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19th November 2017

‘Only the crumbliest, flakiest milk chocolate – tastes like chocolate never tasted before.’

‘Made to make your mouth water.’

‘A taste of Eastern promise.’

No one could ever accuse the sweet makers of trying to claim that their products were healthy – hedonistic, gratuitous and downright sensual pleasure, yes; but healthy and healing, not a chance.

The closest came from the ex-Formula One commentator Murray Walker when he worked for the Mars Corporation and he came up with – ‘A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play.’

As a child when I used to stand in front of Mr Simmonds’ counter in our local newsagent with ten pence clasped in my hand, I wasn’t thinking of healthy nutrition. I was thinking about football collection cards, coconut flavoured pretend tobacco and ha’penny chews (Black Jacks, Rhubarb & Custards and Fruit Salads!).

Whether they were going to help me play rugby or football all afternoon on the village green was not even entering my tiny head.

In the heady days of the early 1970s, sweets were brightly coloured, loaded with chemicals and basically just packaged sugar and led to a generation who have been keeping dentists in business ever since.

Rarely did I make a trip to the dentist without returning feeling sick and groggy due to the gas and air anaesthetic administered after yet another filling or extraction, and I didn’t eat many sweets at all.

Friends of mine used to be given money to gorge on gobstoppers, chocolate bars and Corona pop on a daily basis, but my ten pence had to last me the week, and as such I was one of the lucky ones when it came to dental trauma.

It was clear that the confectioners were not doing the nation’s teeth much good, however, the British dentists were doing rather nicely out of it and still do, although even they are now saying something has to change.

Last year there were twice as many children admitted to UK hospitals for problems with rotten teeth as there were for those with broken arms. That’s over 34,000 under ten-year olds with severe tooth decay.

This makes tooth decay the biggest cause of hospital admission for those aged five to nine in the UK – clearly something has to change.

Facts for adults are not so bad, however, three quarters of all UK adults have had to have a tooth extracted due to decay and a mere 10% have mouth health which is described as excellent, so complacency is not an option.

How can you still enjoy a refreshing mint treat and help save your teeth at the same time?

A revolution for your teeth

Not content to sit back and watch the nation’s teeth fall out, a couple of enterprising dentists have developed something that should be of interest to everyone.

What if you could enjoy a traditional mint sweet that would freshen your breath and sweeten your mood, yet actually save your teeth at the same time? In fact, not just saving your teeth but actually healing them.

That might just make you stop and think, it certainly did halt me in my tracks.

You see, amongst an ever increasing list of bad habits that I have (and believe me there really is a list that gets read out to me) is the delight I take in having a roll of mints in the car to enjoy on a long drive.

Somehow I have become conditioned to popping an Extra Strong or a Polo into my mouth as I enter the M5 slip road near home and slurping my way up the M5... I can only imagine how lovely that must sound to you.

Now whilst I know this isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to do, it is one of the things I enjoy but not every day. A little of what I fancy in moderation.

But now that I have found these Remarkable Mints (for that is what they are called) I can now indulge my addiction with a smug expression on my face as I challenge my brain to Ken Bruce’s Pop Quiz.

So, I guess you are now wondering how it can be possible to make a healing mint? Even for a couple of dentists you might feel that the challenge is one that may be beyond them.

Well that’s where their story begins, you see they didn’t really understand sweets but they did know they caused them so much work amongst their patients.

Tooth decay is caused by the acid-producing bacteria found in plaque, which is a sticky biofilm that infests the surface of your teeth. Production of this is increased when the bacteria get the sweet sugary foods that they love, especially in something that is retained in the mouth like a mint is.

The acid produced by these harmful bacteria strip away at the building blocks of your teeth: calcium and phosphate. This process is called demineralisation and is the most common reason why teeth go bad.

So if you can stop the build up of the bacteria and their damaging residue then you stop this process and if you are really clever you also encourage the body to produce stronger and healthier teeth which are capable of repelling any further attacks.

Essentially, the mints they created do both these things, that’s why they call them a healing sweet.

Discover more about Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints – Click here

More than an advertising slogan

You might remember the advertising slogan for Milky Way was ‘The sweet you can eat between meals’ well these Remarkable Mints are the sweet you SHOULD eat between meals.

Every time we consume food we risk boosting the damaging effects that the bacteria in our mouth cause, and even if you do brush your teeth at least twice a day (something the statistics tells us less than 25% of us do) the build up is still significant and damaging.

Using these mints during the day reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth, decreases the activity of those surviving and builds stronger teeth into the bargain.

The benefits of Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints are:

  • They are completely sugar free so don’t promote bacterial growth

  • They kill mouth bacteria including those which can’t be reached by brushing

  • They help clean and protect your teeth

  • They contain calcium phosphate which helps teeth remineralise

  • They freshen your breath because they contain natural peppermint oil

  • They reduce acid build up in the mouth and prevent demineralisation of your teeth

  • They contain extracts of green tea which inhibits bacterial enzymes that attack your teeth

  • They contain Xylitol which is a natural sweetener that actually helps protect your teeth

Whilst it might seem odd to consider a sweet as being healthy you have to admit that these mints are truly ‘Remarkable’ – finally an advertising slogan that is entirely truthful!

Get your Remarkable Mints today and carry a pack in the car, handbag or pocket every day

Yours, as always   




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