PC Knowledge for Seniors - the secret of living in harmony with your computer


Friday 22nd March 2013 


Because you’re reading this on your computer (or tablet/phone for the ultra tech savvy among you), I know that we share similar frustrations.

At one time or another we will all have blown a fuse over the way our computers are working.

The insanity of the ‘helpful’ messages that arrive on screen – no printer detected being my favourite when clearly the thing is sat next to it with a cheerfully blinking active light on it.

There are times when I am convinced that the Microsoft Corporation is doing its very best to send me mad.

These things are meant to simplify our lives, but end up making us scream.

Now I know this may seem like it has nothing to do with your health or wellbeing, but as someone who has to use one quite a bit, I know just how much they can affect your mood.

When they go wrong (which can be often), or work too slowly (which can be often), they can make me tear my hair out in frustration.

And that's hair I can ill afford to lose.

There you are, typing away, and suddenly it freezes for no reason, or the screen flashes up an error message then shuts everything down. You lose your work, your time and practically your sanity.

And above all, you feel so helpless, because you feel there's nothing you can do.

Well if you, or anyone you know, uses a computer at home, I've found something that you really, really must have.

And the best bit about this source of help in times of trouble is that there is a special offer of six weeks free trial to take advantage of.

Don’t let the name of this service put you off though…

…It’s called PC Knowledge for Seniors!

Now, like me you are definitely not a senior, but we are also no spring chickens either – and this service has certainly helped me get the best out of my computer.

Click here to claim your free six week trial

This has saved me time, this has saved a lot of my work and most importantly of all, this has cut out all those frustrations that used to make my blood boil.

As Lara has told me a million times or more, I'm prone to exaggeration sometimes, but I seriously used to feel my neck muscles tensing and my temper rising every time the slightest thing went wrong with my computer.

It got to the stage where I didn't want to use it because I KNEW it would frustrate me. But because I spend most of my time writing, I HAVE to use a computer.

Otherwise I'd have to go back to the dark ages and chisel out the Good Life Letter on stone tablets and send them to you by post, which would cost a fortune (not to mention the hazard it would cause if your pet was sitting by the door when the post arrived).

Now, at a stroke of luck and good fortune, PC knowledge has made using a computer stress free. And it's made a world of difference to my working day.

So why not give it a try?

Not only will it cut out the frustrations of computer crashes and errors, it'll also show you how to get the most out of your computer and make your life EASIER.

And now the bit I have really been waiting for...

Due to the way my letters are published, and the fact that I was otherwise entertained last Saturday night, I didn’t get a chance to mention the rugby in Sunday's letter.

Well I can now...

...HA HA HA HA and indeed HA!

Thirty points to three represents a record win for the Land of My Fathers over the English, and destroying the points difference we needed to retain the trophy once again.

Smug yes. Feeling confident that all of the woes of Welsh rugby are behind us, maybe not.

One thing I have learnt from being a member of the minority is that taking pride when we win has to be tempered with humility when we lose.

So, come on England get your chins up – we gave you a hell of a beating this time but we know how a wounded lion can turn again – even against the fiercest of proud dragons!












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