The workout that will really open your eyes

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22nd January 2017

Time for a gym workout.

Right, feet together and up, down, up, down and one more push...up.

Ok, now for the other eyelid!

Apologies if the first two lines made you work up a sweat but I couldn’t resist a jape – however there is a serious side to my topic.

Many of us spend hours every day peering into computers, televisions or books and this creates quite a bit of stress on our eyes.

It’s a modern day fact that your eyes contain some of the hardest working muscles in your entire body which may come as a bit of a surprise but whilst you might think of looking at something being a passive action it actually involves an awful lot of activity.

Our eyes constantly have to focus and refocus and this causes a strain on the small muscles that do this, and it comes as no surprise that over time they get a bit fatigued.

You know how it feels after a hard day’s reading, you just want to rub your eyes and ease the strain – but what if you could boost the strength of the eye muscles themselves and get much clearer vision as a result?

Many people seem resigned to suffering poorer eyesight with age, but once again we really shouldn’t accept what we get told by friends, drinking buddies and the tabloid press.

Our bodies don’t just wear out and get tossed on the scrap heap, there is more that we can do to improve every day.

And often the most simple solutions turn out to be the best

Conditioned to failure – don’t accept it

Let’s be clear about three of the most common myths about our eyes:

  1. It is inevitable that older eyes get worse – This one has categorically been proven to be incorrect, and now there are many ways to maintain perfect vision into later life – especially with properly balanced nutrition.

  2. Looking at TVs, mobile phones and computers causes eye damage – Another that science has successfully debunked. Our eyes can get tired but not damaged by long periods in front of a screen – they also won’t turn square!

  3. Using your eyes too much will wear them out – Severely failing eyesight is more about eye disease than us overusing them, you can use your eyes as much and for so long as you can stay awake. Make sure to blink occasionally though.

So, having dealt with the stories put about to scare us as children, let’s take a more adult approach to keeping our eyes in tip top condition, and avoiding other common ailments that go along with long periods of use, such as headaches.

One of the major causes of sight disturbance and associated difficulties are the problems which result from us having two eyes. Now you might not think of having a pair of windows on the world as being an issue, but for our brains it can be a source of real confusion.

You see each eye sees the world in a slightly different way and it is down to the brain to make sense of the information it is receiving – often prioritising one eye over the other.

This is perfectly normal but over a period of time the less dominant eye becomes weaker and can suffer visual corruptions, so keeping your images pin sharp means getting the weaker eye back up to speed.

That is where this unique sight training system helps – click here to find out more

We perceive so much of the outside world through what we see, it is truly the most dominant of all our senses. So if we have issues with how we are viewing our surroundings and the brain is struggling to make sense of the images it is getting, that leads to confusion or at the very least, headaches.

This is something all opticians know and why they test each eye separately – and if you have had a test did you notice that your eyes do see things differently?

It may be that you don’t need glasses, or that if you do wear them you experience this difference after you have been reading for long periods or trying to work out what the small print says on a bottle of medicine or heaven forbid spent a long evening searching for information on the computer.

All these can bring on dizziness, eye strain and headaches.

But interestingly there is a way that you can change the way your eyes work and prevent these differences from getting worse.

It is simply a matter of employing a modern twist on an old technology.

The eye patch days

I didn’t realise but sight training has been used since the middle ages to correct visual failings.

Early methods were somewhat barbaric, utilising forms of cages applied around children’s heads to correct squints and uncoordinated movements of the eye.

More recent times brought about the use of eye patches which were placed over the strong eye to encourage the weaker one to respond – most schools had a pupil who suffered the taunts of their classmates as a result of these plastic caps.

Mercifully the approach of modern optometrists and ophthalmologists in patient care values has come a long way since then!

The instruments used to assess visual defects are more precise and can detect problems much earlier, but as with most health matters prevention is always better than cure – and that is why by using your very own eye gymnasium you can avoid many of the common causes of weak eyesight.

All it takes is this simple daily workout.

Yours, as always


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