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20th August 2010

  • Challenge your brain and avoid dementia
  • How to make easy money, in minutes
  • 7 ways to a healthy brain

Cryptic crossword setters have a lot to answer for...
especially the fiends who write for the Daily Telegraph.

My poor old brain gets its daily workout, pitting my wits
against questions such as "laugh at round ends. It's

Have a think about that one while you read the rest of
today's letter. The answer will be revealed later on... be

These puzzles have been with us for many years, first
appearing in national newspapers in the early 1900's.
They enjoy a huge following - just get on a train and see
how many passengers are sitting there chewing their pens
and going cross-eyed with the mental torment of it all.

Surely, this can't be good for them. The stress alone must
be a bad thing! Apparently not...

Did you know that what they are doing could be saving
them from conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer's?

As far as the body goes, it seems that the old saying "you
either use it or loose it" can be applied to the brain as
much as the brawn.

Let me explain.

A 2003 New York study published in the New England Journal
of Medicine found that those who completed a crossword
on at least four days every week had a much lower incidence
of dementia than those who only did one a week.

Just think about that for a moment, here is real research
saying that if we make the brain work we begin to reduce
the risk of dementia. If only my father had been more of a
fan of crossword puzzles, then he may not have developed
this debilitating condition so early in his life.

Having seen the impact that Dad's deterioration had on
his and Mum's life, I want to do all I can to help myself.

The first hand experience really did shake me up, and
makes me really appreciate the time Dad and I spend
together now.

I guess all of this had been in my mind when we went out
to friends for dinner the other night, and I talked to them
about the need to find something to keep my brain busy.

What I discovered though, surprised me about what goes
on in suburban Bristol.

No, it has nothing to do with car keys in the middle of the
table! But it did generate a similar level of interest for the
couples at the gathering.

It appears that my fellow diners were all competition
addicts, and were very serious about it. They were
completing several entries a day for a variety of
challenges - and were winning some fairly impressive
prizes as a result.

This was a revelation to me.  I thought it was just Lara's
little quirky hobby.

I hadn't realised just how many competitions were
running every day - and how big the prizes you could win

Discover how to make easy money in minutes

The biggest problem with prize winning competitions is
finding them, I reasoned.

With all the different media out there they could appear
anywhere - magazines, newspapers, on TV, on the radio,
on the internet, on Twitter (whatever that is!), Heavens
only knows where else they are sticking them.

So, my question was:  how can you make sure you always
get the chance to win?

Easily, I was told, just sign up for an online comping
service. They find details of all the competitions available.
One of the best according to my friends is MyComps.co.uk
- click on the link below to find out just how easy it is
to register.


It's amazing how many people are winning valuable prizes
as a result of this service, for instance:

"After a couple of years drawing a blank I've now won
two competitions in two months... The first one, £500
Christmas shopping spree at John Lewis, I told you
about in December. Now I've just received a
confirmation letter saying we've won a 10-day fly-drive
holiday in Australia !! We'll be going in November that
coincides with our 30th wedding anniversary, so

And Alan is not alone;

"I am sending you the story of my fabulous, winning
holiday, thanks to MyComps. It was a sailing holiday
and I had never sailed before. I may be a sixty six year
old grandma but that wasn't going to stop me. Thank
you so much to MyComps for opening up such a new
world of experiences for me." - Joanna Jones

Perhaps you owe it to yourself to exert a bit of brain
power on a few daily competitions, you will reap the
rewards in more ways than just being healthy.

Find out more here:

Just like preparing for any challenge though, you need to
get in shape.

Eating the right foods can make the difference to your
performance, whether you are running a marathon or
trying to win a car. The brain needs a lot of energy to
keep it working at its best.

Brain food has the answer

The key to keeping the brain in good health is really
simple - you need to eat a good, varied high energy diet.
Obvious I know, but the key here is high energy.

* Whole Grains - Make sure you're eating a diet rich
in a mix of wholegrain foods such as cereals, wheat
bran, wheat germ and whole wheat pasta. These
are a fantastic energy source, but also contain
vitamin B and folic acid which has been shown to
improve memory function.

* Tomatoes - The humble accompaniment to a good
salad is rich in lycopene, which protects the brain
from the damaging free radicals that are linked to
dementia and Alzheimer's.

* Pumpkin Seeds - Did you know that a handful
every day provides you all the zinc you need?  
Zinc improves your problem solving abilities.

* Sage - By adding fresh sage to food you will
significantly increase your memory capabilities.
Often used as an essential oil in aromatherapy and

* Broccoli - Just about to appear in the garden, this
delightful vegetable is full of vitamin K, another
requirement of improved brainpower.

* Strawberries & Blackcurrants - Rich in vitamin C
which helps fight off colds, but also helps in brain
agility and problem solving.

* Oily Fish - The brain thrives on fats and oils, so the
high levels of omega 3 found in mackerel, tuna and
sardines are ideal brain foods. Diets rich in these
fish help explain the lower incidence of Alzheimer's
in those who enjoy a Mediterranean diet.

And finally...

So, the bit you have been waiting for - the answer.

It is HARD.

The solution goes like this. It's a combination of a charade
and a deletion of the middle letters. The answer is HARD
(defined by 'tough'). Laugh is substituted for HA, 'ends'
says one should take the end letters of 'round' and throw
the rest away (i.e. RD) and 'at' says the two should go
together to spell HARD.

Like I said, these crossword compilers have a lot to
answer for!

Click here to find out all about My Comps:


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