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20th November 2016

Thinking back through my childhood I’ve got vivid memories of some great TV ads.

For instance, the 'R Whites Secret Lemonade Drinker’ where the dad sneaks down to the fridge for an illicit glass of fizzy sweetness.

Or the ‘Smash Space Aliens’ who roared with laughter at the thought that Earthlings actually ate potatoes rather than use the reconstituted form.

And the Milky Bar Kid spawned a series of Wild West fantasies amongst young boys...

...So none of it particularly healthy but all products of their time – loading us up with sugar, fat and goodness knows what chemicals.

These advertising executives have a lot to answer for!

Continuing mad 70's and 80’s TV influences though I want to ask you about washing powder.

Remember, the ‘Daz Doorstep Challenge’ which gets your whites whiter than white (what does that actually mean?).

Millions of people buy powerful detergents like this to get their clothes clean and smelling fresh but do we ever stop to think what is in them?

Discover the truly natural and safe way to end washday blues

Washing day delights... and dangers!

We are used to foodstuffs listing out all the ingredients they contain (apart from horsemeat in certain supermarket lasagnes!).

This isn’t the case with household cleaning products though.

For instance, have a look at your chosen brand of washing detergent – see the bit where it says fragrance, or softeners, or anionic surfactants, or... you get the idea. It all seems sadly lacking in detail doesn’t it.

Remember, these products are going to leave residues on your clothes which you wear on your skin and will generate aerosol particles that you will breathe in plus you will flush them down the drain to end up in our rivers and seas.

You’d think that someone would want to know what the ingredients were to advise of risk wouldn’t you? Nope not a legal requirement mate!

This means that your laundry day might be the most dangerous day in your working week.

Researchers have found that dryer vents can emit more than 25 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when scented laundry detergent and dryer sheets are used, including seven VOCs classified as hazardous air pollutants.

Not exactly the outdoor freshness experience the adverts would have us believe.

So, what about the ‘blue whiteness’ stuff?

This is achieved by adding optical brighteners to detergent formulas—additives that emit blue light, making whites appear whiter by tricking the eye. These chemicals are designed to stay in clothes after washing, which may cause skin irritation.

Then we have the enzymes found in ‘bio’ products which are active proteins that are used to break down organic material like blood, grass stains and fats... which remain active after your clothes have dried.

No doubt you’re beginning to get the picture.  The clever advertisers offer us the fresh, sweet outdoors when in fact we are loading our washing machines with a powerful brew of chemicals.

These potentially damaging and irritating chemicals then remain on the clothes and bed linen after washing which means they readily transfer onto and into our bodies.

And that’s where trouble can begin.

Find out why you should opt out of the chemical weapons arms race on washday

Why would you coat your body in volatile chemicals?

From what I can see there isn’t a huge amount of research undertaken with washing detergents to establish their safety – legally it isn’t specifically needed.

Colin Butfield, head of the World Wildlife Fund's Chemicals and Health campaign, says manufacturers can simply hide their products' riskier ingredients: "The European Union admits that there are 30,000 chemicals on which we have inadequate or no safety data, many of which are disguised by manufacturers”.

Perhaps more concerning is that there is absolutely no testing to see what happens when these compounds come into contact with other products like household cleaners, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, perfumes, dry cleaning residues and any manner of other man made stuff.

In the natural world things like citrus juice, vinegars, salts and oils could also lead to potential interactions...
...and all of these things are around us every minute of every day.

Anyone else hear the ticking of a time bomb? For instance, could this be the major cause of the rapidly growing incidence of allergic rashes and skin conditions?

Liz Sutton, spokeswoman for the Women's Environmental Network, says that today's homes typically contain "more than 300 synthetic chemicals, many of them linked to cancers, allergies and the rise of a new condition called multiple chemical sensitivity, where a person's immune system is simply overloaded and even minute amounts of a substance cause reactions such as breathing difficulties, rashes and itching".

There is one other danger of having these products at home and that is, what happens if anyone eats them?

Now I’m not suggesting that you should consider sitting down to chicken in Daz sauce for your lunch today, but the problem of consuming laundry detergent has been horrifically demonstrated in a series of deaths of children who mistook the colourful liquitab packs as sweets.

What we need is a safer alternative isn’t it?

A natural way to clean and fresh clobber

You’d think that something called a soapberry might offer us an opportunity to find a better way to clean our clothes wouldn’t you?

And as luck happens it does, and it ticks an awful lot of good news boxes..., vegan, chemical and cruelty free, biodegradable and hypoallergenic – oh and it’ll get those ‘stubborn’ stains out of your clothes as good as any big brand washing powder.

This is literally a washing powder that grows on trees, and is so easy to use and really effective in real life.

Lara and I began using these last year because I wanted to make sure that they really worked – the story just seemed so good – and I can personally attest that they are as good as anything we have ever used in our washing machine, and so easy to use.

Just put a half dozen shells into the muslin bag that is provided, bung it in with your dirty smalls and set the machine to whatever temperature you want...

...clean and fresh results every time, plus you can use the same bag of shells up to a further three times.
These really work.

Friends and relatives of all ages using soap nuts have reported reductions in allergies, rashes and itching – and they all smell as clean and fresh as daisies!

Here’s the real kicker though – this natural, safe and effective product works out cheaper than even the most budget supermarket brand - wash for wash. Have a look for yourselves.

Don’t mess around, get a clean natural solution – save and feel better for it

Yours, as always


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