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Sunday 21 Sep, 2014 

ĎYou are what you eatí sounds like a recipe for disaster.

(In my case I should look like a cross between a curry and a Kit Kat...

...Lara has been hinting along these lines now that I think about it!)

Iím pretty sure that when the nutritionist Victor Lindlahr wrote those words in 1942 he meant it to have a much more positive meaning than it currently has.

Too often I read hackneyed journalists or Big Pharma press releases using this phrase then saying that our entire nation is turning into a vat of fat.

In this way it is now used to beat consumers over the head for falling for the fast food hype.

Conveniently deflecting the blame from the real culprits in the process.

Big food companies act like drug dealers ensnaring us with high fat, high sugar and high salt foods when we are young so that we crave them in older age.

Their slick marketing departments donít show clogged arteries and damaged brains, but young, vibrant, happy and successful people being beautiful and healthy.

Often good fresh and wholesome food is shown as being boring or difficult to prepare or too time consuming to get involved with.

Letís be clear...

...fresh food in season IS NEVER GOING TO HARM YOU...

...the bland, hyper expensive and over hyped gloop they push WILL Ė EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Itís no good saying that it is an easier choice to have a ready meal, or that it is quicker or that you canít find the ingredients you need.

All you are doing is re-enforcing the stereotype they want to push.

When you give in to their tempting adverts they are also robbing you blind.

Make the right choice about food Ė NOW. Itís easy to do, honestly

Food: A force for good

I want to reclaim the title of Lindlahrís book for good rather than evil - You Are What You Eat: how to win and keep health with diet.

The concept of winning and keeping health by choosing what we eat is at the heart of everything I have ever written about food.

But, the question is, do we know enough about the healthy virtues our food has to offer?

Actually itís not that difficult a concept to grasp.

Put simply, any fresh and wholesome food will have benefits for our body above and beyond its nutritional value.

The closer our food is to its point of production the greater the chance that it is full of anti-oxidants, micronutrients and activated phytoproteins in their most natural state.

By preparing them in the most delicious way means we eat more of them and also protect all of that good stuff.

The big food companies backed by Big Pharma and other naysayers who dislike alternative health and natural therapies love to call anyone who promotes food health as some sort of crank.

Whilst trying to grab the headlines by trumpeting the Ďlatest drug breakthroughí.

Interestingly most papers do carry stories about the surprising benefits common foods can have, but without the power and financial clout of the big boys we are a long way from a more natural approach.

Which leaves us to hunt around for the stories we need, or ask aged relatives for their recommendations and recipes...

...the trouble is my aged aunts are fast becoming a rare commodity.

So, where can you find out what foods are best for heart conditions?

Sure youíll find hundreds of pages written by drug companies about which foods are bad for you, and even more by well meaning nutritionists damning the fatty and salty snacks that you secretly crave.

But try to find the positives and it becomes much harder.

Even harder is to get the inside track on why we face a swindle and a con-trick every time we set foot in a supermarket.

These were the reasons that I came up with the Seasonal Diet Programme Ė why donít you discover the collected wisdom of generations and the real reasons why broccoli might be your saviour.

Whatís in store?

The programme consists of two books that are very special to me.

The first looks like a beautiful full colour cook book, packed with amazingly tasty and surprisingly easy recipes to get the best out of food at its best.

Well it is that...

...but actually it is something more.

It is a repository of food health information with a description of the healthy virtues of over 60 different seasonal foods from apples to walnuts.

But it doesnít end there...

Under each of the 19 major health conditions it lists the foods that help, the time they are in season and the recipes that can be used.
In this book you will discover:

  • A surprising cocktail made from the ĎBloody Beetí.
  • Firepower scallops that will turbo charge your metabolism.
  • A delightful home smoked pigeon breast that will not only make your heart melt but boost its performance as well.
  • A seasonal autumn vegetable curry with so many health benefits that youíll live a very long and happy life.

If you have ever looked at this before and thought 'thatís not for me, old Rayís no celebrity chef' then do yourself a favour and get it now on 30 days trial and see how you may have misjudged me!

The second book in this pack is my exposť of all that the food industry does wrong, and here you can get it right.

Everyday Superfoods lists the 58 seasonal and local foods that I think deserve the title superfood... and one that isnít local is the one I canít ignore - Manuka Honey!

Everyday Superfoods will introduce you to:

  • An ingredient of Aloo Gobi which helps decrease the risk of inflammation-mediated diseases such as arthritis, obesity, diabetes mellitus, inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis.
  •  One of Scotlandís treasured fruits which is more effective than Ginkgo berries in preventing Alzheimerís.
  • A windy legume that should be included in the diet of every diabetic.
  • The orange fleshed fruit which is packed full of the two most essential compounds to help save your eyesight.


  • ...a relative of the lily family which had so many health benefits that I had to make it the greatest superfood...ever!

Make sure you have all this at your fingertips for your next shopping trip

Why this really matters

Food is fast becoming a challenge to get right.

Too many people try to tell you the best and only way to eat according to their own vested interest.

This programme isnít like that.

It provides information and guidance but isnít a regimented diet programme and allows you to make your own decisions.

All it does is provide the support you need to make a change to the part food plays in your health.

If your life is too busy to plan out your meals, worry about special diets, or spend time preparing, this is the perfect shortcut.

Yours, as always

P.S. By getting both books you will have everything you need, but they are also available separately if you would prefer.  




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