Joint pain relief from a hot steamy bath...

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22nd October 2010

  • Discover the Roman and Greek secrets of joint pain relief
  • Take a tactical strike against joint pain
  • Bath time relief from aching muscles and

There is a lot to be said for improving your health while
doing absolutely nothing. Well I say nothing, in fact, I was
relaxing in a nice hot bath listening to the rugby on the

Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? As it happens, my
latest discovery let's me do just that, and it is really
helping my poor old knees as well.

Let me explain how a hot bath can help with joint pain relief ...

We've all fallen into the habit of thinking that getting
healthy means working at it. You know, the daily trip to
the gym for a sweaty work out, or the long walk with the
dog in the rain - even the emotional stress of having to
give up the chocolate Hob Nob with a cup of tea in favour
of a handful of apple slices.

Come to think about it, being passive about your well-
being hasn't been a popular consideration for a very long
time - probably back to the days of the Ancient Romans
and Greeks.

In their cultures, the opportunity to lounge in a bath
house, gently infusing themselves with herbs, minerals
and oils was very much the done thing.

Every major Roman town, and each villa had its own bath
house where the citizens could anoint themselves, and
each other, with various ointments and unctions.

Not sure that our local lido performs the same function

Roman baths performed several important functions,
mostly in relation to socialising with friends and
neighbours - please note no car keys were involved at the
time! However, the major benefit related to health.  It was
a chance to be pampered and improve your vitality.

Each bath house contained a range of baths at differing
temperatures into which the good folk dipped themselves.
Perhaps more importantly the baths tended to be sited
close to natural springs which contained high levels of
minerals such as sulphurs, magnesium and iron.

The presence of these minerals, in addition to the healthy
aspect of soaps and oils maintained skin health - as well
as helping heal the aches and pains of general life.

When the body is immersed in hot water it causes the
pores in the skin to open, through which the mineral salts
can get access to the tiny blood capillaries in the skin.
From there the body can absorb the necessary compounds
and make use of them where needed.

There is nothing new in this, and it is the basis of the
relaxing bath salts that you always buy your Nan at
Christmas - even though you know full well that she
never uses them and puts them into the church raffle for

I have just started using a new bath product that takes
the benefits of bathing combined with massive doses of
essential nutrients and essential oils that really does do its
job on my joints... it's called a JointBomb

Target the pain of aching & tired joints

One of the little niggles of the aging process is the way
that certain joints in the body make themselves known. In
my case it's all about my knees, which have begun to
gently throb whenever I call them into action for a bit of
gardening, a walk with the dog - or a rash game of rugby
with the kids.

Maybe I should know better at my age, but I still feel the
zest for life every so often. It irritates me that I have to
cope with a few days of discomfort after a bit of a run

I guess the medical approach would be to wear supports
and dose myself up with anti-inflammatory pills and other
assorted painkillers.

But, that's not how I work - and its certainly not the Good
Life way.

So, I turned to the miracle of the hot bath, with the
addition of a therapeutic JointBomb, and the results have
been spectacular.

Try them for yourself:

Each of these bombs contains a whopping 5 grams of
glucosamine and 5 grams of MSM (a biological form of
sulphur). That is more than 10 times the amounts found
in standard high street creams or supplements.

Glucosamine has been widely used for a long period of
time, however, MSM is not so well known. Clinical
evidence is showing that it can be helpful for arthritis
related joint discomfort due to joint pain, usually in
combination with other, more effective joint supplements
such as glucosamine and chondroitin.

MSM, like omega 3 and niacinamide are synergistic
ingredients, meaning it helps the glucosamine do its job
more effectively.

The three steps to bath time pain relief

Why not make bath time more than just a process of
cleaning, add in a Joint Bomb for  real beneficial effects:

- Localised heat opens pores and channels in the
skin. This flushes away the toxins normally carried
out in sweat, and improves the health and
condition of skin. With these channels open the
sulphur and glucosamine can enter the blood
stream and be carried to where they are needed.

- The effect of the heat alone is therapeutic to
sore/tired/cramped muscles. The gentle effect of
warmth allows the body to relax and tissues to
expand which helps in getting an increase in blood
to those areas which need it most.

- The heat increases the aerosol and aromatic effect
in the nose and mouth, which allows you to benefit
from either the peppermint version that helps to
rejuvenate you, or the rosemary type which helps
calm and relax you.

Getting rid of aching joints, sore muscles and tired limbs
might just be a case of running a hot bath, adding a Joint
Bomb and pampering yourself for half an hour.

Get your Joint Bomb now:

Personal experience suggests that you shouldn't try the
full Roman routine though - Lara definitely wasn't going
to feed me peeled grapes from the side of the bath......







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