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Friday 19 December, 2014 

No-one likes pain... or at least not outside of some special interest web pages they don’t!

It’s a fascinating topic though, as we all experience pain at some time or other

The science behind why we feel pain, why some of us feel it differently to others and how we can stop it when it starts is still in its infancy.

With certain pathways and chemicals involved in the process having been identified there are many others yet to be understood.

Some universities offer entire degrees devoted to pain management – and yet the many and complex ways our bodies respond to stimuli remains a mystery.

This is why we should treat those who claim to have the answer with a little scepticism; the truth is, what works for one of us might not be the solution for everyone.

This is true of expensive pharmaceutical drugs as much as it is of herblore.

One thing I have learnt in my many years of aches and pains is that only one approach is never as good as covering as many of the options as I safely can.

Every day new and exciting breakthroughs occur in drug and device technology.

My own shop is packed with ways to try to diminish the impact that constant or acute pain has on us – and from what you tell me the beneficial effects are often quick and very noticeable.

For many, a combination of a pain management device and a topically applied cream seems to work – and I want to introduce you to some of those which get the best response from our readers.

First the device

Something that we introduced last year has been particularly well received by you – PainSolv has fast become one of our most recommended products.

Why is this device making so many headlines around the world? Here’s why:

- A clinically proven 3-in-1 medical device that has been shown to dramatically reduce severity and frequency of pain.

- A device that has been shown to be more effective and flexible in use than TENS, Ultrasound and EMS machines.

- A revolutionary product that can help you with many different types of pain such as backache, sciatica, frozen shoulder, repetitive strain injury (RSI), joint injuries, sprains, muscular cramp, arthritis, sports injuries, circulation problems, knee pain, period pain, painful jaw, foot or heel pain.

- Safe and effective to use over the site of prosthetic implants such as hip and knee replacements.

It really is remarkable what I have been hearing back from those who chose this device – maybe it is time that you took advantage of the 60 day home trial for yourself – what have you got to lose?

Something that many of you may not be aware of is that this amazing pain relieving product is classed as a medical device and as such if you buy one for the purposes of helping to manage a problem you can buy it free of VAT – saving you 20%.

The process to do this couldn’t be simpler... you don’t need a doctor's certificate or a prescription, just fill in a simple form that is available on the website and you get the saving.

Saving money is one thing, but you also need to understand why it proves so effective...right?

When it comes to looking at these types of devices you often get a snowstorm of letters that look like a bad hand at Scrabble – TENS, UMF, US and NDE to name but a few... well PainSolv works via PEMF... doesn’t help does it!

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy is nothing new on a world scale, having been used by medical staff in the Russian clinics for over 60 years, but it wasn’t until the Iron Curtain came down that the West saw it.

The Americans were the first to test it and were amazed at the results they saw, and recently the technology has come to these shores in a version which can be used at home rather than in expensive private clinics.

A detailed review of how it works can be found here but in essence the pulsed field emitted by the device calms damaged irritated cells, promotes natural healing processes, engages cell energy functions and improves drainage of toxins from affected areas. 

Then the balm

As I said, often improved pain control needs more than one point of attack.

Let me introduce you to the perfect partner to PainSolv, it’s a newly developed anti-inflammatory cream...

...and if you remember my rant about how fats get bad press they don’t deserve then this is yet another reason to embrace all things fat – it’s based on an ester of a key fatty acid – one of nature's own anti-inflammatories.

It works similar to, but much more dramatically than, the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA from fish oils. Celadrin’s complex blend of esterified fatty acids provides many vital and beneficial effects for the inflammatory responses in the body.

Far from being a strange potion though Celadrin has been through extensive trials and has been clinically studied at various times with results published in the prestigious Journal of Rheumatology.

These trials covered many aspects of joint and muscle pain; for instance a study was conducted at the University of Connecticut, involving 42 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. 

Tests included how long it took the patient to get up and go from a chair, climb stairs and appraise mobility of the knee. The group receiving Celadrin had outstanding results with reduced pain and stiffness, improved balance and strength and better mobility. 

Perhaps more importantly 100% of the patients in the study showed significant benefit compared to the patients on a placebo. 

Even more exciting was that patients experienced a dramatic improvement in all aspects tested after only 30 minutes of applying the cream, with cumulative benefits occurring after 30 days.

Discover how this new, natural and effective cream can help you deal with joint pain

A really powerful Christmas Offer

Now I’ve said these two fit neatly together for anyone trying to deal with joint pain... if you order your PainSolv in the next 7 days, and add a pack of Celadrin into your order as well we will send you an exclusive code to get £10 off anything in our shop... but remember this offer lasts for the next few days only – ending at midnight on Christmas Day.

Rather than coping with Ow Ow Ow! over the festive period how about experiencing Ho Ho Ho!

Yours, as always


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