The real reason to choose your Manuka Honey carefully

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20th August 2017

Today I have good news to share.

My favourite Manuka Honey has just been delivered and it is sitting in the warehouse waiting for some of you lucky folk to get your hands on it.

It has been a struggle this year to get our usual supply of the raw and pure Manuka as the price has rocketed as demand increases, and the supply has been under pressure due to poorer harvest and the effects of damaging mites in the hives.

This honey is harvested by small time beekeepers and placed lovingly into jars by our most artisan of suppliers, Jeremy Friend & Co.

A small family business, they don’t heat the honey, only use coarse filters that allows the maximum pollen, royal jelly and complex honey proteins through – and that means it is probably the finest, purest and rawest Manuka Honey available.

But we never have huge amounts of it available for all the reasons above.

Unlike the huge factories who mix their Manuka with other honeys and even sugar syrup to eke out their supply and make sure that they have ‘honey’ available on shop shelves all throughout the year, J Friend & Co are the real deal.

Each jar has a tracking system which allows you to discover the apiary that it came from.  It is the world’s first 100% carbon neutral honey and is completely unblended so that each jar is from the same year, the same farm and the same hive.

Don’t delay, get your Manuka Honey stocked up whilst you can

Why this honey is so good

I first discovered the health benefits of Manuka Honey just over ten years ago and it was one of the first products I searched for to make available in the shop.

That was when I quickly realised that not all Manuka Honey is the real deal and often the product we are buying is far from what we think it is.

After several fruitless (honeyless!) years I finally found this amazing producer who showed me the real value in good, raw, pure Manuka Honey.

Whether you are a honey fiend who likes to dollop it on toast or into cakes and sauces, or you use it purely for medicinal reasons, you will not find a better version of this honey. Many of my readers tell me that they have two jars at home – one in the kitchen and one in the medicine box.

If you are new to the phenomena of Manuka honey, here are just a few things that it is fabulous for:

  • Fight infections; whether it’s the early symptoms of a sore throat, a cold or full blown flu this elixir has been shown to have real healing benefits. There is no more potent natural remedy than a spoonful of raw Manuka honey and lemon juice in a little warm water.

  • Heal wounds; because of a very active anti-bacterial property plus the ability to provide nutrients for healing skin, Manuka honey applied directly over the wound site can increase healing and protect from secondary infection.

  • Healthier gut function; in 2007 researchers proved the effect of Manuka Honey on increasing the growth of good, probiotic gut bacteria and also the effect of decreasing the number of bad, pathogenic bacteria. The net result is a true dual action which many other products fail to achieve.

  • Improvement in general health; this fantastic natural product, if consumed in its PURE and RAW state, has been proved to boost immune function, lower stress levels (by reducing cortisol production), lower blood sugar, help the development of stronger bones and protect gums and teeth.

I feel passionately about the chance to get good healthy products in the hands of those who can benefit from them most; something that I have been doing ever since I started writing the Good Life Letter.

Now I would love to do what I can to help put some cash the way of the small producers that provide us with our bountiful harvest.

Make sure that you don’t miss out on this new season honey

Remember why we like this honey so much

This remains some of the highest quality pure, raw Manuka honey in the market, and is lovingly processed by true artisans.

Each jar has its own story to tell and you can find out by keying in the serial number on their website.

You then get to meet the beekeeper who tended the bees that made it.

One of the great things about this honey is the fact it is made with certified organic single-varietal honey from local beekeepers.

There is no mixing, no watering down – every jar is from a single hive and has the minimum amount of processing to keep it as natural as possible.

Just to remind you of why this is the best in the business, it:

  • Is 100% Organic
  • Can be traced, by you, back to the individual beekeeper who provided it
  • Is packed full of anti-oxidant, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Is never going to turn to crystals in the cupboard
  • Is the FIRST honey in the world to be certified as carbon neutral
  • Is completely unblended so that each jar is from the same year, the same farm and the same hive.

Now in every other year we get a mad rush for this product which is easily the most sought after health remedy that we provide, and this year will be no different. Make sure that you don’t miss out – get your order in early.

The pallet of gold will very quickly disappear and I’m not sure when we will get any more this year, so please don’t save the email hoping to come back to it later.

Chances are by then the warehouse will be bare, so act now – get your new season Manuka Honey

Yours, as always


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