Why these heavy metal toxins could cause your niggling health problem 

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21st March 2010

  • Is air conditioning and STRESS bad for your legs?
  • How to cure gout with cherries and celery tea
  • Why heavy metal toxins could cause  that niggling health problem 

If you sent me an email with a tip for gout, then THANKS!

I've not had a response like that in quite a while. Gout seems
to be one of those ailments brings out strong opinions and
some fascinating stories.

If you're interested, there are two really strong remedies for
gout in my book The Honey Garlic and Vinegar Miracle.

Worth grabbing a copy if:

a) You enjoy reading the meandering tales, little known
   factoids and outraged raves of Yours Truly

b) You want some natural, drug free home remedies (and
   recipes) for gout, impotence, indigestion, joint pain,
   irritable bowel syndrome, leg ulcers, sores, spots,
   premature wrinkling, scaly elbows, dry skin, high
   cholesterol, allergies, high blood pressure, constipation
   and more.

c) You want to discover how I lost serious amounts of
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From recent emails it seems that there's plenty about gout I've
not mentioned in my books or previous Good Life Letters.

One reader wonders if modern offices could be to blame...

Is air conditioning bad for your legs?

"A couple of chaps I used to work with started with gout. Their
docs asked them if they had changed offices recently and the
both said they had.

Apparently moving from a non-aircon office to an air-con office
can cause gout as it dehydrates you and if you don't drink
more water it causes the build up you mention. They both took
to drinking a lot more and were fine."

Another person discovered that high levels of stress were the
key to her husband's gout problem.

She writes:

"My husband had gout as bad as you could get it, he was in
agony day after day. He was told not to eat tomatoes, beans
and beer, and thought if he couldn't eat his favourite food he
may as well be dead.

The doctor prescribed pills that had dreadful side effects so I
sat down one day on my computer and made a chart. I listed
everything he ate or drank, his stress levels 1 to 10 and his
pain in each toe 1 to 10.
After 3 months it was easy to see that it didn't matter at all
what he ate but when he was stressed his gout shot through
the roof. By keeping him calm, he had retired by then, and
stress free he hasn't had gout for several years and can eat
whatever he likes (tomatoes and beer everyday).

It is so simple and totally drug free."

If you're highly stressed out right now, this could be a factor
worth looking into.

Other readers emailed me with some good old nutritional

Cure gout with cherries and celery tea

For example, celery seed tea could be of help. A reader says:

"I got this from a practicing herbalist when I had an attack of
gout. He prescribed celery seed tea. Tastes awful but sure
does the job."

The basic recipe for celery tea is:

* Add a teaspoon of celery seed to a mug

* Pour boiling hot water over it and leave it to cool

* Strain the contents of the mug through a sieve to
  remove the seed.

* Then drink.

My reader says: "Do this about three times a day and in two or
three days it's all gone. Also useful when you feel  another
bout coming on."

Or for a tastier option, try cherries...

"A fantastic cure for gout... CHERRIES, fresh or tinned or in
jars. Big jars available in Lidls and I alway keep one in the
cupboard in case my hubby`s gout flares up occasionally. He
will demolish a jar in no time as soon as he feels the pain
coming on."

Another reader agrees...
"As a reflexologist and nutritional advisor (soon to be
Therapist, I always recommend people with gout or similar
symptoms to use this amazing product - Cherry Active.

It's made from Montmerency Cherries and was discovered by
a man who's gout was so bad he had to walk around in
slippers even though he was only in his 40's. It changed his
life (gave him a new job too) and I think it's amazing."

And finally...

Why hidden heavy metal toxins could cause gout and
other painful problems

Many people believe that heavy metals could be a cause of
problems like gout.

I don't mean to say that listening to Iron Maiden makes your
legs hurt. (Although it may make your brain fall out.)

What I refer to are the metals that exist in our environment.
For instance the mercury in fillings, or found in some types of
fish. Or the metals in paint, car fumes, some forms of cooking
equipment, food containers, deodorants (ones that contain
aluminium) and polluted water supplies.

Even though these exist in tiny, trace amounts, over time they
can build up in your body, causing significant health problems
including headaches, memory loss, and skin discoloration.

One of my readers emailed me to say that flushing away some
of these heavy metals helped remedy his gout problem.

He writes:
"Uric acid and build up of lactic acid is often the result of a
slow endocrine system resulting from heavy metal toxicity  -
mostly mercury - which HMD [heavy metal detox] clears.

HMD also are manufacturers and distributors for a product
specifically to assist the ELIMINATION of toxic waste called
Organic Lavage. This helps with both gout and painful bunions
as well as fibromyalgia.

Lavage is a herbal formula that helps your body get rid of
toxins. It comes from the French word for 'drainage'. It's sold
as a vegetable glycerine tincture.

I'm certainly going to look into this heavy metal issue a bit
more for a future letter. It's an interesting idea....


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