Beware of the bad bugs – they’re out to get you

Friday 22 August, 2014

  • Why GPs hand out Antibiotics on demand

  • Here’s the truth about the global health scares

  • No big company profits here – just a proven way to health

Today I took my ailing car to the garage, I said to the mechanic that it was a problem with the oil filter and asked him to change it – so he did and I left happy.

A little later I spoke to the guy who is redecorating the living room for us and told him that he needed to change the brush he was using – once again, he made the change and I was happy.

Just now I popped my head over the garden fence and told my neighbour that he needed to cut down one in three of his tomato plants because that would stop mildew developing as they grew more leaves – quick as a flash he was out with the clippers and job done.

That’s how powerful I am. These folk who know so much more about their jobs are really happy to do exactly as I say.

(Mind you, there was no way I was going to tell Lara the best way to brush her hair... I may be all-knowing but even a superpower has limits!)

All this might sound a bit far fetched.

You might be forgiven in thinking that I have been at the cooking sherry again.

But this is exactly what our health leaders say is happening all over the country.

‘GPs 'doling out antibiotics to please patients: Family doctors handing out drugs to achieve a 'placebo effect' is fuelling growth in resistance’ Daily Mail

‘Humans Vs Superbugs: Too late to turn the tide. GPs give out too many antibiotics to patients on demand’ BBC News

‘Nearly half of GPs admit prescribing 'useless' antibiotics’ Daily Telegraph

Based upon a survey published this week it seems that our poor GPs are being bullied by their patients into doling out antibiotics for simple problems like coughs and colds – for which they have no effect at all.

Has anyone tried to get a GP to spend enough time with them to listen to the symptoms let alone allow you to offer your view on a cure?

Thought not!

The problem of over-prescription has been around for quite a while now, and I fully believe that we all need to take it seriously because it is no doubt the cause of the growth of the superbug.

But I suspect the hand of big business in this rather than the demands of the poor patient.

Let me explain.

The rise of a highly profitable new threat

I know that I might come across as a bit of a conspiracy theorist at times: behaving a bit like a jumpy goth teenager looking for persecution and bias wherever I happen to be.

Lara will be tutting at my paranoia... and will probably suggest that my time would be better spent clearing out the garage rather than hunting for corporate misdoing!

But my experience in researching health matters for over a decade now has taught me to try to see who stands to benefit from a big news story like this one.

For many years now I have shared these misgivings with you in The Good Life Letter...

...and I’ve lost count of the times I have been right to suspect profiteering rather than a health concern.

If those nice folk in big pharma can create a new monster to frighten us with then they can sell us the perfect protection from it.

For instance, I have watched the developing story about Ebola in Africa with growing horror as hundreds of people succumb to the disease, and the rest of the world begins to distance itself from them.
Talk of quarantining an entire continent has been openly discussed...

...fear about how safe our borders are from air passengers bringing the disease in are front page news...

...the news machine in full swing makes sure that even the least interested member of the public knows that a new nasty is out there.

Then, as if by magic, a new drug is tried out on a few doctors who have contracted Ebola by working with sufferers and they are getting better.

The drug in question hasn’t been through full testing but its manufacturers are moving heaven and earth to make as much of it available for the crisis – but not to protect the African peoples.

No, their plan is to sell it as a vaccine to the rich Western nations that they have scared into action.

Call me cynical if you will (not all at once you’ll crash the e-mail server!) but surely this is the truth behind this story?

The end of cheap antibiotics

Ever since Alexander Fleming first showed how penicillin could kill off bacteria in a Petri dish in 1928 the drug companies have been pushing antibiotics into the hands of patients.

Hailed as the cure-all for a huge range of conditions they have become a ubiquitous solution to infection...

... but, whilst widespread use has made a tidy profit for the manufacturers, the indiscriminate prescription has primed the development of organisms resistant to them and they now dominate infective populations.

Now the companies have moved on, after all, these types of drugs are no longer as profitable as they were.

They are talking about a whole new breed of controlling drugs which they dub as ‘precision therapeutics’ which are claimed to target only disease-causing organisms, leaving our natural friends and allies safe.

David W. Martin, president of the California-based biotech company AvidBiotics says “there are two things to gain from precision drugs for bad bugs: you don’t cause the spread of resistance, and you don’t cause damage to the bugs that you need for good health.”

So, how long have they known about the damage broad spectrum antibiotics cause then? When did their PR companies run the ads?

It is sickening how our lives are held up for ransom to a share price and a fat cat profit.

Of course we at The Good Life Letter have always had the perfect antibacterial and antiviral cure close at hand.

One that doesn’t upset the good bacteria in our gut... one that has no risk of a superbug developing immunity to it... one that has been used for thousands of years.

And one that tastes fantastic... Pure natural honey made by artisan beekeepers not huge faceless corporations.

Yours, as always 





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