Revelations about poisons, elderflower and deadly teeth

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23rd April 2010

  • The herb that relieved a Good Lifer's joint pain
  • The poison hidden in your teeth
  • An alternative remedy for mercury contamination

There's been lots of action in the Good Life Letter's inbox this
month, so I won't dilly-dally...

Today I'll get straight to your emails...

A herb that relieves joint pain

One of my readers wrote to say:

"Elderflower in any form is a super anti-inflammatory. I get it in
a loose form from Cyprus and treat my husband's joints
whenever they are swollen or inflamed."

If you suffer from joint pain, this could be well worth a try. You
can use elderflower in two ways - as a tea (details in a
moment) or as a poultice (where you soak a muslin cloth in a
warm infusion of herbs, fill it with the soaked herbs, then press
it against the affected areas).

Elderflower is a well-known anti-inflammatory. It is also a
'diaphoretic' herb. By this I mean it allows you body to perspire
and flush away impurities through the skin. This can help your
body heal itself and protect itself from the causes of

This also makes it an ideal remedy for flu, infections and

A potential side effect is that by eliminating toxins you're going
to sweat and go to the toilet more, but for some people that's a

In fact, if you're in need of a mild laxative, look no further than
a strong pot of elderflower tea, with perhaps some honey and

A simple tea recipe

To make a detox tea when you're feeling in pain, bloated, or
just under-the-weather...

Take equal amounts of fresh peppermint and elderflower - a
small handful of each. Simmer them in a pot for ten minutes.
Then let the mixture rest for 5-10 minutes. Add a large
squeeze of lemon for some extra benefits - it's great for your
digestion, as an anti-septic, and as a vitamin boost to get you

Now strain, sweeten with Manuka honey if you wish, and


Now onto slightly more serious matters...

The hidden threat in your teeth

A few readers have emailed me with their own thoughts and
experiences with mercury fillings and their effects.

One emailed me to say:

"I have been reviewing the research for 20 years since I
discovered my wife's so-called arthritis was in-fact mercury
poisoning from dental amalgam fillings placed in the 1960's. 
We had our fillings replaced in 1990 and consider it to be the
best money we have ever spent."

My reader attached an Australian document showing some
more information about mercury contamination from fillings. 
He continues:

"One thing they don't mention is the fact that 80% of the
people who have these fillings can safely collect and excrete
the mercury in the normal manner.  It is the other 20% who
have the problem (20% is a guestimate - it could be 70/30 or
even 60/40)"

And he concludes...

"A new product has been launched in the USA called OSR#1
and it boosts the body's natural ability to collect and excrete
mercury and other heavy metals.   It is sold as a food additive
in the USA but the FSA in the UK insist it is a medicine so is
very difficult to import. It can be purchased in Mexico and
imported for personal use."

If you're interested in this subject, my reader has found an
excellent non-profit making website with information.

Click here to take a look:

The website says:

"Mercury in all its forms is highly toxic and negatively affects
human health and the environment in many ways, both
directly and indirectly. Chronic mercury poisoning is
characterised by a wide range of symptoms which can make
diagnosis difficult.

"Silver" amalgam dental fillings are 50% mercury and there is
growing evidence worldwide of its negative impact on the
health of both dental patients and the dental personnel -
dentists and dental nurses - who handle it."

Here's another website that may be of interest to you,
although it focuses on the USA:

Or try this alternative therapy. Another Good Lifer emailed me
with another remedy for suspected mercury problems...

"My wife had serious problems a few years back after having a
mercury filling removed.  Fortunately a chiropractor that we
see was able to diagnose and treat the condition, unlike our
regular GP who could only recommend steroids and anti-
depressants, and the dentist who denied that there could
possibly be a problem. 

It was non-denatured whey and some homeopathic remedy
(called something like mercurium) that we found to be

Well, I did some digging and I believe the homeopathic
remedy referred to here is called mercurius (turns out that
'mercurium' is the substance that fuels starships in Star Trek!)

Mercurius is made from elemental mercury... the idea of
homeopathy being that you use "Like with like" when it comes
to treating problems.

For more information, I recommend you contact a qualified
practitioner of homeopathic medicine.

I'll be back with more tips and tales from the alternative health
underground very soon. If you have some good remedies and
cures you wish to share, don't hesitate to email them to me.




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