Horse chestnut extract beats cellulite, thread veins and boosts circulation!

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Friday 20th May  2011

I feel it's about time I wrote something for the fairer sex.

I think you need some good news, and maybe a little help with looking & feeling your best this summer?

All of a sudden Lara is peering over my shoulder.

"Oh this should be good," says the queen of sarcasm, "another story about eating chocolate and still being able to diet, I suppose?"

Well, she couldn't be further from the truth.

I write today about two of the great joys of summer - ones that I know most women enjoy more than anything. Well, anything other than chocolate clearly!

What if I told you that a combination of two of life's simple pleasures may be beneficial for your health?

It's true!  WINE and SUNSHINE are proven to keep you healthy.

Yep, you did read that right. Spanish researchers have shown that 200ml (about 11/2 glasses) of EITHER red or white wine a day has a positive influence on cardiac health as it helps increase HDL cholesterol (the good sort).

On top of this, Vitamin D which is made when our skin is exposed to sunlight prevents the signs of aging in the skin.

Now, there has been research in the past which looked at wine and health, but they have almost exclusively been carried out on men, where heart problems are more common.

Damned clever those Spanish; they always seem to have something special for the girls.

Just look at the actors -  we have the bumbling and slightly effete fop that is Hugh Grant whilst they have the rugged charms of Antonio Banderas.

How can we compete?

There will be many women up and down the land rejoicing in this research, I can hear them now... but, being girls nothing is ever easy.

The anguished cry of the aging woman

Summer seems to be about getting the best look for the beach.

It is OK for the twenty-something's who haven't had to undergo the ravages of children, age and dealing with cantankerous old fools such as yours truly.

For them summer dressing just means slipping on a little summer dress.

Lara tells me that by her forties, most of her friends now embark upon a process of stealth tactics that would make the military impressed.

The correct choice of clothing, apparently, will hide a multitude of sins, creating shape and form where once there was disharmony and asymmetry... whatever that means.

But come the warmer months the ability to hide and disguise becomes more of a challenge.

Personally I don't understand it.  My summer wardrobe has been the same for the last 30 years - a drawer full of colourful shirts, a bunch of baggy shorts in standard khaki, a pair of sandals which a beggar would reject & my trusty old jungle hat.

Form an orderly queue Ladies!

Every year, the onset of the warmer months sees Lara heading off to town with a steely resolve in her eyes, accompanied by a chosen friend from whom she can get an honest opinion.  They leave full of girlish laughter and joy - and invariably return looking morose and beaten (but still surrounded by a sea of bags and expensive looking credit card slips...)

Luckily, I have learnt how to deal with this situation.

First, a nice cup of tea; then the provision of the best armchair and lastly give her time and space to talk, but only when she wants to.

I picked this up from a friend who is a stress councillor for the Army, and it is surprising how many symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder my dear wife has on arriving back home from the shops.

This year though, I have another ace up my sleeve to play... and it's a really healthy one.

Discover Ray's secret crowd pleaser

OK, so far I have covered the benefits to the skin that a drop of vino and a bit of sun can have.

However, I have discovered something that also makes a hero of the humble grape vine and does the business for your skin - especially the post shop sore leg type.

Dealing with achy, heavy legs has traditionally been the reason we sit down and put our feet up, it really helps the accumulated blood and lymph to drain back to the body, this amazing leg cream does even better than that.

It is called Venatone and comes from a wonderful Natural Herbalist based in Edinburgh.

I met the lovely and immensely knowledgeable ladies from Napiers at the Natural & Organic Products Show in London this spring.  Napiers is an Edinburgh institution.  Founded over 150 years ago, its medical herbalists follow an unbroken tradition and still use many formulas that have their roots in the last century.  So these people know a thing or two about getting the best out of herbs.

Venatone It is a soothing, cooling herbal cream containing witch hazel, horse chestnut, comfrey and grape vine extract, to name but a few of the ingredients.

Here's my plan: I have a tube of Venatone, which Emma gave me at the show, hiding in my desk. I will be waiting my dearest's return from her trauma when she sets out this weekend.  After the cup of tea & comfy chair business I'll offer to massage her sore legs with soothing Venatone.  How many brownie points will that be?!

She'll also appreciate the fact that this stuff helps deal with cellulite, thread veins and poor circulation - although I don't expect her to ever admit to suffering from anything of the sort... and I'm far too much of a gentleman to mention it.

So chaps, get yourself in your better half's good books as she prepares for summer, and ladies, pop a tube of this leg tonic in your handbag & apply regularly to keep a spring in your step that will make you the envy of all the 20 year olds in their cheap little sundresses!

Click Here to order Venatone

Oh and by the way, don't forget to have that well deserved glass of wine and a sit in the garden to get the full effect - you have earned it.
Yours, as always



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