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22nd March 2015

Power lifters, gym bunnies and Lycra fiends all know the benefits from working out.

Feeling the burn as they activate muscles to pump iron and hit a full cardio load is second nature to them.

And I say “good luck to you all” - but I won’t be joining you.  However, there are a series of muscles which each and every one of us should think more about when it comes to exercise.

These are muscles we use all day, and all night.

In fact without them doing their work we wouldn’t live for long.

Just sit there and think for a minute, which muscles are you using right now?

Those in your arm for moving the mouse, those that focus your eyes and ones which move food through your gut are all good guesses.

But the ones I want you to concentrate on are...

In...and out, in...and out again.

Your breathing muscles.

Did you know you will be activating up to ten major muscles to breathe in and eight to breathe out – that’s eighteen in total, more than your average gym goer uses in a full routine!

Discover how you could benefit from an easy daily breathing workout – here

Why a daily work out makes sense, and not just for you

Why indeed?

Well for a start they are muscles and will benefit from a bit of targeted training just like any other, making them stronger and more efficient – and that in turn leads to improved oxygenation of the blood and more energy.

Secondly, because many of us have allergies or medical conditions that severely impair normal function so getting any level of improvement will never be a bad thing.

And finally, because weak and inefficient muscles are the most common reason for snoring, and if you live with a snorer chances are you’d do anything for a quieter life.

Three very important reasons to start thinking about better breathing, and the reasons why I put together the BreathEase kit a few years ago.
This combines a proven medical device to help you activate the full range of respiratory muscles and a clever magnetic device to prevent snoring.

Here’s what others have to say about BreathEase:

'I sent off for your BreathEase Kit and now I can't do without it'
- E.S, Essex

'I've used your product for 25 breaths each morning and evening and really do feel so much better. Well done to you and your company!'
- K. Curtis, Cleveland

'I am enjoying walking again because I don't get so out of breath - and it's all thanks to your BreathEase inhaler'
- L. Carlton, Australia

'I am a long time sufferer of breathing problems and your device is a godsend to me. It's part of my medical equipment and I can't do without it'
- P. Costelloe, Essex

And there are many more where those came from!

Join the growing list who benefit from a breathing workout each day – click here

The bedroom horror that blights our lives

Sufferers of asthma, hay fever, bronchitis, COPD, cystic fibrosis and even those with heart disease can all benefit from using the breathing trainer aspect of this kit.

Full information about how the trainer can be used for each of these is included in the pack and I would encourage you to try out the kit backed by the 30 day money back guarantee if you want to know more.

But there are one group who I know can achieve a massive benefit in their lives.

Those who roar... and moan... and wheeze... and rumble as they sleep – the snorers.

How would you like to enjoy:

  • Deeper more restful sleep that properly refreshes you and stops you feeling tired in the morning.
  • A more active and healthy lifestyle! Having the power to make these positive changes in your health, yourself!
  • Ensuring everyone in your family gets a peaceful night's sleep ... all night ...every night!
Taking control of your breathing has been shown to dramatically reduce the levels of snoring and control bouts of potentially damaging sleep apnoea.

Sleep apnoea (from the Greek meaning 'want of breath') is a condition where breathing temporarily stops during sleep. It's a potentially fatal condition which can lead to increased risk of accidents and heart attacks.

It's estimated that three in ten of the population have sleep apnoea and suffer from excessively loud snoring, extreme daytime tiredness and morning headaches.

There are two major problems with this condition.

The first is being able to diagnose it, which involves the patient being aware of the symptoms in the first place – and this is often not something that is easy to do as most folk have been evicted from the matrimonial bed.

The second is what is available to help those who suffer.

On the NHS there are two medieval devices which can be obtained, first a mouthguard which pulls the lower jaw forwards called a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) which can cause teeth to loosen and even be a source of headaches.

The other option is to wear a mask at night and have a compressor running by the bed, forcing air into the throat to prevent it closing – not ideal I fear.

There is though, a way to train your body not to snore, and build up muscles to stop the throat closing as it does in sleep apnoea.

Surely you owe your loved ones a quieter night, or at least if you are going to rattle the window panes make sure it is for the right reasons!

Try the BreathEase programme now – it’s the easy way to a quieter nightlife

Yours, (with a cheeky grin) as always




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