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21st January  2011

I am a big fan of getting good advice - even I don't know everything!

There are people with expertise in areas which I know little or nothing about, and I have no issue with listening to what they have to tell me. In most circumstances I even tend to act upon their advice.

One thing which really gets on my pip though, is those whose insist on forcing me to do things.  Or forcing me to do something "because it worked for them".  What kind of logic is that?

Old Mrs Collin's biggest boy (for that is I) hasn't plodded around this mortal coil for 46 years without knowing a thing or two.

It's probably why I react so badly to shoddy thinking when it comes to our government, which was the subject of my letter last Sunday.

Many of these people seem to think that I am a complete imbecile, a doltard even.

I've also found that the more dogmatic the message, the more likely it is to be a case of smoke and mirrors, often delivered for a political or cynical commercial reason.

Beware the smiling viper

Just this morning I was browsing through the papers and there was a whole piece about how my GP will be more involved with organising the local hospitals. The Ministry of Health was quoted as saying it would "increase autonomy and accountability at every level in the NHS."

Such evangelical zeal might well be applauded in any other circumstance. However, we all know that this is about shifting blame and responsibility.

Once an explanation about why I have to follow a line of opinion runs into its fourth paragraph I can usually tell that things aren't going to be to my advantage.

The PR machine for these health 'reforms' is definitely going into overdrive to try to convince the educated masses that it all for our own good. Like I said, when someone has to work that hard to show you a benefit, it is often the case that there isn't one!

I've found this with the instructions that come with any diet programme. Most of them read like a repressive dogma, rather than something which is designed to work with you.

And you need a degree in maths to make them work.

Whether I'm supposed to be counting calories, points or stars I usually need a calculator to keep track by the time I sit down to supper.

Managing your weight shouldn't involve either feeling like a naughty school kid, or needing a degree in quantum physics.

Help is at hand though. Let me explain.

Salvation for your sanity... grown up weight loss advice

My good friend Wendy Churchill has just brought out her new book about helping you to manage your weight - and in it she treats you like you're an adult.  She knows you've tried to just reduce our calorie intake and increase your exercise, probably more than once.  She also knows, as you do, that it didn't work which is why you are still looking for answers.

She explains why any attempts you may be making to lose weight right now will probably fail - because you're working against the ways that weight and the body really work.

If you want to lose some weight then the information in this book can help you work out exactly what you need to do to ensure that your metabolism is set to keep you slim... that you're not working in the wrong direction... and that you find out the real reason why you can't shift that extra weight.

You'll also discover:

* How to work out if you're one of the many people where the cause of excess weight is medical or nutritional (This affects SO MANY people)

* Know that overeating is your problem but can't stop it? Why the advice you need is very different from what you've been told before

* How to re-balance your body so that it naturally craves what's good for it - and has no desire for what makes it fat

* Why the truth about exercise is even more complex than we imagine

* Why no attempts to eat less will ever work until you've found the answer to this simple question

It is so refreshing to find a book which wants you to read it, not be dictated by it.  Wendy says:

"I don't want this to be another 'diet' book you buy, maybe try for a few weeks then relegate it to the bookshelves or charity shop. I want this new way of losing weight to work for you. I want it to revolutionise your life. And I want you to thank your lucky stars that you bought it."

I heartily endorse those sentiments, but here's something that really impresses me.  If you try this book and for any reason it doesn't work for you, you can send it back any time up to a full year after you've purchased it.  Now that's what I call putting you money where your mouth is.  Wish a few more people would stand by their research and ideas with as much certainty. Click here to take a look.

Yours, as always




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