In a time ‘Far, Far Away’ they knew a thing or two you know

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20th December 2015

In a mood ‘far, far away’ from the angry funk I was in on Friday – today I will mostly be happy.

You see my big boy is back from Uni and we’re off to do some bonding.

Lara and the rest of the family think we plan to do their present shopping...

...but the truth is we’ll be in the cinema watching the latest Star Wars film.

Not to everyone’s taste I know but from the first time I saw the star destroyer cruise over my head at the age of twelve I was hooked.

That original film remains one of my top ten favourites and I am pleased that my eldest offspring has genuinely followed my lead.

So today I feel like it truly is the start of Christmas week.

The family is all safely gathered in, the turkey ready to be collected from the farm and our tree sparkling in the corner.

All I want now is to look outside and see a nice sharp frost on the ground and my wishes will have been granted.

I’m a man of simple and basic needs.

Often life can seem to be over complicated and too busy to give us time to stop and think.

As I prepare to watch a vision of the future maybe I would be better looking to an era when life was undoubtedly harsher but somehow simpler.

Get a life tonic by connecting with ancient wisdom – find out more here

Could a prehistoric tree truly be the answer?

Let me introduce you to something so ancient it belongs in a museum, however, its health benefits deserve to be in the plot of ‘The Force Awakens.’

There’s a natural oil that has been about for a while. Not just hundreds or thousands of years... but MILLIONS!

Yep, you’ve read that correctly, millions – actually from the Tertiary period which was about 60 million years ago – a time when the first hominids walked the earth. (No jokes about some of them still being my best friends please!)

About this time the earth was cooling and new vegetation sprang up. One of these colonising plants was called the Argan tree, and it covered most of Africa and Southern Europe.

Over time the tree became well known as a provider of healthy oil, and was dubbed the ‘Tree of Life’ by those in the know.

Time, climate change and man's influence altered the landscape and vegetation, and now only 800,000 hectares of this special tree survive, mostly in Morocco – and it’s subject to a UNESCO World Heritage Protection Order.

Argan oil is rich in eight essential fatty acids, rare plant sterols with natural anti-inflammatory properties. It has more vitamin E than olive oil... will boost your immune system in the most natural way possible... and could even improve your looks.

OK, in the case of a once god-like Welsh athlete who has fallen on tougher times like myself I need no help in the beauty sphere (who says slightly overweight ruggedness isn’t attractive anyway?) but any help to protect my charms would never be refused – I’m sure you feel much the same.

The real value of the oil cannot be underestimated either; it works in so many ways to help your body, for instance:

  • Cardio-vascular health; the oil is reported to help control cholesterol, lower blood pressure and promote the dilation of blood vessels leading to better circulation.
In France they awarded a prize to Professor A Derouiche, a biochemist who has worked to prove the beneficial effects of this oil on cardio-vascular health and showed how valuable it is in helping maintain a healthy heart and blood system. 
  • Gastro-intestinal health; being rich in linoleic, palmitic and oleic oils as well as a rich source of vitamin E, carotenes and good fatty acids means that it helps with the digestive process – and is even better for you than olive oil.
  • Skin, hair & nails; for many years the West were only interested in the way Argan was able to improve the looks of the body, helping smooth skin, strengthen brittle nails and add a lustre to hair. This power has not diminished so if you buy these capsules for no other reason it will be money well spent.
It was this cosmetic use which attracted the attention of much of the popular press recently, however many of the products that claimed to have Argan Oil in them had levels too low to make a difference. That’s why you need to source pure oil.
  • Bones, joints, nervous system & boosting the immune system; there really are few of the body's major functions which aren’t enhanced by this wonderful natural oil.
  • Weight management; this simple oil acts to suppress hunger pangs and so helps you control the amount of food you eat, and that can only lead to a drop in your waist size. In addition those taking the oil regularly report reduced levels of cholesterol without taking any other medication.
  • Naturally enhanced libido; one of the impacts of poor circulation for us chaps is the inability to maintain erections, and that leads to emotional upset for both partners. By opening out the pelvic blood vessels Argan Oil has been shown to improve sexual function.
As you can see it doesn’t leave too many stones unturned!

There are so many benefits from this unique product that so many people know so little about or really don’t understand the versatility of its products that I have spent quite a bit of time putting as much information together as I can.

If you want to know the full story – click here

An unexpected consequence of doing the right thing

There is one other reason why we should all think more favourably about Argan Oil, especially from the sources I have identified.

By switching from the big brand suppliers of health tonics, cooking oils and beauty products you will be directly supporting the small communities who use this product as their only means of income.

This oil is massively important for women’s collectives of the Berber tribes in Morocco, allowing them access to money to support their families.

About 3 million people in the poorest regions of the country rely on the income from Argan Oil, money that helps provide education and housing for those who would not be able to afford it otherwise. There are also schemes developed by UNESCO to protect the Argan trees to preserve the health benefits and also ensure that more lives can benefit from the extraction of the oil.

As you see the oil offers benefits both economically to these traditional tribeswomen and to the environment especially as it supports natural extraction methods.

Well I’m off now to enjoy flashing light sabres, travel at the speed of light and the ultimate triumph of good over evil...

...I’ll leave you to think about prehistoric trees, ethical production and the true way to achieve goodness...

Here is the best way to get your daily health boost – and do more good than you’ll ever realise – just see what others have said about their decision to follow the Berber way

Yours, as always


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