What this Chinese man ate to stay alive for 256 years

Flowery Knotweed or Fo Ti - The Good Life Letter

20th September 2009

  • How a lemon could help you ease kidney pain
  • An easy way to take your garlic medicine - try this: Garlic Cure
  • Discover what this Chinese herbalist ate for 256 years to keep himself alive and well.The hidden threat that's right outside your house...

In a moment, you'll hear the most fantastical health claim ever detailed in one my letters.

Yes indeed... if you've ever wished to live for 256 years (and I'm not sure I do) then you must check out some people claim this legendary herbalist ate to stay alive.

First, some brilliant tips from your fellow Good Lifers.

How a lemon could help you slim fast and ease kidney pain

A reader of my Lemon Book has been following one of its weight loss tips....

"For many years I used lemons in a drink with hot water whilst working with a slimming company, then I dropped it and am now back on the morning cleanser since buying your book."

The morning cleaner goes like this:

* Half an hour before you eat in the morning, add hot water to the juice of a lemon, let it cool slightly, sweeten with a little manuka honey, then drink. It kick-starts your metabolism and helps the digestive system cleanse itself, great for constipation.

And could you ease your kidney pain with a lemon? Good Lifer Barbara Wightman thinks so...

"My husband has been using lemon in distilled water recently in an effort to rid himself of a kidney stone.  Since he has had no further pain since taking this regularly, we can only assume it has worked."

All these tips and more are in the book, available here:


And here's a tip from someone who's read my other tome, The Honey, Garlic and Vinegar Miracle...

"I am not one of those people who can eat raw garlic like sweeties. However, I have come across a way that you may be of interest to you. Take it with citrus.  My personal favourite is an orange. If your mouth is full of juice you just don't notice the garlic, and if you do it is akin to a spring onion. Even dropping a clove into a real lemon drink will significantly reduce its fire."

Or another easy way to take garlic is too try this supplement:

Garlic Cure

This could help...

  • Give your metabolism a boost and help lower your blood pressure
  • Ease your digestive system and help it neutralise the effects of fatty foods
  • Control your appetite and avoid those after-meal blood sugar crashes
  • Increase your energy and sense of wellbeing.
  • Slim faster than ever before - and train your body to keep the weight off

By the way, this is something you can try on a totally risk free basis, so it's worth a go. Click here for details:

Honey, Garlic and vinegar

The secret of He Shou Wu

And here's another fascinating email I got recently....

"As someone who suffers with heart disease, hypothyroidism, arthritis, gall stones, not that I am name dropping or anything, I am always on the lookout for something good to help me regain my health, boost my poor old arteries etc.
Just about 2 months ago I heard about a Chinese herb when researching hair loss (due to my thyroid condition and the powers that be changing the formula of my medication) and after much humming and harring, I sent off for some.
Well, since then I have done even more research and to say that this is a wonder herb is just about the biggest understatement I have made this year.  The changes in me were so marked that my lovely man has now started on it, my sister has just received her first batch of it, my friend has been taking it for a fortnight as well.
Why, well not only is it good for your heart, liver, kidneys, lowers your cholesterol, is excellent for infertile men and women but it returns your hair back to its original colour.  Once a blond who had to use a natural dye because I got asked twice, (no not once but actually TWICE, so I know how you feel) if I was the mother of my friend who is just 10 years younger than me.
My hair is returning that lovely blond colour once again and husband who was a very sexy strawberry blond when we met is now also losing all his grey and returning to his natural colour, after just 2 weeks his work colleagues who know nothing of this miracle herb are asking him if he is tinting his hair!!!!
The name of it is HE SHOU WU (can be called Foti)."

Wow, that's quite an endorsement.

This plant has been widely used in Chinese folk medicine for centuries as a tonic for the liver and kidneys, amongst other things.

It is also known as Flowery Knotweed, Fo Ti and fo-ti Tieng

However, there seems to be some confusion as to whether these are all names for exactly the same thing or not.

The herb comes from the dried tuberous root of a plant known as Polygonum multiflorum. But some herbalists dislike using fo-ti as a name because it's sometimes confused with Fo Ti Tieng.

This latter name is actually a registered trademark product that uses a mixture of ingredients.

Personally, I think 'Fo-ti' will do us just fine, and it's easier to write.

So how does Fo-Ti work?

A famous Chinese herbalist called Chung Yun, apparently lived to 256 years old... by taking Fo-Ti on a daily basis.

That' SOME health claim!

"Yes, you too could outlive your grandchildren with this simple herb!"

Personally, I'm a little sceptical about that. However, my reader's experience of it is much more realistic, and could have some scientific basis.

It's not an overly researched substance in the labs, but there is growing evidence to back up the folk wisdom.

Processed fo-ti contains lectins. These can affect the fat levels in your blood. They can help prevent or delay heart disease by blocking the formation of plaques in your blood vessels.

Some animal tests also show that fo-ti reduces the amount of fat deposited in your liver, and helps cleanse it of toxins.

It could be worth looking into. Ask at your local health store, or type "Fo-ti herb buy uk" into Google and see what comes up. If I can find a reliable, trustworthy online stockist I will let you know.

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