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Friday 22th July 2011

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"If only I'd known sooner . . ."
You can't imagine how angry these five words make me feel.

I get letters and emails every day - have done for as long as I have been writing the Good Life Letter - saying the same thing from people who have been written-off by their doctor because their illness hasn't responded to the 'hit-and-miss approach' of the usual barrage of drugs.

Others have been left permanently damaged by unnecessary surgery that's gone wrong.

And why?  Because their doctor hadn't given them ALL the treatment options from the outset.
He hadn't told them about the latest breakthrough treatments in alternative medicine that are achieving remarkable success rates - even amongst so-called 'hopeless' cases.  He hadn't given them a chance to make an informed decision about what's right for them.
You see, people feel that they shouldn't question their doctor's decisions.  So, when he says: "Take this drug - if it doesn't work, I'll give you another one.  If that doesn't work, we might try surgery...." - they accept it. . .

. . . .and that's why, eventually, they find themselves taking a cocktail of drugs every day for the rest of their lives - or consigned to the medical scrapheap as a 'no-hoper'.

But it doesn't have to be that way . . .

There's a FREE 56-page report called "The 48 Very Best Solutions For The Worst Health Problems Of Today" published by the Health Science Institute that you can pick up [right here]

It details 48 groundbreaking natural treatments that are changing people's lives.

In fact, let me tell you right this minute about four of them that will protect you against serious illness right through your 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s - and beyond:

1. This 'miracle' herb is being prescribed by top specialists for their prostate patients now - but you won't be prescribed this on the NHS.

2. Is this the most effective protection against Type 2 Diabetes ever? This breakthrough can help regulate your blood sugar levels, reduce your weight and lower your cholesterol levels - so why haven't you read about in the national press?

3. A natural plant extract is amazing doctors because it's proving so effective in protecting against Alzheimer's - but hardly anyone knows about it.

4. The remarkable heart-healing nutrient that leading cardiologists believe "EVERYBODY ON THE PLANET" should be taking - but your doctor is FORBIDDEN to tell you about it.

The fact is that there are many, MANY more astonishing natural cures and treatments that are available . . . but they've ALL been swept under the carpet by the medical establishment and the drugs companies to protect their vested interests.
But you can start reading about them here: [Free HSI Report]

Don't be the one who says: "If only I'd known sooner . . ."

Whilst mainstream medicine searches for answers for the devastating diseases that are rising all around us, there are those like the Health Sciences Institute (HSI) that are working daily to uncover new natural treatments - like the ones above - for the diseases that threaten us all.

What they're discovering about heart disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's - and more - will shock you.

And as an additional bonus for signing up for this report, you'll also receive HSI's free weekday e-letter, The Daily Health.

The Daily Health showcases the remarkable work of HSI's medical experts ... doctors, biochemists and professors from prestigious medical institutes and research centres around the world, who are continually making new discoveries and previously unknown connections concerning both conventional and alternative medicine. 

They tell you in plain language what's working, what isn't and what may harm you - so that YOU can make informed decisions about YOUR health.

"The HSI e-letters contain scattered nuggets and gems of health and nutritional wisdom. A very useful source of information about new thinking and innovative treatments for a wide range of conditions." - Dr AB, FRCS

It's information that you won't get anywhere else - not from your doctor, the newspapers or the internet.  It's unique and is available only for those who sign up for it through HSI.

Do the smart thing, get the knowledge to keep you healthy

Just imagine finding out about a new cutting-edge treatment or medicine today - NOT in ten years' time - that can help you or a loved one overcome a chronic health problem.

Why not take a look at this outstanding opportunity here:

[click to download the Free Health Science Institute Report]

Since I became aware of this valuable resource I have tried to find a way to introduce the Good Life readers to it, but I wanted to give you a benefit for trying it out.

I know I'm too good to you, but I have been able to arrange this free offer to get access to the report...however, there is a limit to how many HSI are willing to give away.

So, you need to act quickly as this free offer is only available to the first 350 people...when they are used the offer ends.

Just make sure that you never have to hear yourself say: "If only I'd known sooner!"

Yours as always,


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