Why it's okay to love this indulgent cake

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21st August  2009

  • New lemon recipes to try

  • Why this indulgent cake is okay to love

  • How to cool yourself down in the last blast of summer

I don't know you've visited my lemon website recently...

But I've started to gather more lemon recipes to put on this site. The
idea is to build a nice portfolio for people to access for free. I'll be
putting some more on each week, so keep checking it out.

Some of the ideas have been sent in by my Lemon Book readers...
and some are my own personal favourites.

So if you want to try my lemon dressing or cook sea bass with
lemon, take a look at the recipe section here:


Why this indulgent cake is okay to love

There's one I've been sent by a Lemon Book reader this week that
you might like to try. It's not on the site yet, so I thought I'd pass it on
in today's letter.

I'll say it right now.... it's a cake.


Okay, I'll admit this isn't exactly a super-healthy diet recipe. Neither
is it the best way to use a lemon as a medicine (for that kind of
information, you should check out the book.)

But if you want to indulge yourself one day this week in a good old-
fashioned homemade pudding... and get your pleasure nodes a-
tingling... then here's what my reader sent in:

Delicious Lemon Pudding

4 ozs Castor Sugar
2 ozs Butter
2 ozs Plain Flour
2 Eggs. Seperated
1 Cup of Milk.
A lemon

1) Cream the Butter, Sugar and Lemon Rind
2) Sieve in Flour & Add Lemon Juice & Mix in
3) Beat Egg Yolks with Milk & Mix in
4) Beat Egg Whites until stiff and fold into mixture
5) Pour into greased Dish, and place into Roasting Dish, and pour
boiling water around the Pudding Dish.
6) Cook for 40/45 mins @ Reg 4 until firm & Brown.
The reason this cake is okay to love, is because it's about you
controlling what you eat.

As I always say, a little bit of what you fancy can do you good. The
trouble is, most of us turn to factory made, mass-produced cakes
and deserts. We chuck them in the shopping trolley during a moment
of craving. It's convenient and easy.

However, the best way to indulge yourself is to create your own
treats from fresh, natural ingredients.

With this kind of homemade desert, at least you KNOW what every
single ingredient is, where it came from, and in what amounts you
are consuming it.

There's no hidden salt. No artificial sweeteners. No additives. And
far less sugar than in something that's designed to stay on a
supermarket for a year.

It may not be health food - but it's the healthiest way to enjoy a treat.

Now onto something completely different...

Not one... but THREE health niggles solved

I'm not one to blow my own trumpet. In fact, I'm not one to blow
someone else's trumpet either.

Because the truth is, I can't play the trumpet.

I can just about knock out Chopsticks on the piano after a couple of

However... PA PA PA PAA PAA PAAAAA (that's the sound of a
trumpet being blown, by the way)... I feel I have to brag about this

My recent letters have managed to help one Good Lifer overcome
not one, but THREE health problems.

She writes:

"Your advice has lead me to create my own herb and veg garden so
things are to hand when I need them and it has also helped my
family and I through various health problems we have had...
particularly the coffee for asthma as I have suffered with asthma
since birth and I have found this really has helped when having an

If you didn't hear about that coffee tip, I'll briefly recap...

Apparently, two cups of strong black coffee can help as an
emergency measure in a mild asthma attack. There have been
studies on this published in the New England Journal of Medicine. It
keeps your airways open and allows you a bit more time to get hold
of your medication or seek help.

As for the second health niggle, my reader goes onto say...

"The flaxseeds are currently assisting my calorie controlled diet to
lose weight. I now call them the wonder seeds and have
recommended them to friends and family!"

To recap, my tip was to get hold of some flaxseed oil and add it to
your salads or vegetables. Even better, sweeten it with manuka
honey. Then mix in some high quality unpasteurised vinegar - this
has also been shown to stifle appetite and prevent blood sugar

See my book The Honey, Garlic and Vinegar Miracle for all the
details and recipes at:

And the final way I helped my reader?

"I would really like to thank you for the information in one of your
latest letters as two weeks ago I had, let's say, not a very nice
experience of heat stroke/exhaustion. It ended up keeping me in bed
for 2 days with a nasty episode of prickly heat and vomiting. So I will
definitely be using some of your preventatives from now on and not
spending 4-5hrs in the sun three days in a row!"

Just in case you missed that issue,  I offered some advice on
keeping out of the sun, plus these tips...

5 foods that prevent or treat heat stroke

  • Roast a mango in the oven until the flesh is soft. Remove
    the pulp, then add a couple of teaspoons of brown sugar
    to the remaining flesh. Now eat a good few tablespoons
    of the mango whenever you feel the heat.

  • Grind down some peppercorns into a powder and mix it
    in with coconut milk. When you're indoors and out of the
    sun, smear this on your skin like a sun lotion - it helps
    cool your body down more rapidly.

  • If you get heat stroke, chop up and onion. Wrap it in a thin
    cloth and press hard so the juices from the raw onion
    seep into the cloth. Now press this behind your ears and
    against the chest. This will reduce the inflammation.

  • Or shallow fry the chopped onion, mix it with cumin
    powder, then add a little bit of sugar. Eat this before you
    go out into the sun as a preventative.

Now before you say, "But it's the end of August, Ray", let me say,
there's still time to get caught out by the sun.

The British summer started well.  Then July and early August were
washouts. Again.

But the weather has been pretty warm in most parts this week, and
there's usually a final blast of hot weather in early September.

So this could be timely to remind you of a few ways to cool yourself

Or perhaps you're lucky enough to be jetting to sunnier climes for a
late holiday. In which case, bon voyage, and remember me as you're
roasting your mangos!






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