Geronimo’s herbal secret could be the answer to coughs and colds

Sunday 20 October 2013 

There is definitely something in the air causing a lot of coughs and colds.

Virtually everyone I know is feeling a bit down, a bit fatigued and a lot chesty and snotty.

From what I can gather this isn’t some local impact of the Bristol micro-climate, or indeed anything in the water (although
both have been subjected to scrutiny in the local media).

Speaking to my publishers in the Midlands it seems they are afflicted in similar ways.

Those who have ventured to the doctors have been told that it is a ‘cough and cold virus’ which is ‘going around’ and that
they should lie low for a few days.

Alternatively, they may have been given a course of antibiotics to help deal with ‘a low level bacterial chest/throat infection’ which strikes me as plain daft considering how much risk there is in over prescribing antibiotics right now.

What is clear is that even those of us who are generally in good health, live honest and decent lives (or not as the case may be!) and avoid the excesses of grain/grape/homebrew are not immune to a tight chest, phlegm laden cough and a runny nose.

The thing about viruses is that they are tricky little blighters, composed of the very basic elements for life (essentially a carbohydrate coat around a bit of DNA or RNA) and can exploit the merest hint of a weakness in our natural defences.

Once onboard they proceed to run riot until our bodies command and control centres zero in on them and launch a nuclear strike of potent weapons against them.

The trouble is the intervening period is when we end up feeling grotty, and it then takes us a while to build back to our full strength, which means the impact of the viral attack lasts for several weeks, even months.

So, what I propose today is to take a look at how we can minimise the impact these creatures can do to us.

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How to defend yourself from viral colds

It happens every year as the kids go back to school.

They have spent the summer holidays in the bosom of their loving families and basically shared around the common bugs between themselves, they then return to the biological soup of the school room.
In here various strains and new versions of the common viruses are being exchanged amongst the eager pupils and they bring their new collection home to mum and dad – the darlings.

So, stage one of beating the virus is to avoid them as much as possible... by abandoning the children to fend for themselves...
...before Esther Rantzen and Childline batter the door down I should point out this was a JOKE!

No, simple home hygiene will help.

Make sure everyone washes their hands regularly, and also uses a handkerchief to catch sneezes and sniffles.

In this way any viral passengers on hands or in nasal passages gets short shrift.

The next action is to get your defences primed with plenty of vitamin C, Zinc and vitamin D, so that means fresh fruit and veg for the vitamin C and zinc, plus a suitable supplement for the vitamin D (as we can’t get to the sunshine to make our own in winter.)

But there is also the secret of the American Indians to consider.

What the Plains Indians knew...

I grew up at a time when every Sunday afternoon there would be a cowboy film on, the type where a strapping John Wayne type character would fight off a marauding band of Indians who were attacking a wagon train.

In these films the natives of America were depicted as war-like tribes who would scalp any ‘white man’ that came across their paths, but like so much of what Hollywood told us the truth was much different.
Reality shows that the people of the American plains were simple farmers who worshiped their sacred land and the bounty they provided. Only when the incoming settlers despoiled this did they take up arms against them.

Among the wisdom of the ancient civilisation was their understanding of local medicine and herblore, something that we would do well to heed.

Among their treasures is a powerful herb root called Echinacea – and it is this that can provide salvation from the dreaded viruses that afflict us at the moment.

Get your supply of natural immunity boost – an elixir of Echinacea

For thousands of years, the Plains Indians used it as an antiseptic, an analgesic, and to treat poisonous insect and snakebites, toothaches, sore throat, wounds and communicable diseases such as mumps, smallpox, and measles.

Far from being used by only a handful of people it was a staple medicine used by the Cheyenne, Apache, Choctaw, Comanche, Dakota, Meskawaki Fox, Pawnee, Sioux, and Omaha tribes. (remember any of them from the films?)

It efficacy is down to the fact that it provides a massive boost to white blood cell production which increases the immune response, and allows the body to fight off any infection(1).

Going back to those heady days of sitting between mum and dad on the settee with a cup of tea and a bit of fruit cake (alarmingly buttered, such is the shame of it now!); this is like the bit when burly John Wayne is down on one knee awaiting the inevitable as the last elements of the fight leave him...

...then he hears the unforgettable tooting of a bugle and the cavalry ride in to his rescue, bandage his wounds and allow him to kiss the girl.

Right now you can think of this fabulous tonic as the seventh cavalry resplendent in blue uniform and ready to ride to your rescue – safe for all the family.

Boost your immune system with this ancient Indian medication (now produced by reknowned Scottish herbalists!)
Yours, as always

(1)Vohra, S., and Rieder, M., (2005): Efficacy of Echinacea for upper respiratory tract infections in children. Paediatr Child Health. 2005 April; 10(4): 224.






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