Why Gelatine should be the first thing you look for in a supplement


The Good Life Letter
20th June 2010

  • Find out why vinegar is my favourite 'glue'
  • The prefect balance of Calcium and Magnesium

On Friday I talked about the damage our modern lifestyle and
shopping habits are doing to our diet. How we aren't getting enough
calcium or magnesium in our diet and how many supplements won't
help because they don't have the right mix of magnesium to balance
the calcium (your digestive system can't absorb calcium without
magnesium to help it).

If you missed Friday's article read it in full here:

But there is another problem - gelatine - in many supplements this is
the ingredient that is used to bind everything together. Gelatine has no
health benefits, but it's cheap to use, works well as a 'glue' and helps
add bulk to many supplements.

If you look at the ingredients on packets of supplements, by law,
the makers have to list what is used to make up the supplement in
order of the amount used. And it is amazing how often gelatine is at
the front, or near the start of the list of ingredients.

Now I'm not a chemist and there well may be logical reasons why the
'glue' in a tablet is one of the major ingredients. But personally I
prefer the substances promoted in the supplement to be the major parts
of what I'm paying for and I prefer my 'glue' to be a bit more natural.

That's why when I came across Cal M from G&G Vitamins; I was
amazed and very impressed. Not only has it got magnesium and
calcium in perfect balance, but it doesn't use gelatine at all

This formula is made of Calcium, Magnesium and Organic Cider
Vinegar - and that's it, nothing that isn't natural, no 'artificial'
ingredients at all. The Cider Vinegar, a healthy supplement itself, is
used to bind the Calcium and Magnesium together.  You can choose
either a powder form, which you mix with hot water for a soothing,
easily absorbed drink or capsules. 

Get your natural supplement here:

Not only is calcium and magnesium important in the fight against
serious illness, it also can help with more immediate problems like;

 - Sore aching joints
 - A good night's sleep
 - Muscle aches and pains
 - Optimum muscle function

Suitable for people with a dairy intolerance, Cal M seems to have
everything you should expect from a supplement.  But I've got to warn
you - the smell of vinegar is quite overwhelming when you first open
the pot.  Real sinus clearing pong.  But don't worry, when you add
water (and I like to add a little apple juice) the taste is quite pleasant.

Try it for yourself and I'll be back next week.











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