Eat the seasons with my new season cookbook

Sunday 20th November  2011

  • It's nearly here, my NEW season cookbook is at the printers 
  • Discover why brussel sprouts save your stomach
  • Eat the seasons with the perfect Christmas gift - health!

I am so excited.

This is like my birthday, Christmas Day and Wales winning the Rugby World Cup all rolled into one.

Today is a real highpoint of my career to date for I have sent my new magnum opus to the printers. So now you can learn to eat the seasons and enjoy so many natural health benefits.

[My new book.]

This season cookbook has taken so much of my life over the last seven months that I think my family might think Iíd abandoned them. Or maybe they were just avoiding me anyway!

Iím delighted itís all done and dusted. I feel just like I did when each of the kids were born, happy, proud and a bit scared.

This book is a big departure from [those Iíve written before] For a start this is in full glorious colour with lots of pictures of delicious food recipes to whet your appetite, and set your mouth drooling. It will show you how to eat with the seasons and demonstrate just how healthy and tasty it is to source your food naturally!

Over the last year I have included a few recipes in my letters and I received lots of positive comments from you about how they were easy to cook, and scrumptious to eat.

In addition to that I wanted to promote healthy but tasty seasonal food, and this seemed the ideal way to achieve it.

Next time you are in the supermarket just stop and have a look at what is on offer and think about where it came from.

For instance, here we are in November and yet the shelves are full of in season food such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, how can that be?

Well, what you are looking at is fruit that would qualify for a British Airways Gold Card due to the distance it has been flown.

Those strawberries were grown in Africa just so we can have fresh fruit on our tables at Christmas.

Just think of the costs involved Ė and Iím not talking about the financial cost either.

Firstly, those berries have a carbon footprint as big as Goliathís.

Next, the land these super foods and fruits are grown on is amongst the most fertile on the African continent, so the opportunity to grow food for the local population is lost.

Additives may be extending shelf lives
But theyíre cutting our lives short!

Lastly, in order to keep them looking good they are refrigerated and sprayed with chemicals which any local food wouldnít need.

And we donít need them either Ė our bodies simply arenít set up to absorb these nasty additives, preservatives, pesticides and fertilizers which have commonly been found lurking in your supermarket tomatoes and potatoes.

In many ways this is a scandal that shouldnít be tolerated.

The supermarkets will tell us that they are only stocking what we demand, but I think the reverse is true.

They drive the market by filling their shelves with the food products they make most profit from. I can see them laughing all the way to the bank!

All of us accept that the price of strawberries in winter will be higher than in summer Ė but often the buying power of the big companies who control our shops means that they can import from Africa almost as cheaply as getting them from Hereford.

They force low prices on the producers, and distributors and so their profits are higher.

The alternative of stocking the vegetables that are in season now like roots and greens just doesnít make enough cash for them.

Discover the superfoods which can keep you looking young and fight off deadly diseases

Against this backdrop I decided to write a cookbook that concentrates on how to eat with the seasons, and links it to health benefits.

This seemed a really logical thing to do in April when I started to research it... but has proven to be quite a challenge.

For instance, do you know what in season foods to eat in November that will help diminish the pain of osteoarthritis? [Well this book will help you out there.]

How about the nice things you can do with an autumn hedgerow plant that will reduce your risk of cancer?

Again thatís what I have written about in my [Season to Taste book]

How to guarantee you get YOUR copy

Naturally, I want to get the book out as soon as possible but it is going to take a few weeks to get printed and finished, but it will be out before Christmas, so could be the answer to the hassle of what to get everyone for a present.

Before the book does go on general sale though I have put together a priority order list that you can add you name to, making sure you get first refusal as soon as it comes into the warehouse.

By putting your name down you arenít forced to buy one, but you will have the chance to buy as many as you want before the like of Amazon get hold of it.

And, if that wasnít enough I will also make sure that you get to buy at the discounted price offered by the big online retailers, so you get the lowest price available AND the chance to own it first... how much more can I do?

If you want easy to cook, nutritious dishes made from foods in season that havenít had to travel halfway round the world I would encourage you to get your [name down NOW.]

Alternatively, Lara says that I have created a cookbook to allow men who donít cook the chance to impress, and as is the case in most things she might be right (just donít tell her I said so!)

Now Iím no Delia or Mrs Beaton, but I can tell you how to make the perfect cheese sauce without spending hours fretting over every last detail Ė in fact my recipes take only minutes to prepare meaning you can spend longer savouring them with friends and family around the table.

I have learnt over time how to make really tasty and interesting in season food recipes out of the stuff I get from our local market, farm shop and fishmonger, and this book just allows me to share it all with you.

I canít urge you enough to [secure your copy]  as people have been eagerly e-mailing in about it already so I think the demand will be high!

Iíd hate to disappoint and tell you theyíre all sold out so get your name on the waiting list for your copy of Season to Taste today... itís the best way to boost your health and discover some truly great British seasonal recipes this Christmas.


Yours, as always



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