Why these new heart drugs don’t add up

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23rd April 2016

  • Getting the sums correct is alright for the youngsters...
  • ...but here is why simple sums don’t make a healthier body
  • Time to celebrate a generation of good living
Walking the dog up past our primary school the other day I heard a familiar sound.



As I got close to the open window I could hear the children more clearly...

Three sixes are eighteen, four sixes are twenty four, five sixes are thirty!

I lingered for a little while listening to the age old method of learning the times table and thinking back to my own school years when life seemed so much simpler.

At the time the world was full of definite; there were things which were good and right and others which were wrong and bad.

I guess as I get older the realisation that between right and wrong is a whole lot of grey which clouds every argument with words such as... depending upon... in some instances... it is mostly the case that...

We are used to these in everyday life.

On top of this we are also wising up to the influence of dodgy PR people who promote the vested interests and self-serving natures of the mega rich corporations.

Perhaps these people were always there, but it does feel like they are more a facet of modern life.

With the internet, social media and non-stop TV at their control their pervasive influence is complete.

Back in Mrs Willets’ class in 1971 my six year old self was in a much more basic world – sometimes I wish I could still be there.

But I now know that life really isn’t that simple, and to wish it otherwise would just be a fallacy...

...but I wonder whether the majority of nutritionists understand this.

Simplicity isn’t always the truth

For years the nutritionists, nutritional therapists and the like have vilified the role fat plays in our diet, and have made cholesterol enemy number one.

They’ve even had us believing that there are bad LDL types (Low Density Lipoproteins), and have championed the other healthier version – HDL (High Density Lipoproteins).

In their world of simplicity anything which boosts HDL intake but stops LDL in food would answer all of their prayers.

From them has come the concept of eating lots of olive oil, oily fish and oatmeal which will make you live forever, whereas look at a sausage, put butter on your toast or fall foul of a plate of chips and you might as well start screwing the lid on the coffin.

Imagine their delight when a few years back the big pharmaceutical companies started to make noises that their dangerous, but widely used, statins would soon be replaced by a new cholesterol busting drug that would automatically turn LDL into HDL.

Oh joy unconfined in the nutritional world – the grail had been discovered which meant that even the laziest of dieters could soon be in perfect cardiovascular health, and probably several kilos lighter...

...and then the trialists started to die at an alarming rate.

Even though the levels of LDL went down and HDL went up the number of heart attacks, strokes and angina actually increased.

Oh those poor little mites, there entire belief system shot down in flames, and the drug industry suddenly back pedalling on their concerns about statin use; once again having to0 bolster their story and protect vital profits.

One of America’s biggest players is Eli Lilly who were leading the charge for these new CETP (Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein Inhibitors) drugs had to rapidly withdraw their market ready product called Evacetrapib in a rather embarrassing kerfuffle.

Mind you these chaps have a history of subverting the news to hide their shame and plunder the profitable use of their drugs, so I don’t suppose we will ever know how badly this drug performed – but the fact they have sunk it without trace tells you all we need to know.

You see the headlong charge for a simplistic way to change the body using manufactured chemicals just doesn’t work – we are more complex than that and that is why natural ingredients and remedies are so much more successful.

Two and two don’t make four in the way the body works, it might make six, three and a half or nothing at all – it just depends on individual metabolism, health and a whole lot more.

If your treatment works in harmony with the diversity of the body systems, nurturing and promoting the natural defence mechanisms the response will be stronger, prolonged and with no side effects.

Rather than all of these nutritionists belly aching about one aspect of natural diet they would be better decrying all manufactured and processed foods...

...and the rise of the burger joints, pizza houses and microwave meals too.

Oh, and trying to add up ‘healthy’ foods to get to five-a-day is a waste of time as well. A good healthy portion of a local, seasonal vegetable of fruit is bang on the money every day.

The secret of longer life

Yesterday was the Queen’s 90th birthday, and whether you are a royalist or not I think that deserves a special cheer.

She joins the ranks of an estimated half a million UK residents who are 90 years old or older – the most people we have had of that age in these isles ever.

What is it that has made a generation who went through the true austerity of war; lived through the poverty of the post war years and survived the swinging sixties live so long?

Arguably the royal household didn’t suffer the same travails as the rest of the population, but with so many Britons continuing to thrive I asked a neighbour, who shares his birth year with the sovereign, what he thought was the reason – stoicism and realism was his answer. Who can argue with that.

Happy Birthday Ma’am.

Yours, as always




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