Itís time you came clean and get yourself a healthy gut

Sunday 20 April, 2014 

  • With the Easter feast underway it might be time for a good health tip

  • Make the most of a spring clean for the entire body



Happy Easter everyone, I hope you are enjoying a delightful day of family togetherness and feasting...

...donít really want to upset you but today I need to talk about your poor overworked digestive tract.

I know, itís not particularly topical is it? The one day when the entire nation is hell bent on consuming enough chocolate to sink a barge, I go and spoil it by getting all alimentary on you!

Well consider me the ghost of Easter past if you will but I think we would all be better off if we thought about our digestion a little more than we do.

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Itís a funny thing but we Brits have always been a little reserved about the functioning of our inner workings, and we certainly donít like to talk about the end product at all!

See, even now I am finding it difficult to detail exactly what I am talking about, yet could chat about cancer in the local post office, or heart attacks whilst out walking the dog...

...but the very thing that we all do at some point during the week seems like a taboo subject Ė strange thing isnít it, especially for our friends from over the Channel.

The French love nothing more than a good gossip about stomach, bowels and poo!

So today I am going Gallic and want to open up this topic (might have phrased that better on reflection!)

Your inner workings might surprise you

I guess we consider our gut to be a dark and uninviting place, full of toxic acids and churning muscles...

...and to a large part it is, but it is a system thatís under the control of our Ďsecond brainí Ė really!

It's true! Your intestines are actually controlled by the 'Automatic Nervous System', which is linked to the subconscious part of the brain.

When you get stressed, this 'automatic system' becomes upset, leading to many symptoms including irritable bowel syndrome.

On the other hand, when you are relaxed, your subconscious brain runs your digestive organs more efficiently. This can calm the symptoms dramatically.

This direct linkage with the autonomic system also helps explain why any form of stomach upset can make us feel so grotty.

If a spasming and irritated colon is driving the fight and flight response then weíll sleep badly, experience muscle pain in our limbs and backs and generally feel very doggy.

But this is where our French cousins come to our aid; they have developed a compound that is truly the best in natural remedies for any form of stomach upset Ė called Propargile Ė containing:

- Propolis This is Mother Nature's own disinfectant.  Produced by bees for disinfecting the hive before the queen lays her eggs, it produces an anaesthetic which is more powerful than cocaine (without the side effects).  This offers significant relief to heartburn and colitis sufferers.

- Pollen Often derided because of the impact it has on hay fever sufferers, pollen actually has significant healthy properties. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics providing intestinal well-being.  Tonic and stimulating, it also has a purifying effect and when taken orally like this it does not stimulate the immune response.

- Clay Taken internally, clay acts as a powerful magnet for all waste product in the digestive system (the stomach, the colon and the liver). It contributes to what the French rather poetically call "excellent evacuation"!  By eliminating dead cells and activating the growth of new, healthy ones the gut is regulated and rejuvenated.

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Could you benefit from time alone with your tummy?

In my last few letters I have ranted about how the media tend to over excite themselves about things which the body can cope with perfectly well by itself.

You may think that the passage of food through the digestive tract might well be one of these, and in some cases you are right.
The problem is we all suffer from the sins of our diet.

Every so often a Sunday lunch blow out leaves you feeling a little over full, maybe even with a touch of heartburn... might well be that last year's figure hugging swimsuit is revealing a little too much overhang at the waist...

...or, even that the lingering effects of one of the winter stomach bugs hasnít fully resolved itself.

Well, a course of Propargile should set things straight, and put everything back in order.

Thereís no getting around it, if you want to live a long and healthy life, the most important thing you can do is make SURE you have a clean and healthy colon.  Have you ever wondered if your body is as clean on the inside as it is on the outside?

Even an old toad like me spends time in the bathroom scrubbing and polishing my various nooks and crannies everyday, but do we ever stop to think about how we are faring beneath the skin.

You see, we need a healthy colon to ensure our well being for reasons other than just purely waste disposal though.

Living in harmony with us are billions of tiny creatures who inhabit our lower recesses, and these little helpers allow us to get the most out of our food, produce important vitamins and enzymes and help us fight infections.

If we allow a toxic environment to persist in the gut we prevent these chaps from doing their best to help, and that is really biting off the hand that feeds us.

Talking of which I smell the delight of roast leg of lamb, garlic and rosemary...

...time to make a bit of mint sauce and enjoy my Easter lunch.

Iíll be following a daily regime of Propargile to make amends for any gluttony afterwards!

Yours, as always


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