Natural ways to lower your diabetes risk

Friday 21st June 2013 

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I think I'm going to start a campaign to get blood pressure warnings attached to every daily newspaper...

Something like 'Warning: May make your blood boil' or 'Do not read while eating cornflakes or you are likely to splutter them all over the kitchen table'.

Because yet again the Collins household was subjected to me ranting and raving over an article I read in The Telegraph this week.

In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Lara is bidding for a tranquiliser gun on eBay as we speak in readiness for tomorrow's delivery by the paper boy.

One quick shot and I'd slump face first into my breakfast, sleepily muttering that natural sedatives are much better and safer than man-made ones, before leaving the family to eat in peace.

So what got me so riled this time...?

Yet another idiotic piece about calories and obesity.

The article said that even though Britons are eating 600 calories a day less than they were thirty years ago, we weigh upto 30 pounds more.

The conclusion was that modern life is more sedentary and less stressful that it was back in the 1980ís.

Who are they trying to kid?

I donít know about any of you but Iím feeling much more stressed than I was when Wham were at the top of the charts, and Iím an awful lot more active than I was then.

Back in the glory days of my corporate life I used to commute by car and train, get a taxi to the office, sit on my behind all day, eat a take-away sandwich and drink a Coke, and repeat the journey home.

We didnít have a dog to walk, we employed a gardener and the kids were too small to play with.

Now Iím out with the dog twice a day, on my garden for a couple of hours, entertaining various of my brood with footballs, cricket balls and long walks...

...and I only eat the food we grow or get from the local farm shops.

Iím definitely busier.

What these Ďexpertsí refuse to acknowledge

The idiots behind this latest piece of food propaganda are the Institute of Fiscal Studies.


Why is a think tank who normally concern themselves only with matters of high finance getting involved in the debate over health?

Naturally, it all has to do with money Ė and the huge self serving interests of the massive food companies.

You see the amount of calories we consume isnít the issue Ė it is the way we consume them.

Go back thirty years and you might have been lucky to have a fish and chip shop, an Indian or Chinese take away or if you were really posh a Wimpy bar in your locale.

Most food was home cooked, made from raw ingredients and in small portions.

Now we are prompted to get ready meals, gooey doughnuts and high fat burgers as treats... fact we are told that we should expect this type of food as a right.

If parents arenít giving their kids a McKFC Whopper Extra meal every night it means that the child should be on the phone the Esther Rantzen at Childline reporting neglect.

The amount of calories in this pap may be lower in total but it is provided in a form which means it causes massive sugar rushes in the blood Ė and the body turns this excess to fat.

Even if the kids run home from the Pizza Hut they are unlikely to prevent their bodies locking the spike in available blood sugar into their fat stores.

And all of this crap food just builds the likelihood of developing conditions like diabetes which will burden our health service and more importantly damage and shorten our lives.

It really does make my blood boil!

Natural ways to lower your diabetes risk

In the meantime, here's a run down of powerful natural remedies that could help fight diabetes...

How the Scandinavian Goddess of beauty and youth can help you

  • Vanadium is named after the Scandinavian goddess of beauty and youth. I guess she must have had great teeth, because this mineral is a vital ingredient in bones and teeth.
  • Not only that, it's known to help regulate glucose production. It sort of acts like insulin, and its presence seems to boost the effects of insulin, which is why this this substance is causing such a stir in diabetes research circles. Vanadium is found in include skimmed milk, lobster, vegetables, vegetable oils, butter, and cheese.
  • Bitter Melon is known as 'plant insulin'... that gives you some idea of just how powerful this strange looking fruit is. Studies suggest that Bitter Melon could help control the production of insulin, with the knock on effect of controlling blood sugar.
  • A great excuse for a curry! To be honest, I don't really need much of an excuse to have a curry... but research show that a major ingredient in Indian cooking - the curry leaf - may help control diabetes. Apparently tests suggest the leaves may contain substances that could prevent starch from being converted to glucose, which would mean less sugars in the bloodstream.
  • Cut out the rubbish! If you're eating white processed bread, refined flour, and sweets - then cut down on your intake. Who am I to tell you to stop eating sweet when I have a half eaten Kit Kat sitting on my desk? But limit the amount of sweets you eat so they turn into an occasional treat rather than an everyday snack. And make the switch from white bread to wholemeal.

Okay, that's me done for the day.

I knew I shouldn't have mentioned the Kit Kat. Now it's just staring up at me, whispering to me, begging me to eat it....

I'll be back on Sunday - unless Lara's eBay purchase comes through by then!

Until then,

Yours, as always







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