad breath
  • Acne
  • Various dermal conditions

Find out about the wide range of uses for this ultra safe technology here

Medical grade phototherapy has been extensively used for conditions such as psoriasis, however, until now the technology was too expensive for home use - so it's great news that a device is now here.

The OraLight solution uses a carefully controlled visible red light which operates at a wavelength of 630nm.

There are hundreds of papers which extol this type of  light for resolving skin problems, and most of them written in the last twenty years - so this is real CURRENT technology. These type of devices have even been used as part of the NASA programme, and let's be fair those guys don't back poor technology.

The science is based upon the improvement that light makes to wound healing, essentially getting the cells which are involved to be much more active, and therefore speeding up the repair cycle.

This is what makes it so effective for specific skin conditions, and especially good for speeding up recovery inside the mouth and nose... because let's be fair very few of us go around with our mouths permanently open.

Well, apart from politicians it seems!

Get this highly effective and SAFE way to treat your skin NOW

This really is a simple concept to understand; skin is healed much quicker. It is a really safe solution; even breastfeeding mums can use it without any risks.

Even better that all this, it is really effective against a wide variety of problems that are otherwise difficult to deal with effectively.

If you suffer from cold sores, you know how painful they are.  If you are one of the lucky few who don't - you probably know someone who does.  Can there be any reason not to click here and get your hands on the right, light way to treat those nasty passenger viruses?

P.S. Don't forget to have a look at my brand new shop, I'm really pleased with how it looks and works - my elves have been very busy this year... I'll have to rent them out to Santa!


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