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22nd April 2011

It's happened again!  Just like last year and many years before that.

This time -  it's personal!

Having read that bit back again it sounds like one of those cheesy voiceovers advertising one of the latest Hollywood blockbuster sequels.

Unfortunately this particular horror show doesn't involve a big name superstar, but it will be showing at a venue near you this spring. In fact chances are its right next door to you.

"OK Ray enough of the enigmatic guff" I hear you cry, "what's it all about?"

The Yellow Peril is the title of this season's big hit, and once again it's set to be a monster.

On my daily walks out with the dog I have been keeping a close eye on the fields around us, watching the first early shoots of crops pushing through the soil in late autumn.

This has nothing to do with any desire to enjoy nature; it's a matter of self preservation.

I am on the lookout for the waxy broad leaves of the crop which continues to spread across our otherwise green and pleasant land. Vivid yellow oilseed rape.

Every year I watch the fields around us suddenly blaze into colour as the crop comes into flower and wait for the onslaught of pollen that comes with it.

This year is set to be a bad one.

It has something to do with the impact of the snow which has brought all of the crops to the same stage at the same time, with the result being a massive pollen release all in a short space of time.

I have taken all precautions for my family in the last few years, and everyone has their own Salt Pipe close at hand, with plenty of refills available to keep the dreaded pollen at bay.

I've told you about these little marvels a few times before but basically I LOVE them, and have no hesitation in recommending them to the sneezy, wheezy and snuffling sufferers at this time of year.

Since my first acquaintance with salt pipes I have been so impressed that I have continued to use one (almost) every day since, and have the following to report:

  • I have had very few coughs or colds since. In fact, I had a sniffle for two days in March and that's it.
  • I wake up every morning without sneezing, or suffering from a sore throat.
  • My dear beloved tells me I snore far less often...except after a rugby club reunion when the ale has its effect!

When my dear friend from the Midlands called the other day to tell me how dreadful she was feeling I immediately dispatched a spare pipe for her to use.

Clare is a health professional, one of the best reflexologists that I have ever been treated by, but even she was laid low as the fields around her came into flower. This from a very healthy and active woman who has NEVER before had a day's ill health due to hay fever or asthma.

There is a huge debate about whether this crop does actually spark and increase in hay fever symptoms. The British Medical Journal published a report in 2009 which stated there was no clear evidence that oilseed rape has adverse effects on health, although it also recommended that further studies seem justified.

The journal suggested that Britain has taken a dislike to oilseed rape because of its intense smell and flashy yellow flowers. Apparently, in other European countries with much greater acreage of oilseed rape, there is no such public concern.

Clare, on the other hand is absolutely adamant that she only started to feel ill after a day out cycling with her kids.  Everywhere they went they were surrounded by the pernicious yellow flower.

Far be it from me to make this valuable resource a scapegpoat, the evidence I have is all circumstantial, however, I do know that my trusty Transylvanian (yes really!) salt pipe works for me.

Let me explain how it works.

Discover the secret of Salt Pipe

The way it works is so SIMPLE, but so logical.

The salt pipe is an all-natural remedy for asthma, hay fever, snoring, chronic coughs and a host of breathing problems.

It's a small porcelain Salt Pipe that you breathe through for 15 minutes each day.

Inside the pipe are 'halit salt crystals' from the Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine in Romania. This is a region that's long been known for its healing salt therapy.

It must work......... did you ever see Transylvania's Prince of Darkness, Dracula, sneeze in any of his films!

This is more than just a superstition though.

Just as holidays by the sea have long been hailed in the UK as a way to ease respiratory problems, so these salt mines have helped many thousands of people overcome breathing difficulties.

The mines are now luxurious clinical health centres, visited by over 10,000 people every year.

So something's definitely working.

As you inhale through the saltpipe, the air absorbs tiny salt particles. This helps clean your air passages and cleans out the impurities. The active ingredients last for up to 5 years of normal use (15 - 25 minutes per day).


For those of you who already enjoy the benefits of a salt pipe, there are also refill packs available - these can then be used by other members of the family.

The most beneficial 15 minutes of the day

As you will know, I'm not one for arduous daily exercises, in fact I am a big fan of passive health - the sort of thing that you can do whilst still wearing your pyjamas.

That's what I like about the salt pipe. I can sit and use it while I'm reading the daily paper in the morning - I even smile when I see the weather forecast.

Neither sunshine nor showers bother me now. Find out just how easy this is to achieve


Enjoy the bank holiday, this is the first of a bumper season of time off work - make sure you get to enjoy it without having your airways assaulted with the byproducts of the UK agribusiness.

Even if you already have a salt pipe get a fresh refill to make sure it works best at the time you need it most.

Yours, as always



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