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21st June 2015

For years now I have been getting really angry by how food is being used in the UK.

On the one hand the consumer is blamed for eating the wrong things, in the wrong way and causing a national obesity crisis.

So, our health agencies tell us what we should eat, but allow the likes of Coca-Cola, Mars and British Sugar to include their products in a daily healthy diet.

And finally, the supermarkets claim to offer freshness, choice and value for money but in fact they are just ripping us off left, right and centre...

...oh, and also promote the very worst of food choices for everyone.

Is it any wonder then that we are battered and confused by a world of food that makes Sepp Blatter look like Father Christmas?

It seems everyone wants to make finding and cooking the best food complicated and confusing.

Well people, I want to show you how to fight back against a food industry that doesn’t care and a government who are paralysed by fear of upsetting their paymasters.

I have devoted my life and no small part of my savings to providing you with all the answers, all the advice and all of the help you could ever need.

If you want to know how to:

  • Find the very best of foods in every month of the year.
  • Choose the ingredients which will help manage, treat or prevent the most common health conditions like diabetes, heart problems and digestive disorders.
  • Cook some of the most fantastic and amazing meals without any stress at all.
  • See through the worst of the supermarket con tricks.
  • Discover the hidden healthy virtues in some of your favourite everyday foods.
  • Find out why hedgerow herbs are better for you than the most exotic berries.
  • Live like kings and queens but on the budget of a pauper.

Then keep reading because I need you to properly understand what I have been doing for the last five years, because I’m not sure that I have been getting my message across properly.

Want to find out what all the fuss is about? Have a look here but make sure you read the rest of the letter afterwards.

Forgive me if I sound a little angry about this...

...but rather than bang on about how bad things are I started to do something to help everyone a few years ago.

I took the opportunity to really have a long hard look at what the British food industry and retailers were doing, and how badly served our homes were by them.

In addition it became apparent that more and more people were lacking in confidence to make the best of the finest ingredients that they could find.

By the end of this process I decided that rather than add petrol to the growing flames of outrage and complaint that were beginning to emerge I wanted to do something positive and show how to overcome the entire corporate clap trap.

So, I developed two complete reference manuals that can really make a difference, and for many people that have taken me up on them it has opened their eyes to the deceits being perpetrated upon them...

...and their minds and bellies to the absolute delights of local and seasonal produce.

But frankly I don’t think enough people have properly understood what I was getting at when I’ve written about them before.

So, I’m going to use my prerogative on Father’s Day to shout my message from the rooftops (or at least through your computers!) in the hope that enough of you act to change the health fortunes of your families and those around you.

But first a sample of what I’m up against:

  1. Bad food advice. For example a story from the Sunday Times(1) on the 24th May this year which highlighted the fact that school pupils were being told that a can of cola was part of a healthy diet.
This was due to the fact that the British Nutrition Foundation who provide all of the healthy eating advice has corporate members like Coca-Cola, Mars and British Sugar who made sure their products featured in the latest ‘Eatwell’ plate.

2. The great food swindle. The Times(2) on May the 11th carried a story about how supermarkets have tripled the price of fresh fruit and vegetables, whilst halving the price of ice-cream over the past three decades.
The effect of this is to make healthier options much more expensive, but the criminal acts of the big retailers don’t stop at blatant profiteering.
A piece in the Daily Mail(3) on the 6th of this month showed how British fresh raspberries which had travelled less than 20 miles to the store were being sold at ten pence each, whilst poorer quality Spanish versions complete with a fully stamped passport and Mediterranean suntan were sold for only three pence each.
This means that rather than use, promote and support local foods in season the money grabbers prefer to destroy our national food growers' livelihoods and invest in low quality produce that they can extort from impoverished foreign growers.
3. Cowardly governance. In a two page spread in the Daily Mail(4) on the same day that the raspberry story above was covered, Sarah Vine wrote an engaging piece that said “Stop Blaming Parents For Fat Children, It’s Time To Target The Cynical Food Firms Who Ply Them With Junk, Time To Impose A Sugar Tax.”
In her story she identifies how our political masters and even health leaders like Simon Stevens the head of the NHS, are too scared to challenge the might of the corporate power behind their thrones.
She grew up in Italy and said that there a Mars bar costs more than a bottle of wine, and that no shops sold soft drinks (other than water) and despite a hearty Italian diet rich in pasta and meat she was never an ounce overweight...
...then she came to Britain to study and couldn’t believe her luck that every shop had masses of sweets, biscuits and cans of pop and her weight ballooned – so much so that on returning home for vacations her mum had to wean her off the sugar.
I’m sure you will have seen these or similar reports, and like me feel angry that no-one seems to be actually doing anything to prevent these scandals.

Find out what I have done to make a difference – even if you think you know about this already.

What you CAN do

I want each of you to be the start of a revolution, a seed of change and a force for good against this creeping tide of subservience to big business.

The first thing to do is wise up.

You can do this by discovering:

  • Which foods are really going to offer us the best health benefits? Not anything overly commercial, fantastically exotic or clouded in myth but just plain old standard fare that is available from local shops, or can be grown in the garden.
  • Why do supermarkets and big food companies think they can treat us like idiots? The recent horsemeat scandal was something I actually predicted in the book as a symptom of how messed up the supply chains are and how ruthless the business of food in pursuit of profit is, at the expense of everything else.
  • What are the real reasons for our appallingly bad national diet? With obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease affecting every household and every age in the last twenty years I trace the food phenomenon that caused it – and explain how to reverse the trend.
  • When you have got your hands on good, fresh and local food, what is the best way to cook and preserve it?

The next step is to get the best ingredients you can and:

  • Make the most amazing, tasty and nutritious meals possible with some of the simplest recipes that even the clumsiest cook can manage without calamity.
  • Choose the foods you need to eat to avoid, manage or treat common health conditions.
  • Learn how to source the produce at its absolute best and how to retain its health powers by storing them for out of season use.

It really is as simple as clicking this link – find out the answer to the food dilemma you have been put in.

I have never felt so passionately about anything like this before, it has become more than an interest, it is now an obsession.

Around me I hear many voices being raised in support of the same sentiments as I have expressed, but very few people are actually doing more than ask the questions.

What we all need right now is Natural Food Wisdom and because I have done the hard work you now have the chance to change your shopping, preparation and eating habits as a result.

I implore you to stop asking questions, discover the answers NOW – click here.

Yours, as always


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