Discover the natural benefits from Argan Oil the medicine of the Kings 

Sunday 22 February, 2015  

Having told you of my woes with teenagers on Friday, today I concern myself with the other end of the age spectrum.

Or at least the worry that some folk have about getting there.

In my case I’m not sure that ageing gracefully is an option, it seems more a case of rusting away.

But whilst you may titter about the concept of me slowly deteriorating like an old bike in a shed, the remedy for all of us (including the aforementioned bicycle) has been shown to be the same.

We all need oil.

But not the same kind, for whilst the ageing Raleigh Chopper would benefit from a drop of 3-in-1 our bodies need something a little more organic.

Using natural oils in our diet and on our skins does keep the effects of age at bay – and with all the latest great news about us being able to eat more fats the time is right for you to love your oil all over again.

At this point most people rush for the olive oil, but a recently published study(1) proves that there is something much better. A real favourite of ours at the Good Life Letter in fact.

Discover the huge health benefits from this amazing natural oil

A challenge of time

If you believe that avoiding ageing is within your power may I refer you to one King Canute and his attempts to hold back the tide...

...Ladies and Gents it just ain’t going to happen.

Whether we like it or not the bright young things we once were are slowly changing into older, more wrinkled versions with achy knees and a need to make a noise whenever we get into or out of a chair. (Or is that just me?)

Of course, this doesn’t mean we sit back and take this change on the chin – oh no, never.

Indeed that was one of the founding reasons why I started to write the Good Life Letter, I wanted people to experience better health and a longer more active life from natural means.

But denying that it is happening is folly.

The ways to deal with it vary from the drastic (plastic surgery and hormone therapy) to the miserable (doing nothing but moaning) or the pro-active, which is where I want us all to be.

If you had to list the effects of ageing changes on your body chances are some of these would figure:

Low level coughs and colds that hang around for months
Aching joints especially feet, knees and shoulders
Low energy levels and feeling tired quickly
Drier and thinner skin, poorer nails and disappearing hair
A GP who is keen to tell you how bad you blood test results are
A prescription list that is longer than your shopping list
Digestion which is easier to upset than it used to be
Difficulty in remembering people’s names, feeling stressed or lacking concentration

I know I could tick a couple of those off, even though I class myself as a model mid lifer, age is no respecter of knowledge.

Here’s a simple and natural answer to your age defying conundrum

The medicine of kings

So, what’s a body supposed to do?

The answer, as I said earlier is oil... but in this case Argan Oil: if this is new to you a quick recap follows of the remarkable story about this natural and ancient remedy.

Argan trees have been around for 65 million years (not the same ones obviously) and where they once covered much of central Europe and into Asia, are now confined principally to Morocco.

The trees are protected by UNESCO as a valuable resource and the fruit is harvested, processed and sold by women’s collectives as a way to provide funds to school their children and support their communities.

Oil from the trees has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years, being selected to treat the royal households for a variety of ailments; hence it being known either as Moroccan Gold or the Medicine of Kings.

Under modern scientific tests Argan Oil has performed very well, demonstrating that it can affect the body in several key areas:

Cardio-vascular health; the oil is reported to help control cholesterol, lower blood pressure and promote the dilation of blood vessels leading to better circulation.

Gastro-intestinal health; being rich in linoleic, palmitic and oleic oils as well as a rich source of vitamin E, carotenes and good fatty acids means that it helps with the digestive process – and is even better for you than olive oil.

Skin, hair & nails; for many years the West were only interested in the way Argan was able to improve the looks of the body, helping smooth skin, strengthen brittle nails and add a lustre to hair. This power has not diminished so if you buy these capsules for no other reason it will be money well spent.

Bones, joints, nervous system & boosting the immune system; there really are few of the body's major functions which aren’t enhanced by this wonderful natural oil.

If you look down the list you’ll understand why I referred to it as an anti-ageing solution, covering as it does a wide variety of health issues.

The power of Argan has been recognised by the French Cardiology Society, and a series of recent studies have proven the claims above (see further reading below.)

Should one of the big pharmaceutical companies ever produce a compound that is proven to do half of the things above we would be subjected to a snowstorm of PR statements and GP bribe led prescriptions.

But, as with all natural products where Mr Big doesn’t get his snout in the trough the benefits gets played down.

Just think about this, who would you sooner be helping build an income for Mr Big Phamaceutical or 3 million women and tribes people?

That’s not even a rhetorical question is it.

A boost to your ageless beauty and boundless energy, all done naturally and ethically

Yours, as always


(1) Boucetta, K. Q., Charrouf, Z., Aguenaou, H., Derouiche, A., & Bensouda, Y. (2015). The effect of dietary and/or cosmetic argan oil on postmenopausal skin elasticity. Clinical Interventions in Aging, 10, 339.

Further Reading;

Al-Saffar, A. K., & Al, L. D. H. O. (2014). Argan Oil as a Novel Anti-Methicillin Resistance Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Iraq. Global Journal of Medical Research, 14(3).

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