How to deal with the common symptoms of spring misery with simple salt therapy

Sunday 23 March, 2014 

A few weeks ago I wrote about how appalled I was with the hidden salt in our diets.

You know the fact that huge companies and worthless food standards agencies think that it is ok for my kids to poison themselves with the stuff in their breakfast cereal.

On the face of it some may think I am anti-salt, whereas the reverse is true.

In most circumstances I recognise the need we have for salt as a basic element of diet, supplying sodium and other trace minerals depending upon its source.

But salt can be even more useful to us.

The science behind using salt therapeutically has been with us since before we understood it to be!

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The earliest recorded processing of salt goes back some 6,000 years, where evidence of sea water being boiled to extract the mineral has been found in Romania and China.

Initially the salt was prized as a medication long before it was used to season food or preserve meat, with scholars discussing how it could be used for all manner of ailments (some of its uses are too graphic to mention but it was used against many Ďsocial diseasesí!).

So, letís be clear about this, way before trials and scientific proof were the order of the day our ancestors knew all about salt as a way to cure problems Ė these included respiratory ones.

Centuries ago, European monks noticed something interesting: when they treated respiratory ailments in natural salt caverns, their patients got better faster.

Dr Felix Bochkowsky, the state authority for occupational health in Polish industry in the 1840s, saw the same thing was true with miners: while metal and coal miners battled relentless, deadly respiratory ailments, workers in salt mines were healthier than average people, let alone other miners.

During World War II, salt mines in Germany were used as bomb shelters. During bombings, people often had to remain in the mines for extended periods of time, breathing in the salt dust. Upon leaving, many asthmatics were able to breathe much easier.

I could go on... but I think you get the gist by now Ė salt therapy is certainly both proven and effective.  But why should
I be mentioning it right now?

When spring time brings misery

While the 6 Nations season has come to an end for another year, the first hint of sunny weather got me thinking about a less appealing season that begins in March/April and doesn't end Ďtil August.

Yes, it's almost that time of year again...

Behold! Allergy season!

I'm guessing this isn't a season that people are desperately looking forward to. No advance tickets or ticker tape parades.
Not one to scrawl lovingly in a diary with a happy face next to it (more likely an inane comment on Facebook now I suppose!).

But hey, I'm sure I can make things a little easier with today's letter - an allergy special in preparation for the spring's sneezefest.

So, without beating about the pollen filled bush, here are some vital tips from other readers about how to look after yourself:

  • When you spot the first signs of hay fever, try inhaling steam. Make a cup of hot honey and lemon tea first thing in the morning. Pour the boiling water into the cup then inhale the steam for 2-5 minutes until it's cool enough to drink. This helps clear out your tubes. The drink will also give your digestive system a healthy morning boost. 

  • Likewise, before you have a morning bath or shower, let the hot water run and breathe in the steam first for a few minutes. Then let it cool enough so you can wash without scalding yourself.  
  • An alternative to the above is to try a morning and evening 'face steam'. Get a bowl of boiling water, add a little eucalyptus or menthol oil, cover your head with a towel, then bend over the bowl and breathe in and out.

  • Get hold of some petroleum jelly. When you need to go outside during a high pollen count, smear some around the inside of your nose. This filters out the irritants and helps you breathe more easily.

  • Try wrap-around shades when you go out. Don't worry that you look like Bono from U2, or a giant fly. They block out all the nasty stuff that can drift into your eyes and tear ducts.

  • If you're allergic to dust mites and indoor irritants, wear a dust mask over your nose and mouth when you do your spring clean or make the bed. Or better still, persuade someone else to spring clean for you. Explain your allergy problem then stand behind them as they do your housework, barking orders and shouting 'faster, FASTER!'. Great fun.
  • You might also like to try something called a 'neti' pot. These can also help. You fill the pot with water, add salt, and then pour the water into your nostril. As you breathe through your mouth, the saline water flows out the other nostril. Lots of health shops stock them for less than a tenner.

  • Or even better, try the ultimate refillable Saltpipe. You simply breathe into it for 5-10 minutes each day and allow the salt air to clean out your tubes and flush away impurities and irritants. There are some available here: The Salt Pipe

The ultimate, original and refillable Saltpipe

Way back in 2008 I launched a version of the Salt Pipe into the UK, something I am very proud of.

But like so many things in a world dominated by Amazon and the like, cheap and poor quality imitators have come into the market and led to people having a very unsatisfactory experience.

Many substandard products donít provide health benefits and they use really poor quality salt, rather than the untreated halite minerals that you need.

Every day I use my own Saltpipe to help keep my chest and nose clear, and Iím convinced that this (along with my Manuka honey fix) keeps colds and 'flu at bay.

But even more importantly I know that this device has stopped the misery of hay fever blighting my brotherís life.

From very early on he was plagued by pollen allergies from grass, trees, flowers and even on other people's clothing who had been outdoors.

Sheer misery!

It is something he was supposed to grow out of but never did.

Then big brother came to the rescue (as always!) offering insight, intelligence and good-looking brilliance. I presented him with his very own Saltpipe; little git has still not said thank you!

Never mind... If you want to be a saviour to someone in your life (or just want to benefit from the power of salt therapy) make sure you choose the best salt pipe available in the UK.

This one is washable (always handy when it gets used regularly) refillable (means for a few pounds you can keep the salt fresh and active rather than having to shell out on a whole new piece of kit) and cheaper than it was.

Yes, thatís right... If you get your order in now you save a couple of quid, and get three free refills into the bargain.

Grab the best Saltpipe out there, and donít get scammed with a cheap imitation

For more on hay fever and allergies, [you should go to my website]. I've covered this a lot during the past 9 years, so there are plenty of tips to read!

Yours, as always



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